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Chapter 1279: Chapter 1279 - A protective barrier

Chapter 1279: A protective barrier

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Sima You Yue’s flashy appearance caused everyone to stop functioning for a moment . Every single one of them stared blankly at her standing on Crimson Flame’s back along with her group of Spirit Beasts .

They weren’t the only ones who were stunned . Even the ghost clansmen were stunned .

What was she? How did she have so many spirit beasts?!

They just happened to hear someone say something about the divine vermilion bird . Was that the bird that was emitting flames? It was no wonder the flames from before were so powerful . It was from the divine bird!

Sima You Yue looked at everyone who had been shocked silly, but she didn’t relax at all . There were just too many ghost clansmen and she had to stay vigilant . At the very least, until the calamity cloud started striking .

Just as she was thinking about it, in the face of death, those ghost clansmen only hesitated for a while before coming back to their senses .

“Ignore how powerful her spirit beasts are! If we don’t kill her, we’ll all die here today!”

“That’s right! For a single thread of hope, this person must die!”

As such, wave upon wave of ghost clansmen continued to attack Sima You Yue .

The beasties each faced a direction and surrounded Sima You Yue in the centre, preventing them from getting close to her . However, there were just too many of them, and the circle kept getting smaller and smaller .

Sima You Yue raised her head and looked at the calamity clouds in the sky . Perhaps it was because Top Grade Purple Lightning wasn’t powerful now, so it accumulated slowly . If things carried on this way, her beasts would run out of spirit energy before the lightning calamity came .

She had still placed her hope on her spirit beasts to be able to help her hold off one or two strikes . Now that their spirit energy was all spent, what was she going to do?!

“You guys should go back and rest . You can’t finish killing these ghost clansmen . Save your spirit energy . Crimson Flame, take me to the ground . ” SIma You Yue instructed her spirit beasts .

“Yue Yue, do you plan to use your domain?” Little Seven could sense what Sima You Yue was thinking and asked .

“Yeah . I need to buy some time now, not fight them . I just need to wait until the lightning calamity comes . ” Sima You Yue said .

Crimson Flame understood her intentions as well and took her to the ground . He turned into his human form and stood beside her .

Sima You Yue kept the other beasties inside the spirit pagoda to rest . At the time, she released her Commander Domain and protected herself . With Little Spirit providing her with pills, she was able to temporarily regain some spirit energy .

However, even after everyone else went in, Crimson Flame stayed unmoving by her side .

“Why aren’t you going in?” She looked at him speechlessly .

This guy . He was so much more powerful than she was . Unless he was willing, she wouldn’t be able to command him .

“I’ll accompany you . ” Crimson Flame said, “That bit of spirit energy is not of much use for me . ”

Sima You Yue understood . His spirit energy took a long time to recover . The amount that he could recover in that period of time was not very useful for him .

Since he insisted on staying to accompany her, then they might as well stay together .

Those who were outside saw that she kept away her spirit beasts in the beginning and were still a bit worried . They didn’t expect that she would actually remain peaceful without doing anything .

“I didn’t think that she would actually release her domain . ” Tang Yun was only able to react after two seconds passed .

“She is so very young . How does she possess a domain? Vice Pavilion Master Tang, don’t dupe us . ”

Tang Yun tossed them a sideways glance and said lightly, “The things that Sima You Yue has done in the Immortal Lands has been made known to many . What, do you guys actually not know?”

Those old guys were stunned . These guys were only here because the ghost clan had appeared here and the clan had called them out . They usually stayed in seclusion, so where would they find the time to bother with others . Who would have thought that so many things would have actually happened in the continent .

Although they felt like it was rather impossibile, Sima You Yue was truly using a domain to keep the ghost clansmen out .

“Such a very little young lady, so how did she manage to produce a domain?”

“Immortal Lands . It must definitely be because of the Immortal Lands . The Immortal Lands were truly wonderful!”

“Let’s talk about it after this is over . Let’s first see how this pans out . ”

“Mm . Let’s first settle this issue . This is a really tricky issue!”

“Clan Leader, since these people are inside, why do they not just return to the ghost realm?” A lady voiced out the question that everyone was secretly thinking .

“These realms that you see are not something that you can come as you wish and leave as you wish . ”

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“You guys see that these people have come here easily, so you feel like the passage is one you can cross as you will?”

“Of course not . ” The clan leader said, “There are restrictions to this passageway . It will be easy to come but hard to return, or hard to come but easy to return . When they came, they brought large amounts of troops with them . This proves that it was easy for them to come . ”

“That also means that it will be difficult for them to return after coming here?”

“Actually, it’s not like there’s no way for them to return . It’s just that now that heaven’s tribulation is here, they will have to spend even more time to deal with it . ” Tan Yun said .

“Isn’t the lightning calamity not upon them yet? What do they have to deal with?”

“This is where the humans and devil clansmen differ . ” Tang Yun seemed to be in a relatively good mood, and he didn’t mind explaining things to the youngster beside him, “Although we fill a sense of fear and foreboding when we see the lightning tribulation, we do not feel an overwhelming sense of terror . Of course, that doesn’t go for the cowardly among us . However, the ghost clansmen are not the same . When they are physically facing the heavenly tribulation, they will have a subconscious sense of terror . That is why you shouldn’t be bought by their calls to arms and kill Sima You Yue . Actually, most of their energy is being used to deal with their natural responses . ”

When everyone heard his explanation, they looked at him as if they finally understood something .

“We didn’t think that the ghost clan that was initially so powerful would also be weak in front of the heavenly tribulation . ”

“That is only natural . For the ghost clansmen, the heavenly tribulation can be said to be their heavenly punishment . Even if it were just an average person, they would already be terrified . Much less needs to be said for the Ghost Clansmen . ”

“I hope that You Yue will be able to hold on until the heavenly tribulation strikes .

Tan Yun shook his head, “Our hope is not just for her to be able to hold on until the heavenly tribulation, but to hold on until the very end . Otherwise, not all the ghost clansmen might necessarily be struck to death . ”

“However, the one who calls the calamity won’t die so easily, right?”

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“Even if it’s the one who moved the calamity, and they’re considered the main person,iIf the main person who moved the calamity is dead and the ghost clansmen are more powerful, they will naturally be able to overcome this . ”

Tan Yun looked at Tuoba Hong Ye, saying, “Clan Leader Tuoba, it is only a matter of time before the ghost clansmen will be killed . If the passageway isn’t sealed, there might be a next time . At that time, we won’t be sure that she will definitely be here . ”

That’s right! If the portal wasn’t sealed, the ghosts on that side might return . Even if they solved the issue this time, they would be the next time and the next next time!

Many of them cast their gaze towards Tuoba Hong Ye . The Tuoba Clan was in charge of the territory here . They wouldn’t be out of options, right?

“We do have an idea, but we will need the help of all our paragon experts . ” Tuoba Hong Ye said .

“As long as you have a way . ” Everyone heaved a sigh of relief . They were not afraid of exerting effort, they were just afraid that he would say that he didn’t know .

“The lightning calamity is going to strike…”

Nobody knew who said this, and everyone looked in the sky . They really did see the calamity clouds ready to strike .

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