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Chapter 1263: Chapter 1263 - Empty city

Sima You Yue’s face sank . It was only a few minutes that the scarlet bees went in the black smoke and they were already uncontactable, no wonder everyone who went in became uncontactable .

They guessed in their heart after seeing Sima You Yue’s face .

Sima You Yue called out a few scarlet bees to go in again, this time, she sent those who were stronger, but they all were uncontactable after going in for less than half an hour .

“Half an hour, it should be near the city . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Seems like the stronger it is, the longer they can hold up in the black smoke . ”

“Are those scarlet bees still alive?”

“They are . Scarlet Queen Bee said that the contract is still there, but just that they are uncontactable, calling out for them there was of no use too . Maybe it’s the same as those people . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“Even your scarlet bees can’t investigate any information out from there, what is exactly happening there?”

Everyone went silent, if one went in and lost an information, then who else would know what happened inside?

At this time, Scarlet Queen Bee requested to come out, saying that there was a situation but couldn’t be confirmed .

Sima You Yue summoned the Scarlet Queen Bee and asked, “Did you find out anything?”

“It’s not clear sensing inside . I’ll try to contact them . ” Scarlet Queen Bee closed its eyes and tried to sense after it spoke, then it opened its eyes and said, “Yue Yue, their spirit has been controlled . ”

“Their soul has been controlled?”

“Mm . ” Scarlet Queen Bee nodded, “My bees and I were born with spiritual binding, but when I was trying to contact them, I felt an obstruction, it should be because their spirit was controlled . ”

“Could it be that the Spirit Controlling Master came?” Sima You Yue guessed .

“What is a Spirit Controlling Master?”

“Spirit Controlling Master was what Mo Yu told me, a kind of specialist Master in Ghost Realm . They controlled people by using their spirit, they are the despicable people in Ghost Realm . ” Sima You Yue explained .

“One of my friends, almighty of Ghost Realm . ” Sima You Yue said, what she didn’t say was that Mo Yu also taught her one dark skill that involved controlling spirit, if she wanted to, she could also become a Spirit Controlling Master .

“If it’s a Spirit Controlling Master, why would he catch so many people?” Feng Kai didn’t understand .

Not only him, others were also curious .

If it was really the Spirit Controlling Master, he didn’t kill these people, instead, what was he controlling them for?

The beasts in spirit pagoda saw the scarlet bees all come out, also requested to come out and check out the mysterious dark smoke . Sima Yu Yue made a thought, calling all of them out .

“This is that dark smoke? Doesn’t seem any special to me?” Little Seven said .

“This black smoke makes people uncomfortable . ” Little Roar nested in Little Dream’s embrace and twisted uneasily .

Little Dream touched it and comforted him a little, Sima You Yue rolled eye on it, this guy purposely took an advantage .

“If people get into the black smoke, would their spirit really be taken away?” Thousand Resonance asked .

“I don’t know if their spirit will be taken, but their spirit is being controlled . ” Scarlet Queen Bee said while frowning .

“If that’s the case, then will it be controlled if we get someone without a spirit to go in?” Thousand Resonance suggested .

“Someone without spirit? Who doesn’t have a spirit in this whole continent?”

Feng Zhi and the rest didn’t put it in mind but Sima You Yue’s eyes brightened, clapped her hands and shouted, “Oh right, how did I not think of that!”

Ximen Feng saw her being excited, before they even asked her anything, a mecha appeared in front of them .

Seeing the mecha’s metal body, everyone tensed up .

“Is this, is this the legendary mecha?”

“That’s right . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Mechas doesn’t have spirit, if it goes in, it should know what situation it is inside . ”

“Then quickly let it go in and try . ”

“If it is purely controlling mechas, we won’t be able to hear anything through what it sees . So I’m planting a little divine sense in it . With that, no one can disturb it . ” Sima You Yue continued, “You guys help me to keep a lookout . ”

Sima You Yue looked around and sat cross-legged on a huge stone and inserted divine sense into the mechas’s brain, then controlled it walking into the black smoke .

She could only control the lowest graded mechas for now, this low graded one couldn’t fly, so it could only walk into it step by step . Luckily the speed wasn’t too slow and it was agile, if not she would be tired out .

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After mechas walked into the thick smoke, she tried releasing the divine sense, but it was closed up tightly, anywhere within a hundred metres wouldn’t be able to search .

Fortunately the black smoke wasn’t always this thick, about half a distance, the thick smoke became lesser and was about to see the outline of the city .

Suddenly, a serene flute sound came from the city, hearing that flute sound, Sima You Yue felt like her divine sense being pulled in .

Was that flute sound the thing that controlled the other’s spirit? Wasn’t it Spirit Controlling Master?

Luckily the flute sound only lasted for a while and stopped, so it wasn’t that hard for her to bear .

She was only a strand of divine sense and it was messed up by that flute sound, if it was someone with spirit, it might really be controlled .

But this flute sound was spreaded too far away, the distance of the city’s river to her was about five hundred metres, who’s flute sound could spread so far?

It seemed like this flute sound was the main thing that she needed to investigate .

She continued walking forward, as divine sense was injured a little just now, so the speed now would be slower than just now .

When mechas reached the city’s gate, the black smoke was almost non-existent, but there was still a layer blocking on the top of its head, so the brightness wasn’t good .

There wasn’t any guard at the city’s gate, even the city’s gate wasn’t shut, she carefully walked in and realised there wasn’t anyone in the city at all .

“Eh? Where’s everyone in the city?” She walked around the city, not one shadow was seen .

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“Didn’t they say that no one ever gets out after coming in? Did they escape from the ground?”

Just when she was puzzled, a footstep sound was heard, she knew immediately, many people came, but their footstep sound was unanimous .

Footstep sound came from the street’s bend, such weird footstep sound was heard when no one was in the city, she subconsciously controlled the mechas to hide in a room at the side, at the same time pulling back her divine sense .

Without breathing, without divine sense, placing the mechas aside, no one would realise any difference .

“Stamp stamp stamp——” The sound of mechanical footsteps slowly sounded from the street and walked past the house that Sima You Yue was in .

Their hands couldn’t move anymore, their legs couldn’t bend when they walked, it looked strange .

But Sima You Yue sense a life on their bodies . It seemed like they were actually still alive .

But where did they come from, and where were they going? There were so many people in the city, where did all of them go?

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