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Chapter 1253: 1253
Chapter 1253: A shocking piece of information

Sima You Yue couldn’t help the cold sweat rolling down after hearing what he said .

She said that sentence when she was brewing tea, but now that it came from him, it felt weird .

But she couldn’t think too much about it, Mo Yu congealed a seal with both his hands and a ray of black light shone towards those spirits, trapping them . Something shocking happened and those spirits slowly dispersed, transformed into tiny bits of bright light, followed by scenes appearing one by one .

Sima You Yue went blank seeing those scenes and listening to those people speaking .

In the scenarios, those people’s appearances weren’t clear, but their voices were clearly heard, they were saying, other than Alchemist Guild and Armament Masters Guild matters, they also planned an attack towards other Guilds!

But even so, there wasn’t much regarding the information of these forces, it seemed like these few people weren’t the core people .

She slowly digested the information after getting it .

The scenes disappeared along with the light, meaning these spirits were gone too, with no chances to go to the Ghost Realm .

“How, is it very useful?” Mo Yu tempted, “Want to learn?”

Sima You Yue came back to her senses and said, “This one is indeed amazing, but it’s not useful to me . ”

“It will come in use when you go to Ghost Realm . ” Mo Yu continued, “You can’t only learn dark skills when you reach the Ghost Realm, in addition, you can use dark spiritual energy now, might as well learn it now . ”

“True, but I can’t call you Master . You haven’t called me Master after I taught you how to brew tea!” Sima You Yue was still twisted by this .

“Don’t you want to learn it?” Mo Yu was losing his patience, she kept rejecting, he kept wanting to teach her, if she continues to reject, he… . He would really agree to it!

“I can learn even if I’m not your disciple . ” Sima You Yue continued, “We can investigate tea, we can also investigate dark skills too . Right?”

Both of them discussed for almost half a day, and Mo Yu finally compromised and agreed to teach her dark skill, but didn’t take her as a disciple .

“If you become my disciple, next time when you get to Ghost Realm, no one will dare to touch you . ” Mo Yu looked as if she lost a deal .

Sima You Yue laughed and said, “When I get to Ghost Realm, you’ll be the same in Ghost Realm too, I believe that you won’t reject me if I asked you for help . ”

“In other’s eyes, I’m with the Ghost Concubine . You and the Ghost Concubine are enemies . ” Mo Yu said .

“But you’re actually not!” Sima You Yue continued, “But, with your identity, you should know about my Mother, right?”

“A little, but I didn’t get involved with those things, so I’m not really clear with it . ”

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“Then can you tell me what you know?”

“Actually it’s about the Ghost Emperor . He’s your grandfather . After bringing your Mother back, some people went there to make a fuss, requesting that they kill your Mother . But I think she was locked up in the end . ”

Sima You Yue compared it with what Di Zhe said, both of them said almost the same thing so it must be true .

“Then do you know where my Mother is locked up?”

“Abyss of Hell . ” Mo Yu continued, “But I can’t confirm that . ”

“Cousin said the same thing, so it should be right . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Seems like it won’t easy to get my Mother out . ”

“Even the Ghost Emperor won’t set foot in there easily . I guess you’ll need to wait for a thousand years if you want to save your Mother . ” Mo Yu said .

“I won’t let my Mother suffer for so long . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I’ll get her out!”

Mo Yu saw her firm gaze and although, deep down, he thought that it was something that she couldn’t do, he kind of believed her .

“Since it’s like that, then you should learn the dark skill . When you’re there, there is little light-type spiritual energy, so you won’t be able to replenish properly when you use it, it would be useless no matter how powerful you are . ”

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“I’ll go back and tell the rest about this information, then try and test if I can release this dark energy . If possible, I’ll learn some dark skills from you . ” Sima You Yue said .

After the both of them went back to the city, they immediately went to look for He Chen Dong and told him about this information . They got him to notify all the Guild members to be on high alert, then she went back to the courtyard she stayed . If it wasn’t for them coming back from the outside, others wouldn’t even know that they went out .

Sima You Yue didn’t confirm if He Chen Dong spread the news, but with her current strength and identity, she couldn’t do anything about it . She got Bi Sheng to spread the news back to Heartbreak Valley, asking Heartbreak Valley members to be careful, then also spread the news to Heavenly Sect to Mao San Quan and spread it to the Alchemist Guild and Pill subdivision .

The three forces that received the news saw this high importance news, especially Alchemist Guild, it clearly said that they would aim for them . By that, they didn’t know if they would take action during Alchemist competition, so they couldn’t treat it lightly, they must tighten their defense .

Heartbreak Valley and Imperial Sect were closely surveillancing their surroundings, they were afraid that they would be involved with those forces .

After spreading the news to them, Sima You Yue didn’t need to care about the other things, so when everyone else was busy, she became free .

Mo Yu left, and she went into the spirit pagoda alone .

“I’ll need to try to release the dark attributes of spiritual energy later . It’ll temporarily replace the light attributes . If anything dangerous happens during this process, you guys have to suppress the dark spiritual energy . ” Sima You Yue summoned all the beasts in front of her and ordered them .

“Yue Yue don’t worry . We won’t let anything happen to you . ” Little Dream said .

“That’s right, if anything really happens, we have Qing Yi here!” Little Seven agreed .

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Of the whole spirit pagoda, or should we say the whole world, only she could be that confident to summon Qing Yi .

Sima You Yue sat cross-legged, sinking divine knowledge deep into her body, following her own channels and went to her acupuncture points .

The dark spiritual energy was moved to the acupuncture points long ago . Although it was sealed, it would still release a dark aura from time to time to compete with the spiritual energy around . If other energies were still like dead water, only the dark spiritual energy would have a little surge .

“The Heaven sealed all the other spiritual energy, but on the contrary, this sealed dark spiritual power was overlooked . ” She sighed, left the acupuncture point and searched for the place where the dark spiritual energy was . Seeing the crack on the seal, she led the dark spiritual energy out from inside .

Little Seven and the rest looked at her nervously . They could obviously feel that the aura on her changed . It was slowly being wrapped up by the dark aura, then the aura was kept back and she was back to her usual self, nothing changed .

Seeing her open her eyes, everyone asked anxiously, “Yue Yue, did you fail?”

Sima You Yue smiled, flipped her right hand, and a black ball of spiritual energy appeared on her palm .

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