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Chapter 1276: 1276
Chapter 1276: The shock they gave her

“Hong’er!” He Cheng Dong saw Xiao Hong captured in the air, and he watched with his eyes wide open as the ghost clan member’s lips fixed to her neck .

“Xiao Hong, my daughter!” Xia Chang Tian was further away from Xiao Hong and wanted to go rescue her, but the spirit energy that he released was blocked by the ghost clan who was at the side .

“Hong’er!” He Chaen Dong was surrounded by ghost clansmen and his eyes were bloodshot . His face was twisted with anxiousness, rage and anxiety .

“Little Birdie, go!”

Sima You Yue’s familiar voice sounded and a burning red fiery silhouette flew over . It surrounded the ghost clansman that had grabbed onto Xiao Hong and immediately turned her into ashes .

Xiao Hong had initially seen the aura of death, but was immediately pulled by by the fiery force . Because it was too terrifying just now, she momentarily forgot to use her spirit energy to enable herself to stay in the air .


She plummeted to the ground and only managed to react when she was going to hit the ground . However, it was too late by then .


The soft trees brought her to a stop, allowing her to narrowly avoid the danger and stopping her from falling to her death .

She stared blankly at the leaves surrounding her and some of the black blood dripping on the leaves stunned her . She had yet to react to the sudden turn of events .

“Little Red, do you like your servant’s leaves so much? Haha, your servant can give you some!”

Xiao Hong looked over and saw Flowey standing beside Sima You Yue, laughing with her hand over her mouth . It was only then that she knew Sima You Yue had saved her .

Apart from Flowey, Little Seven and Little Dream had come out as well . They stood on each side of Sima You Yue and protected her .

“Thank you, You Yue . ” She climbed off the leaves . If it were not for her, she would have been killed by the ghost clan .

Sima You Yue nodded towards her before turning around to look at Little Birdie, who was burning brightly .

Little Birdie had left Sima You Yue’s body and she had no choice but to let Flowey and the others stay by her side to protect her .

She was just too weak! She lamented inwardly . If she were more powerful, she wouldn’t need Flowey and the others to protect her like this .

He Chen Dong and the others saw that You Yue had rescued Xiao Hong and looked at her with eyes shining with gratitude before turning their attention back to the battle scene .

“Little Birdie, don’t play all by yourself . Go and rescue President and the others . ” Sima You Yue instructed Little Birdie .

Little Birdie was having fun flying and playing around all on its own . When it heard Sima You Yue’s instructions, it was rather unwilling as it tore itself away from Sima You Yue and flew around Xia Chang Tian and the others, burning all the ghost clansmen to death .

Xia Chang Tian and the others were momentarily unable to react . They were exerting their all to fight the ghost clan just moments ago, but it was suddenly so easy for them .

“This flame is…” Xue Chang Lin saw Little Birdie and was so excited that he couldn’t speak .

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“I didn’t get it wrong, right?” Fang Ming was also extremely excited . He looked at Little Birdie and somewhat couldn’t believe his eyes .

Even Fan Yuan Long was stunned as well . They were a group of old coots who had lived for more than a hundred thousand years and were the people at the peak of this world, so they could recognise the vermilion bird with a single glance .

“That’s right, it really is that!” Xia Chang Tian said, “Only it will be able to produce flames to that degree that it can incinerate all these foul things . ”

“I can’t be mistaken!” He Chuan Dong and the others were from the Mischievous Flames and were extremely sensitive towards fire . Little Birdie had also killed someone near them and they seemed to have confirmed the answer in their hearts .

“I really didn’t think that in our remaining years, we would actually be able to see the nirvana fire . ” Fang Ming said with a sigh . The way he looked at Sima You Yue changed over and over .

This was truly a lady with many mysteries!

“If she really has this flame, does that mean that amongst her contracted beasts, there’s…” Fan Yuan Long said . The way he looked at Sima You Yue changed . If the vermillion bird of the legends belonged to her, just what kind of background did she possess?

There was no need to say things like how she was from the lower continent . They would never believe these words .

However, even if they didn’t believe it, it wouldn’t change the fact that Sima You Yue had, in a desolate land in exile, she had found Crimson Flame .

With Little Birdie’s help, the pressure on the humans was reduced drastically . However it couldn’t keep pushing back the huge numbers that kept soaring from that place .

It seemed like there were more and more ghosts coming from the tunnel, and it was like they were not afraid of what was happening over here at all . instead, they were pouring ceaseless out and more and more humans died even as there were more and more ghosts .

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“This is bad! Those ghost clansmen have left this area and gone to the village nearby!” Tuoba Hong Ye cried out loudly when he saw those ghost clansmen start to leave the area .

The members wanted to protect the common citizens, but now that the ghost clansmen were heading over, the common citizens would definitely die .

“Little Birdie, stop them!” Sima You Yue cried out to Little Birdie

Little Birdie had the connection with Crimson Flame and herself and understood what Sima You Yue meant when she said ‘them’ . It flapped its wings and lifted its head, crying out with a long screech, then its body grew bigger until it finally turned into a single thread and flew in circles in the air, trapping the ghost clansmen in the center . The fire thread slowly turned into a fire wall . Looking at it now, it seemed like the entire Fair Eastern City had turned into a sea of flames .

Although the ghost clansmen didn’t know what kind of flame Little Birdie was, the temperature of the flame was enough to give rise to terror in their hearts . They subconsciously distanced themselves, not daring to pass through .

Although this act was enough to stop the ghost clansmen from running outside, if this was the case, it was also unable to kill those ghost clansmen . The humans in the fire circle were even more pressured .

From the huge pit, ghost clansmen still continued to pour out ceaselessly . Without being able to go outside, the ghost clansmen in here continued to increase in numbers .

“No way, it won’t hold on!”

They had to deal with more and more ghost clansmen, and everyone was slowly starting to lose hope . Could it be that they were really going to be killed by ghost clansmen today?

Even Sima You Yue’s side was slowly losing their hold over here . Flowey had to release more and more flowers in order to prevent those ghost clansmen from getting close to Sima You Yue while Little Seven and Little Dream had long since been hindered by the ghost clansmen .

“Yue Yue, the ghost clansmen are increasing in number . I won’t be able to hold on much longer . ” Every single flower that Flowey released took up a bit of energy . As time dragged on, it grew taxing for her as well .

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Sima You Yue watched as it seemed like the entire sky was blotted out by the ghost clansmen . Then she looked at the decreasing number of humans and her heart fell solemn .

“You Yue, Xiao Hong, my daughter . You are both still protected by the Flower King . Hurry and escape . I don’t think we will be able to hold on here much longer . ” Xia Chang Tian said .

“President, what about you guys?” Xiao Hong asked .

“We are people from this continent . Now that these ghost clansmen have coe, even if we are to die here, we have to protect this tunnel!” Xia Chang Tian ran to the front after speaking and was immediately surrounded by a group of ghost clansmen .

Sima You Yue was a little taken aback at Xia Chang Tian’s response . She thought that with his kind of personality, he wouldn’t care for the places of the common people . However, he actually made a decision like this .

She looked at the other presidents . They could obviously retreat . There were many ghost clansmen, but to them, it wouldn’t have been difficult to escape at all .

However, not a single one of them left . They wanted to give all they had .

Her heart changed unexpectedly, saying, “It seems like I can only do this . ”

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