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Chapter 1264: Chapter 1264 - : Injured and meeting Xia Chang Tian again

Chapter 1264: Injured and meeting Xia Chang Tian again

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These people walked past in front of her, she came out from the house after they turned into the street corner, she hadn’t decided if she wanted to follow, footstep sound came from the back again . She quickly went back into the house to hide again .

This time, the people who came made Sima You Yue’s eyes brightened, because she actually saw Liu Liang Cai and two of the members from Heartbreak Valley!

And she felt that when Liu Liang Cai was passing by her, she carelessly shot a glance at her .

After the group of people passed by her, she came out from the house, hesitated for a few seconds and eventually followed them .

These people passed through the street, they kept going against the direction Sima You Yue was going, Sima You Yue followed them to the city’s gate .

When those people got out of the city, Sima You Yue saw Liu Liang Cai drop something with her straightened arm, when they all went out, she went to pick it up and realised it was a piece of leaf with one word written on it : Danger!

Was she trying to say it was dangerous going out?

With that said, Liu Liang Cai wasn’t really being controlled, and was sending out news to people who came to save them .

At this point of time, the flute sounded again, the flute sounded serene, but Sima You Yue felt a chill .

After the flute sound stopped, she saw a few of them coming in from outside with stiffness .

It was different from Liu Liang Cai’s dirty clothes, these people’s clothes looked clean, it showed that these people were being controlled recently .

“There must be something with this flute sound . ” Sima You Yue pondered, Liu Liang Cai thought of a way to warn, it seemed like there was some dangerous person outside the city .

But Sima You Yue was more curious on what they were doing outside the city, thinking of the situation in the city gave her a rough estimation, so she controlled the mechas to follow the few that just got controlled to go out of the city .

Not far away from the city, there was a deep hole, Sima You Yue walked over, seeing there were a lot of people there, everyone was holding some sort of shovel, digging for something in the hole .

Some people came out, others were going down, exchanging to make sure there were people in the hole all the time .

She looked around her surroundings, it was all those people that were being controlled and didn’t see anyone else .

Fortunately there wasn’t anyone, these people were being controlled, their brain couldn’t think, so seeing such a weird person like her there didn’t attract any reaction .

Sima You Yue went close to the edge of the hole wanting to see what was inside, when she just got to the edge, she saw that it was packed with human heads and heard a guy’s voice from behind .

Followed by, a ball of energy attacked from the back, it was a strong power, Sima Yu Yue hadn’t had a chance to turn around and see who was talking, mechas was already broken into useless metals, her divine sense was also extinguished .

Outside the city, Sima You Yue’s body suddenly jerked, her face became pale and opened her eyes .

Ximen Feng was safekeeping beside her, they surrounded when they saw how she was .

“Elder Sister, are you alright?” Ximen Feng went up to hold her .

Sima You Yue waved her hand and said, “I’m fine . ”

She took out a pill and ate it, as her body was dark spiritual energy, so the pill she took was different from last time .

After resting for a while, she then felt better, she leaned in Ximen Feng’s embrace and said, “I saw the situation inside and also saw Liu Liang Cai . ”

“They aren’t at risk of one’s life . ”

She then told them what she saw inside, listening to her descriptions, everyone and beasts were shocked .

“What is in the hole? Why are there so many people there digging?” Ximen Feng frowned, if they couldn’t get a clear picture of it, then they wouldn’t be able to solve this puzzle .

“Everyone in the city was controlled to dig that hole? That is so odd!” Little Seven cried out .

“It indeed is outrageous . ”

“Qing Yi, do you know what they are doing?” Sima You Yue asked .

Qing Yi shook his head, it was also his first time hearing this, no one ever seen anything like that, so they didn’t have any leads at all .

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“This is no small matter, I feel even with our power, it might not be possible for us to solve this puzzle . How about we tell the Tuoba clan about this and they’ll keep watch here, who knows they might know what is the reason . ” Bi Sheng said .

“That works too . Fair Eastern City is under the Tuoba clan’s jurisdiction, they are more familiar with this place, they might know something the outsiders don’t . ” Feng Kai said .

“Valley Master, what do you think?”

Ximen Feng gave it a thought and said, “I too feel that we should tell the Tuoba clan about this, but we need to know what kind of attitude Tuoba clan is first . ”

If they weren’t sincere, then it would be useless to tell them .

“Boss, what do you think?”

Sima You Yue’s divine sense was destroyed, it injured her own body as well . She leaned on Ximen Feng’s embrace weakly, seeing how they were asking her and said, “Do what you guys said . ”

“I think it will be better if you’re the one telling them . ” Bi Sheng continued, “You have friendly ties with the Tuoba Clan, it’ll be better if you tell them . ”

“Let me rest first then we’ll go find them . ” Sima You Yue said weakly .

“Wa, You Yue!” Suddenly a voice made Sima You Yue’s body become stiff .

“Hallucination, hallucination, must be a hallucination . ” Sima You Yue muttered with her eyes shut .

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“You Yue, You Yue, didn’t you say you won’t come? Why did you come here? Is it because you miss me?” Xia Chang Tian ran to Sima Yu Yue, just that he didn’t clash onto her .

Bi Sheng and the rest turned their heads, seeing the others coming out from the light of the transportation array, other than Alchemist Guild members, there were other Guilds, even those that they just parted ways with, He Chen Dong and Xiao Hong .

“You Yue, what happened?” Xia Chang Tian saw how pale Sima You Yue was and stopped joking with her .

Sima Yu Yue gave up and opened her eyes and said, “Aren’t you guys at Red Tinted City? Why are you guys here?”

“When we met at Red Tinted City, we realised the situation here was more urgent, we decided to settle the matter here first, then settle with what other team . So we came here to take a look at the situation here first . ” Xia Chang Tian continued, “You Yue, did anything happen to you?”

“Boss just went in to get some information inside, her divine sense was hurt, so she looked like she didn’t have any energy . ” Feng Kai answered on behalf of Sima You Yue .

“So what information did you get?” An Elder asked .

“There’s indeed some information, but it’s not something that can be clearly explained in a sentence or two . ” Sima You Yue continued, “President, I need to rest now . ”

“Eh, alright, you rest and recuperate first . We’ll talk about it later . ” Xia Chang Tian said .

“But the situation is urgent now, we don’t have time… . ” A lady said unsatisfyingly .

“What do you mean by time, my You Yue recuperating is the priority!” Xia Chang Tian said to that lady unsatisfyingly .

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