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Chapter 1268: Chapter 1268 - Joint Discussion

Chapter 1268: Joint Discussion

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Tuoba Hong Ye slowly revealed what knew . Everyone was shocked .

It started ten thousands of years ago . People of the Tuoba family discovered a portal connected to the Ghost Realm . If the portal were to be broken, the people from Ghost Realm will flocked over and hurt the people of this continent .

At that time, Fair Eastern City was not built yet . It was still a deserted place . After discovering this portal, Tuoba family immediately called for powerful experts to seal the place . Later, in order to secure this place, a city was built in place, which was now Fair Eastern City .

In order to not cause panic in everyone, not many people knew of this matter except those who sealed it . With the passage of time, those people passed away . Only the Tuoba family continued to pass down this family secret . In addition, they established an ancestral rule in which they must take care of Fair Eastern City .

Therefore, when such a situation occurred, they suspected this might be the reason . But because they couldn’t sense the aura of the ghost clan, they did not become anxious .

Now with Sima You Yue’s affirmation and the scenes she showed, they realized the matter was really related to the ghost clan . They no longer dare to continue to hide it .

According to you, Fair Eastern City has a portal to the Ghost Realm?”

Everyone’s complexion was not good . If there really was a portal to the Ghost Realm, and once it was opened, wouldn’t the Ghost Realm be completely connected to the Human Realm?

The ghost clan were eviler than humans, and their strength was much stronger . Once the two realms completely connected, no one dared to imagine this consequence .

“So, they were digging the portal . But why did they do it slowly at a time?” Xiao Hong asked .

“Because the seal could not seal the portal, but the seal could seal the land around it . It made the soil hard and unable to be broken with spirit power . But it can be dug bit by bit . ” Tuoba Hong Ye explained .

“In other words, the ghost clan has nothing that can break the seal and only humans can do it . That’s why they controlled people in Fair Eastern City and let them dig out the sealed place . ” He Chen Dong concluded .

“It should be so . ” Xue Chang Lin said solemnly .

“After receiving this news, everyone’s moods became heavier . The result was more serious than they thought .

“You Yue, I’m curious . When others enter, would they get controlled? How did you find out the news?” Fan Yuan Long asked . “Can you go in without being controlled?”

“I’m not capable . ” Sima You Yue felt that this Fan Yuan Long didn’t have any demeanor of a president at all . So she didn’t speak politely .

“Then how did you find this news?”

“Of course, I used my secret method . ” Sima You Yue replied . “I don’t think I need to report it to President Fan . ”

This remark was merciless, but Fan Yuan Long had asked her in a interrogative tone . It was normal she would be upset .

Besides, she also reminded the various guilds that there would be an attack, so they avoided a disaster . Although he was not grateful to her, why was he going against her all the time?!

Fan Yuan Long was stifled by Sima You Yue’s remark . He wanted to get angry but Fang Ming interrupted him .

“Since it is a secret method, it’s normal for her to not say . But I hope that in time of need, you can offer your help . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t expect Fang Ming to speak up for her . She thought that he would be unhappy because of Yao Mei . He would speak up on her difficulties . He seemed to be a good person .

She chuckled . “Broken Heart Valley is part of this continent . If there’s something that needs p, we will do our part . ”

“Good! You Yue is a robust girl as Old Xia says . ” Fang Mig exclaimed, if there’s something in the future, please lend a hand . ”

“Definitely . ” Sima You Yue replied politely .

Fan Yuan Long heard Fang Ming’s words . He had to shut up . To say anything else was petty of himself .

“I have a question . ” Xue Chang Lin started .

“How are these people controlled?” Xue Chang Lin glanced at everyone . “If this is the reason, and we know the purpose of controlling them, now we have to find out how they can control people . That way we can deal with matter, otherwise it would be useless to know the reason . ”

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“That’s right . ” Xiang Yang echoed . “Although we know the reason, the black fog can’t be resolved and we don’t know how they are being controlled, wouldn’t knowing the reason be useless . We could only watch it happening . ”

“You Yue, since you find these, do you know the cause?” Tuoba Han asked .

“I know what it is most likely, but I don’t know how to resolve it . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“You know the cause? Tell us . ”

“On the way in, I heard a flute . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue nodded certainly . “When the flute sounded, I felt divine sense was in pain . Later in the city, I heard the flute again, I saw new people come in . I guess they were being controlled by the sound of flute . ”

“People of the ghost clan are researching the human soul . It is normal for them to have a spirit tool that can control the human soul . ” Xia Chang Tian rarely has a serious look .

“You only heard the sound of the flute? Did you see anyone else? Do you know who is controlling the flute?” Tuoba Hong Ye asked .

Sima You Yue shook her head . “I didn’t see anyone besides those people . But I heard a voice behind me, I didn’t get to react before my divine sense was destroyed . ”

“So you had a pale face because your divine sense was injured the day before yesterday . ” Xiao Hong exclaimed .

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If it was a general physical injury, one would be able to endure and talk to others . But when the divine sense was injured, they would become extremely tired .

No wonder she didn’t want to talk that day .

In fact, they didn’t know that Sima You Yue drank Spirit Fluid and her soul recovered . But because she was angered by Yao Mei, she deliberately didn’t tell them .

“It won’t be easy to deal with just knowing that it was caused by the sound of the flute . ” Tuoba Hong Ye said .

Everyone fell into silence . That was true . If they couldn’t find the root cause, it would be not much use to know the control method .

It seemed there was a slim chance to resolve this matter!

Sima You Yue didn’t reveal that she had mechas that could enter in place, since there were so many seniors here, there would not be a need for her to come forth . If they really couldn’t think of a way, she could talk about it later .

However, thinking of Liu Liang Cai, she didn’t know whether to tell them .

In such a situation, he was able to stay awake . This was worthy for her to ponder about .

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