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Chapter 1274: 1274
Chapter 1274: Eating everything up, clearing her doubts

Xia Chang Tian took a look around, he had to give up and leave as he didn’t find any special people or things around .

Sima You Yue was observing from the spirit pagoda, she sighed in relief after seeing them leave .

“Woof woof woof——”

Little Black barked at Sima You Yue twice dissatisfyingly . How could she bring it in when it wasn’t done eating!

Sima You Yue lowered her head and looked at it, “You, you scare people from the start, how can anyone be prepared for it . What if they found out?”

“Woof woof woof——”

Little Black barked twice, ran over and tugged on her dress, giving her a look asking her to bring it out to eat more .

Sima You Yue squatted down, extended her hand and patted its head, with another hand playing with its paw, assuring it, “Don’t be anxious, I’ll bring you out when the situation stabilizes . ”

Little Black quietened down and lay on the floor without moving .

Sima You Yue stared at it, still digesting that fact that it could actually eat up the black smoke . It could actually solve it so easily and eat it up happily when the only way they could handle it was using Heavenly tribulation .

If they knew this method earlier, why would everyone be stuck there so long?

But come to think of Little Black’s identity, she became worried . If this was found out by others, would they start investigating its identity?

She thought for a long while, decided not to tell anyone about this and secretly bring Little Black to eat up all the black smoke .

After making sure there wasn’t anyone outside, she carried Little Black out . In case this happened again, she immediately released Scarlet, getting her to keep a look out everywhere and notify her if anyone came .

With the help of Scarlet, if someone got close, they could get in the spirit pagoda earlier to prevent anyone from finding out .

With that, for the next two day, Sima You Yue played hide and seek with everyone, you seek while I hid . Others wanted to know who did that, but everyone felt depressed as she could avoid them before they came .

Finally, after a few times of chasing, Xue Chang Lin finally expressed Sima You Yue’s feelings .

“Since he always avoids everyone, it means that he doesn’t want to let anyone know who he is, then let’s not look for him anymore . So as to not anger him . Then, he might not help us anymore . ”

“You Yue, do you want to go back first?” Xia Chang Tian continued, “We are bound to meet the Ghost Clan inside after the black smoke is cleared . It will definitely be dangerous, your strength has yet to recover fully, it’s better if you stay clear . ”

Thousand Resonance pretended to be Sima You Yue, laughed and said, “It’s alright, there’s so many of us here, I’ll stay behind, nothing will happen . Also, I still have my contract beasts even if anything really happens . ”

Xia Chang Tian thought about Sima You Yue’s contract beasts, they were all powerful, if anything really happened, it shouldn’t be a problem to bring her away . He nodded and told Bi Sheng, “When the time comes, you guys don’t rush to the front, stay behind and protect her . ”

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Bi Sheng nodded, there were only a few of them from Heartbreak Valley, they definitely wouldn’t rush to the front .

Kilometres away from Fair Eastern City was covered with the black smoke, but Little Black only used two days to ingest all that black smoke .

Sima You Yue had been following Little Black these two days . When she decided to handle the black smoke with Little Black, she got Thousand Resonance to act as her, staying in everyone’s sight, so nobody would link her up with the one who dealt with the black smoke .

At this point of time, they were already standing at the other side of Fair Eastern City, it was the only part with black smoke . After being notified by Scarlet, those people were slowly getting close to Fair Eastern city and wanted to take up Fair Eastern City at once .

Because of the image that Sima You Yue showed everyone previously, Xia Chang Tian and the rest split into two ways, one of the way was led by Fang Yuan Long into Fair Eastern City, the other one was led by Xia Chang Tian and Tuoba Hong Ye and took a detour of the city and rushed to the big hole that Sima You Yue saw .

“Flap—— Flap——”

Little Black ingested the last bit of black smoke quickly, then walked to Sima You Yue satisfyingly and even burped twice while it was on the way .

Not knowing it was a mistake, Sima You Yue felt Little Black’s eyes become brighter after eating so much black smoke . And its eyes became more humane, looking like it gained quite a lot of spirit knowledge these past two days .

“Master . ” Little Black came to Sima You Yue, and fell over after calling her Master, Sima You Yue ran over in shock and was relieved when she realised that it was only sleeping .

“You little guy, gave me a shock . ” She carried Little Black, and kept it in spirit pagoda . “Looks like I wasn’t mistaken just now, Little Black indeed grew up quite a lot after ingesting so much black smoke . It could even talk now and call me Master . ”

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She contacted Thousand Resonance, and Thousand Resonance told her that Xia Chang Tian and he were leading a group of people and rushing over to the big hole outside the city .

Sima You Yue told them to break away from the team, she would go over and look for them, then they would switch when the opportunity came .

Thousand Resonance told Ximen Feng what she said, so everyone slowed down and slowly broke away from the team and hid aside .

Sima You Yue found them, Thousand Resonance transformed back to himself and she joined back into the team .

“You Yue, how’s the situation? Did you meet any Ghost clan?”

“No . Seems like the Ghost clan didn’t even realise that I removed the black smoke . ” Sima You Yue said with doubt .

“Where is Little Black?”

“It’s full now and went back in to digest it . ”

At this moment, everyone heard a flute sound, without the black smoke effect, the effect of the flute sound wouldn’t be that fast, but everyone still didn’t feel good .

Fatty Qu and the rest had the lowest power, their heads became unbearably painful when they heard the flute sound, they felt like prying their heads open .

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Bi Sheng, Feng Zhi and the other’s power were stronger, they didn’t suffer as much as Fatty Qu when they heard the flute, but they were also feeling uncomfortable in their heads .

As Sima You Yue learnt Secret Soul Art, so her spiritual energy was stronger, her mentality was also amazing, so the flute sound wasn’t effective on her . Seeing them in pain, she quickly fixed up a spirit barrier and covered everyone in it .

With the barrier from the spirit barrier, everyone felt relieved, although their heads still felt like needles were pricking them, it was much better than just now .

“Thank you, You Yue . ”

“That side started fighting . ” Sima You Yue said worriedly while looking towards the direction of the huge hole .

The members of Ghost clan didn’t make any movement these past two days, it was odd when the flute sound started now .

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