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Chapter 1265: Chapter 1265 - An angry Xia Chang Tian
Chapter 1265: An angry Xia Chang Tian

“President Xia, this matters a lot of people’s lives! She is perfectly fine, able to talk, we only asked her to talk, not asking her to do anything . Why are you so affected?” That lady said dissatisfied .

With what she said, Heartbreak Valley members and beasts were unhappy . Little Seven jumped in front of her, both her arm on her hips, stared at her and asked, “Who are you, what rights do you have yapping here?”

“Hmph, I’m Array Masters Guild’s Elder, Yao Mei . I’m an honourable Elder, not an honorary Elder . ” Yao Mei glanced at Sima You Yue in disdain, seemingly looking down on Sima You Yue’s identity .

Hmph, seeing her face made people unhappy, what an evil woman who only knew how to seduce people!

“Array Masters Guild’s Elder!” Little Seven continued, “Seeing you so old, I thought you’re the president of a Guild!”

“You’re impudent!” Yao Mei loudly chided .

What she hated most was others saying that she was old!

“Elder Yao, your shouting makes me dizzy, oh, I can’t, too dizzy, I need to rest, I’m too dizzy . President, since you have such capable people, you can check out what’s the situation inside yourself too, we shall not disgrace yourself . ” Sima You Yue held her own forehead, leaning in Ximen Feng’s embrace, “Feng’er, I’m not feeling well, let’s go back and rest . ”

“Sure . ” Ximen Feng was very angry when she saw Yao Mei’s attitude, but seeing Sima You Yue like that, he felt it was funny .

But he didn’t show that he was laughing, he held Sima You Yue up wanting to leave .

“Stop!” Yao Mei saw that they were really going off and chided, “Sima You Yue, you’re only a member of Alchemist Guild, you’re also a part of an alliance, you have to tell us what information you get!”

“Feng’er . ” Sima You Yue patted Ximen Feng’s shoulder, asking him to turn around and face everyone .

Everyone saw her turning around, thinking that she wanted to reveal the information .

“President, what did you say when you asked me to join the Guild?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“I said, you can come and take a look at the Guild anytime, if you can make some effort for the Guild when you’re happy, you can ignore it too when you’re unhappy . ” Xia Chang Tian answered .

The corner of Sima You Yue’s lips raised after hearing his answers, she looked at Yao Mei and said, “Elder Yao, did you hear that? I’m injured now, so I’m unhappy, because of that, I can’t remember anything . Feng’er, let’s go back . ”

“Sima You Yue, don’t be undiscriminating! Even if you’re the glory Elder, you’re also a part of the alliance, if you don’t tell us the information, are you trying to make the whole Guild alliance into your enemy?” Yao Mei shouted .

Sima You Yue’s face sank and laughed coldly, “What a huge hat! Since that’s the case, what else can I say?”

She took out a token plate, it was given to her by Xia Chang Tian after pestering her . She threw the token plate and landed in Xia Chang Tian’s hand accurately .

“Uh uh uh——” Xia Chang Tian called out while holding the token plate, went towards Sima You Yue and squeezed the token plate into her hand and said, “You Yue, why are you being serious with a crazy woman?! You can’t throw this token plate! Come, cool down and keep this token plate!”

“This token plate is so scary, if I take it, if I don’t say anything today, I might be an enemy to the whole Guild alliance . For my little life, I think President, you should keep it . ” Sima You Yue said as she felt wronged .

“Who says! You’re my Guild member, if I don’t talk, who else can force you to?!” Xia Chang Tian stared, “Yao Mei, you this old woman, you’re being too much! You want to order my Guild’s members? Who are you to do that!”

“Xia Chang Tian, you… . ” It was Yao Mei’s first time being scolded like that in front of so many people, she was speechless and angry .

“Xia Chang Tian, there’s so many people here, you better look out a little . ” A man in black long sleeve said .

“Hah, Fang Ming, Yao Mei is your Guild member, you feel sorry just because I chided her a little . You Yue was someone who’s closer to me than my own granddaughter, Yao Mei chided my member, do you think I’m not angry or feel sorry?” Xia Chang Tian fumed, and it seemed like his relationship with Fang Ming was closer .

Fang Ming was shot speechlessly, “Since when am I biased with my own Guild members, I’m only asking you to look out for a little . ”

“There’s nothing to look out for!” Xia Chang Tian waved his hand, showing impatience . “I tell you, You Yue is the reputable Elder in my Guild, no one can force her to do anything . If not, don’t blame me, Old Xia for not being concerned about sentiment and faces!”

This sentence of his was significant, other Guild members looked at Yao Mei, no one else could make Xia Chang Tian, who was always indecent, like that .

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Sima You Yue didn’t expect that Xia Chang Tian would defend her like that, she felt warmed .

“That’s right, did you not see You Yue injured? If you’re that strong, why do you need You Yue to tell you anything? Go and check it out yourself!” Xiao Hong was angry for Sima You Yue and shot her back .

“Hong’er, you must not be rude . Elder Yao, Hong’er is still young, please don’t argue with the younger generation . ” Although He Chen Dong said that, his tone didn’t sound like he was blaming her .

At the same time this hit Yao Mei in the face . Sima You Yue was younger than Xiao Hong, you bickered with other younglings, weren’t you embarrassed?!

Xia Chang Tian glared at everyone, then turned around and told Sima You Yue, “Keep your token plate well, since you joined my Guild, how can you quit just like that . This kind of thing, you can take care of it if you want to, if you don’t want to then forget it, no one can force you!”

This time Sima You Yue didn’t shoot anything out or say anything, but she kept it in her heart and didn’t speak, looking like she was wronged .

Yao Mei stared at Sima You Yue, wanting to say something but was stared by Fang Ming, so she didn’t dare to speak, but in her heart, she bore grudges towards Sima You Yue and might come out with something or two anytime .

“Alright, You Yue, you’re injured, you should go back and recuperate . ” Xia Chang Tian continued, “Aiya, no, I think it’s better that I follow you, in case anything happens, I can protect you . ”

Although Sima You Yue was angry with that woman, but she didn’t want Xia Chang Tian and He Chen Dong to risk, she said weakly, “President, I heard those who went in, never comes out, you guys don’t go in too, let those who are capable go in and check . Xiao Hong, last time you said you have something to tell me, look for me at Six Water City’s Memory Restaurant when you’re free . ”

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After she spoke, she looked at them with intentions, then asked Ximen Feng to take out a temporary array, opened up the array and went back to Six Water City .

When they came here, the spatial coordinates were unclear, but since now they were going back straight, they could use the transportation array .

Sima You Yue saw Xia Chang Tian and the rest coming out from the array, she sighed that the Array Masters Guild still had some skill, if not they wouldn’t dare to go there using an array .

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