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Chapter 1258: 1258

Chapter 1258: The annihilated Wu Clan

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With spirit energy, she wouldn’t get dizzy taking the teleportant arrays . As she was walking one round inside the city, it seemed like something had suddenly caught her attention and she sprinted outside .

When the Wu Clansmen who had rushed to the armament guild knew that they had escaped, they were so angry that they nearly spit blood .

Wu Gao Yun smirked coldly and said, “You knew that we were guarding this area so you didn’t dare to take the teleportation array . I want to see just where you can escape after leaving the city!”

“Young Master, they are headed outside via the east gate . ”

“We’ll chase after then! We will definitely have to kill Bi Sheng and the few of them . Then, we’ll trample heartbreak valley!” Wu Gao Yun sneered .

“Young Master, should we go and call the sage pavilion?”

“We can send some men to inform them, but we do not have to wait for them . We can handle it on our own . Aside from Bi Sheng, the others are but flies . We don’t have to worry . ” Wu Gao Yun said . “Notify the disciples to let them know about this . Whether or not they come is up to them . ”

One person went to inform the Sage Pavilion while Wu Gao Yun led the rest of them towards the eastern part of the city . After leaving the eastern gate, they saw a continuous row of mountains .

“You want to make use of the terrain to escape? You’re thinking too much!” Wu Gao Yun laughed icily as he led his men in a mad dash . Throughout the journey there, they depended on the markings left behind by their clansmen and managed to track Sima You Yue and the others in less than half a day .

“Young Master . ” Those who were tracking Sima You Yue and the others met them halfway .

“What about those people?”

“They’re not too far ahead . They stopped the moment they reached that place . ”

“Why didn’t you go up and catch them?” Wu Gao Ying said with a solemn expression .

He had sent more than ten people, could it be that they couldn’t deal with a few brats?!

Furthermore, there were only the three of them . What in the world was going on?

“Young Master, although the other party isn’t strong, they have many powerful contracted beasts . Especially Sima you yue’s Man-eating flower king . It ate up fifteen of our men . ”

“Useless things!” Wu Gao Yun gave the person a single kick, “Follow me, just look at how I kill them all!”

Wu Gao Yun led the men in a high-speed chase and never once stopped to think why Sima You Yue and the others had run non stop only to stop suddenly . If they had thought about it a bit more, they wouldn’t have been annihilated so quickly .

Sima You Yue and the others were currently waiting at the mountain peak . What littered the mountain valley were the corpses that Little Dream and the others had torn apart .

The moment Wu Gao Yun and his men arrived at the mountain, they saw the bodies and immediately filled with rage . They didn’t say a thing before charging straight at the foot of the mountain where Sima You Yue and the others were, attacking .

Bi Sheng took Sima You Yue and the others, flying towards the sky . Wu Gao Yun’s attack happened to land at the ground where they were, taking off the top of the mountain .

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As the mountain top was crumbling, the mountain valley suddenly flashed with the light of an array, surrounding the wu clansmen completely inside .

Wu Gao Yun and the others recognised it immediately .

“Young Master, this is the dragon trapping array . ” Someone cried out .

“Dragon Trapping array! Isn’t that the Hundred Changing Door’s array?” The moment everyone heard of the dragon trapping array, their expressions changed .

The dragon trapping array was very famous in the inner sect because there was once someone who had half a step into the paragon rank who went to make trouble with the Hundred Changing Doors . The Hundred Changing Doorsmen used the dragon trapping array to lock him up for a few tens of years, until finally they sent someone to let him out . From then onwards, nobody dared to cause trouble for the Hundred Changing Doors .

“I heard that, twenty years ago, this SIma You Yue used this array to trap a group of strong experts inside . Then, she used a lightning calamity to kill them all . ” The one who recognised this as the dragon trapping array said with a pale face .

Sima You Yue saw that they were all trapped, and no longer needed Bi Sheng to hold her as she stopped in mid-air by herself .

“Not bad, you’re able to recognise the dragon trapped array . ” She and Wu Gao Yun threw levelled looks at each other . Their expressions were light, but their eyes filled with killing intent .

“How do you know the Hundred Changing Doors’ dragon trapping array?!” Wu Gao Yun’s expression was a sight to behold . If she had any relationship with the Hundred Changing Doors, they would have another problem to deal with if they killed her .

“Of course I learnt it . ” Sima You Yue said, “I not only learnt this array, but even added something new to it . That is why it is no longer just an ordinary array, it’s a… killing array!”

After speaking, she attacked the array . It was clear that she had sent a casual attack, but the people inside the array felt ten times the power .

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“Vicious brat, you’d better stop this savagery!” Wu Gao Yun didn’t think that his moment of overconfidence would land them up in her array . He was filled with rage, but had no choice but to distract himself from the power that they were throwing into their attacks .

“You Yue, those from the Sage Pavilion aren’t here yet . I’m guessing that they’re coming after . We should deal with it soon . ” Wei Zi Qi said . ’

“Mm . Then they can just go through it together . ”

One shouldn’t look down on Sima You Yue and the others for being only divine-ranked . When they attacked together, adding on to that the multiplier effect of the array, it would still catch them unprepared .

This was especially so since the attacks of those inside couldn’t carry out at all . They were now like meat on a chopping board, waiting for Sima You Yue’s knife .

How long could they keep up the one-sided battle? Especially Fatty Qu, who was still tossing his Thunderbolt Bullets in . that explosive strength made it so those inside couldn’t hold on .

That was why, by the time the Sage Pavilion’s men rushed over, the more-than-hundred-strong Wu Clansmen had already been annihilated .

“Big Brother!” Wu Gao Fei saw the dead Wu Gao Yun and his eyes turned red . He shot a vicious glare at Sima You Yue and the others, yelling, “I’m going to kill you all!”

“We’ll have to see whether or not you have the ability!” Sima You Yue sneered, then took out the little door to her Little Black Lotus Realm . She opened it, releasing over a thousand monarch-ranked men from inside .

The expressions of the men from the Sage Pavilion underwent a great change . The other party had so many men! Furthermore, each one of those men were filled with murderous intent . There was no need to think about how many days these men spent living on the edge of the blade .

Furthermore, there were only a hundred of them . Compared to a thousand men, they weren’t their opponents at all .

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“Brother Fei, the other party has too many people . We should return first . We’ll come back for our revenge later on!” Nalan Lan’s master said .

Although Wu Gao Fei was unwilling, in the face of the sudden change of events, he had no choice but to let go of his thoughts of revenge .

He first had to secure his little life . He had to stay alive if he wanted to get his revenge .

“Retreat!” He ordered reluctantly .

“Since you’ve come, you should stay . What do you mean that you’re going?” Sima You Yue waved her hand, and the men from BLoodfiend City immediately surrounded them .

“You think you can stop us just like that?” Wu Gao Fei sneered . He thought of opening a portal through space, but there was no reaction at all .

“I can’t open a space portal . ” Wu Gao Fei said .

“Let me try . ” Nalan Lan’s master tried, but the result was the same .

They looked at each other, their hearts solemn .

“Continue trying, why don’t you keep going?” Fatty Qu’s mocking voice said happily, “You Yue has already sealed up the space here . If you want to open a portal through space, that’s impossible you know-”

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