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Chapter 1277: Chapter 1277 - She is the root of the issue

Chapter 1277: She is the root of the issue

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Sima You Yue’s brain hurriedly started turning . She thought of a plan, but no matter how she thought about it, she could only ask the cloud spirit for help .

Using her own dark spirit energy?

The dark energy of the ghost clansmen were smoother than hers by more than tens of thousands, moreover, she hadn’t had the time to properly practice the dark skills that Mo Yu had taught her . They were all foundational .

How about the Hundred Ghost Fan?

That would only work if they still had a soul . Otherwise, it wouldn’t go in . that also meant that the moment the Hundred Ghost Fan was taken out, it might lead to another wave of issues .

She initially wanted to use the power of Faith . However, Wu Lingyu had once told her that she was never to use that unless he was around .

Then again, her entire body was filled with dark attributed power at this moment . The moment she used the power of Faith, she might explode before that power even left her body . Without using dark spirit energy, there was no way to use the power of Faith .

She racked her brains, but she could still only think of asking the Cloud Spirit for help . That guy was so familiar with her, he could be a little bit lenient, right?

Taking one step back to think about it, if Cloud Spirit didn’t let her off, the force of thunder and lightning was more reliable than the power of faith . Afterall, one was certain death while the other still had a thread of forced hope .

“Xiao Hong, I’ll get Flowey to send you out . Once you leave the fire wall, stay far away . Understand?”

Xiao Hong saw that as Sima You Yue said this, she was taking out a few sets of clothing and putting them on before taking out another spirit tool and hanging it on her body . She was a little stunned at the sight and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t have time to explain right now . Remember to stay far away . Flowey, do it!”

Flowey heard waht Sima You Yue said and used its vines to wrap around Xiao Hong . with a forceful toss, she flew speedily out the fire wall .

When she saw the fire wall, Xiao Hong subconsciously closed her eyes . She saw Little Birdie burn those ghost clansmen and even burned a whole pile at once . They all turned to ash . Now that she was on the receiving end of the flame, would she immediately turn to ash as well?

However, the feeling never came . She moved her spirit energy to let herself maintain equilibrium before she realised that she had already reached the outside .

“I’m not dead?” She saw her unharmed body and was a little surprised . She heard a sound from behind her and turned around to see a huge hole appear in the fire wall . Those people were using the hole as a chance to escape .

“What does You Yue want to do?” She looked at the fire wall worriedly .

After Sima You Yue had covered herself in lightning protection gear, she sighed, saying, “Little Purple, you have to help me . If I die, you won’t have a master anymore . ”

Top Grade Purple Lightning rolled its eyes inside her dantian . Now that it was sealed, it was completely unable to release the power it used to have . How was it supposed to help her?

“Your body is obviously filled with dark attributes right now, but you’re still thinking of invoking the heavenly tribulations . Even if you want to die, you shouldn’t think of this way, right?” Top Grade Purple Lightning said .

“I have no choice either . ” Sima You Yue siad, “I can’t watch with my eyes wide open as those ghost clansmen head out and kill the innocent citizens, right?”

“You’re so charitable! Why haven’t I seen you like this before?” Top Grade Purple Lightning huffed .

“I didn’t see it before either . ” Sima You Yue siad, “However, for someone as great as me, that isn’t strange either . ”

Top Grade Purple Lighting trolled his eyes from inside her dantian, “Do your parents know that you’re so narcissistic?”

“Hmph hmph . ” Sima You Yue didn’t bicker with him anymore, “Try your best to absorb as much as you can later on . Otherwise, I really might not be able to hold on . ”

“What do you plan to do?”

After Sima You Yue spoke, she started to gather her dark spirit energy, planning to use her body to fight the lightning calamity .

At this time, it would be better if she didn’t even have any dark attributes . With it, she would actually increase the lightning calamity’s power .

Those who got close to Flowey would get tossed out by her, and they had yet to react when they already reached the outside .

“What’s going on?” Those people still hadn’t understood what was happening .

“Guys, look!” Someone cried out as they pointed at the quickly gathering dark clouds in the sky .

“Lightning calamity! Why is there a lightning calamity!”

“Damn, let’s not worry first about where it came from . We should hurriedly leave this place! Otherwise, if we’re trapped by the lightning calamity, it’ll think that we’re the ones who invoked it . We’d be dead then . ”

“Right right right, with the lightning calamity, the ghost clansmen are done for too . Let’s hurry up and leave this place . Once we’re outside, if there are any strays, we’ll get rid of them!”

As such, those who got to the outside hurriedly left the lightning calamity’s area .

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Those who were still within the fire wall started to get anxious . With so many people around, if they were all recognised as those who invoked it, just how big would the power of the lightning calamity be?

However, the fire wall was outside . They had no way to run even if they wanted to .

Those ghost clansmen were frantic when they saw the lightning calamity as well . One damned flame wasn’t enough, there was even a lightning calamity coming . Did they even have a hope of survival?

Those who were under control had regained their consciousness and didn’t expect that the moment they woke up, they would see a scene like this .

“Nobody panic!” Sima You Yue said, “Humans can leave the fire . There won’t be an issue . Just hurry up and leave this palace . ”

Sima You Yue did her best to let her words travel far . However, the place was huge afterall, and she didn’t have the spirit energy to send it further .

However, it was a good thing that those who were around her heard it . They knew that the fire wall would buy them space to leave . Every single one of them hurriedly flew over .

When those people arrived at the fire wall and felt the temperature of it, many hesitated .

The temperature of the fire wall was so high, and they had seen its power with their own eyes . If they charged through it, would they just directly burn to death?

“Ah forget it, just give it a go!” Xia Chang Tian didn’t care about anything anymore . He used his spirit power to protect himself as he charged through .

The moment he charged through the fire wall, Little Birdie opened up a hole and let them all pass through safely .

“No problem, everyone hurry and come out . ”

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Those who had passed through shouted, and those inside started to run out .

Those ghost clansmen saw the humans were able to do it, so they brainlessly tried it as well . They hurriedly followed behind a human, wanting to use it as an opportunity to cross over, but they were eventually burned to death .

This was when everyone was finally confident that the flames would not harm humans . It would only burn the ghost clansmen .

When they saw the increasingly dark and dense clouds, the humans hurriedly ran outside . Only the ghost clansmen had to watch with their eyes wide open .

“This won’t do . We have to think of a way to get rid of the root of the problem . ” The ghost clansmen weren’t idiots . They knew that a human had attracted the lightning calamity . As long as they killed that human, the lightning calamity would naturally disappear .

As such, those ghost clansmen turned towards the center and realised that the others were all running outside, only Sima You Yue stood where she was without moving .

A little lady with no spirit energy? Would she be the one who could attract the lightning calamity?

“She has lightning aura on her, she’s definitely the one who attracted it . Kill her!”

Although they still had hesitations, they had no time to think about anything else as the group of ghost clansmen attacked her .


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