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Chapter 1278: Chapter 1278 - Crimson Flame appears, an incredibly huge shock!

Chapter 1278: Crimson Flame appears, an incredibly huge shock!

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Everyone could sense what was happening inside and started to worry for Sima You Yue .

There were so many of them but they were not able to deal with those ghost clansmen . Now that they were all focused on just Sima You Yue alone, they couldn’t imagine what the outcome could be .

The powers continued to pour over nonstop . Those who came later on had no idea what had happened, but when they saw the scene in front of them, they were stunned .

There was a fire wall that reached to the heavens as well as dark pitch black ghost clansmen . All in all, it seemed like it was at the end of the world .

“Just what is going on?!” Some people cried out .

“It’s the ghost clan! The ghost clansmen have opened a portal here and many of them are running over!”

“What about those flames?!”

“That is Sima You Yue’s flame . In order to avoid the ghost clansmen from going over there to harm those around them, she trapped them all inside . ”

Although the flames were blocking them, the flames were a thin layer . They could still see the inside situation rather clearly . Everyone looked around, but they didn’t see her silhouette .

“Those ghost clansmen don’t have any other goal now . They know that she’s the one attracting heaven’s tribulation, so they’re attacking her . ”

“What?!” The ones who cried out the loudest were the ones who just arrived, the Sima Clan . They heard that Sima You Yue was here and heard that something had happened, which was why they rushed over . They didn’t think that they would hear this kind of situation the moment they arrived .

If something happened to her, how were they supposed to give an account of it when they got back!

They started to panic and wanted to rush in to save her, but everyone stopped them .

“You guys shouldn’t go in . The flames are too powerful . The moment you touch them, you’ll be burnt into ashes!”

The Sima Clansmen had no choice but to stop . The flames did really give them a terrifying feeling .

The other powers that were here had also heard about the cause of events from their surroundings, and each of them sighed deeply with sorrow .

“Youngest Miss, nothing must happen to you!” The Sima Clansmen cried out . “If anything happens to you, we won’t be able to live on!”

“Youngest Miss? When did Sima You Yue become a part of the Sima Clan? It seems like they never had such an old Young Miss right?” ONe of the powers from the inner regions who knew about the Sima Clan’s situation said .

Tang Yun had come as well, and when he heard what they said, he asked, “Who said that we don’t have a kid that big? Didn’t Sima Liu Xuan not have a kid that year?”

Those powers were stunned .

“Sima You Yue is that child?”

She was exactly that child . The one who they almost killed but Yin Lin had saved?

“That year, Yin Lin said that the child would pay us back with the safety of the world . Could he have been referring to this?”

“It might actually be!” Tang Yun said, without understanding what was going on .

“If the Ghost Clan manages to enter the human realm, who knows what will happen in the future . Who would have thought that she would actually be the one . It seems that Master Yin Lin was right that year!” Someone sighed .

“How could Master Yin Lin ever be wrong . It’s just that with so many ghost clansmen targeting just her, will she be able to hold on until the lightning strikes? If she is unable to hold on, we may not have any way of dealing with the ghost clansmen either!”

“Clan Leader, she’s merely a youngster who knows how to wield fire . Do you have to place such importance on her?!” Some people just couldn’t understand .

She was just a little lady, where was the need to place such an importance on her?

“What do you know?! Apart from her, nobody has ever been able to solve this issue . ”

“How is that possible! There are billions upon billions of cultivators in our ancient primordial lands . Can not a single one of them solve this issue?”

“Hmph, then how many of them have come? Of those who have come, who has the ability to deal with the entire ghost clan? Don’t talk about how many people we have, even after the guild alliance amassed so many powers, we didn’t manage to solve this issue . We finally had no choice but to use this method . Tell me . Without her, who would be able to trap those ghost clansmen inside? The moment the ghost clan leaves this place, how many people will die? Have you ever thought about it? If she dies, who else can move the heavenly tribulation?

The string or questions thrown back at them caused many of those who were unreconciled with the situation to keep silent . At least, for the questions that the seniors had thrown at them, they had no way to answer .

“Don’t go! What if you get burnt by the flames!”

A chaotic scene drew everyone’s attention and everyone looked over . They saw Sima Liu Yun grabbing onto Sima Liu Feng’s hand and the both of them were fighting .

“Let go of me . If I don’t go, what will happen if something happens to You Yue? How will I answer Liu Xuan?” Sima Liu Feng shouted angrily at Sima Liu Yun .

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“You Yue’s flames are still there . She should be fine . ”

With that many ghost clansmen attacking her, she’s just a child . How is she supposed to hold on?” Sima Liu Feng shouted .

“She can do it . You have to believe in her!” Although Sima Liu Yun said this, his eyes still filled with worry as well . With that many ghost clansmen surrounding her, they couldn’t’ sense her aura at all . If it were not because the vermilion bird’s flames were still around and the calamity clouds still gathering, he would have suspected that she already died .

However, with that many ghost clansmen… . Could she really do it?

Time dragged on and everyone started to feel more pessimistic . They wondered whether or not Sima You Yue would be able to hold on .

Just as everyone was teetering at the end of their rope, a bright ray of golden light shot out from inside the ghost clan . It was followed by a long screech and a silhouette wrapped in flames flew out from the circle of ghost clansmen .

The Vermillion Bird transformed and flew Sima You Yue one round in the air . Wherever he went, the ghost clansmen would catch fire and turn into ashes .

All the bird clansmen, young or old, started to change back to their original form . In a single moment, the bird clans filled the skies .

After the bird clansmen flew in a circle around the air, they landed on the ground and bent down low, bowing to Crimson Flame .

“The bird clan… they’ve all transformed…”

When those outside saw this scene, they looked at Crimson Flame with shock .

“That’s… the Divine Vermilion Bird!” Someone cried out, the finger pointing at the vermilion bird trembled nonstop .

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“The Divine Vermilion Bird! It really is it!”

“Sima You Yue is riding on it!”

“There are many sacred beasts around her!”

“That’s… the eight-tailed fox . With one more, it could be the king of the fox clan!”

“That’s the Legendary Great Roc! The king of the Rocs! No! The king of the rocs is now the Divine Vermilion Bird!”

“Heavens! The man-eating flower! There’s also the extremely powerful Little Seven and Little Dream!”

“That little dog! It’s the dog with the terrifying eyes!”

“There’s also the Four-eyed bird…”

Just by seeing Sima You Yue standing on Crimson Flame, the heat it released made it so that the ghost clansmen did not dare to get near them . As for the other spirit beasts standing in a row beside her, whether in their original form or their transformed states like Little Seven and Little Dream, every single one of them was powerful . Working together, a deep resounding shock ran through the minds of every single person present .

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