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Chapter 1252: 1252
Chapter 1252: Grasping spirit skill

“Grasping spirit skill?” Sima You Yue blinked, “It must be a powerful dark skill just by hearing the name . ”

“Of course it’s powerful, these are the top few dark skills in Ghost Realm . How? Do you want to learn? You only have to call me Master and I’ll teach you . ” Mo Yu lured .

Sima You Yue never learnt any dark skills before . Even when she was with her cousin, she never thought of learning it . But now suddenly she heard him saying it, she started to feel tempted, thinking how it was like to use dark skills .

But, if she had to call him Master, then she would rather not learn .

“I can’t use spiritual energy now, how do I learn? When my spiritual energy recovers, you will be gone already . How about that, you write down the method of this dark skill, when I recover my spiritual energy then I’ll practice with that method, how about that?”

“There’s no ‘how about it’ . This dark skill of mine can only be passed verbally, it can’t be recorded or written down . ” Mo Yu continued, “Also, I checked your health, although the rare light-devil physique made it hard for you, but it’s not without its benefit . Just like now, even if your spiritual energy is sealed, you can use your dark spiritual energy, it’s the same . ”

“That’s possible?” Sima You Yue widened her eyes, she never thought about this before!

“You’ve always sealed your dark energy because you thought that your body wouldn’t be able to take it if it comes out . So when your spiritual energy got sealed, you never thought of unsealing your dark energy, that’s why you didn’t think of it before . ” Mo Yu said .

Sima You Yue admitted to what he said, she indeed didn’t think about that, so she didn’t think of releasing the dark energy .

With what Mo Yu said, she was emotionally affected, days without spiritual energy were really boring . But at the same time she was worried that once she released the dark energy, there would be some unforeseen circumstances, for example, her body being unable to take it or something like that .

She told him her worries, Mo Yu laughed lightly and said, “You were afraid that your body wouldn’t be able to take it, but that’s because both kinds of energy clash together . But now the situation has changed . You have no light energy, and that means that there won’t be any clash . ”

Really? I’ll try when I get back . ” Sima You Yue laughed mischievously, “But even so, it’s impossible that I’ll call you Master . ”

“You don’t have to come to a conclusion right away, after you know the power of grasping spirit skill, you’ll naturally want to learn from me . ” Mo Yu said confidently .

“If you are willing to call me Master in the way of tea, then I won’t mind calling you Master . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Afterall, we talked about tea first, call me Master first . ”

Call her Master? How was that possible!

“Do you know how many people in Ghost Realm want to be my disciple? Now, I’m giving you the chance but you don’t want to . ”

“Then don’t you know how many people want to be my disciple in the Human Realm? Now, I’ll give you the chance too, aren’t you going to reject it too?” Sima You Yue used his words to refute him .

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What a clever and eloquent girl!

“Alright, let’s settle the main thing first, show off your grasping spirit skills too . Who knows, it might be so amazing that it attracts me!” She rushed .

“Then look closely, this grasping spirit skill is not only useful to the spirit in the body, it’s useful to everyone’s spirit in their body . ” Mo Yu said .

“Then isn’t it comparable to Soul Cultivation?” Sima You Yue asked curiously .

The soul cultivation skill she was talking about wasn’t the one where she trained her own spirit, but it was a method to refine the spirit by Ghost Realm .

“You know Soul Cultivation skill?”

“Er, someone from Ghost Realm mentioned it when we were in Immortal Land . ” Sima You Yue casually explained, “Is your grasping spirit skill the same as this soul cultivation skill?”

“Of course not!” Mo Yu denied, “My grasping spirit skill mainly controls their spirits, making it possible for me to use them when they are under divine knowledge and conscious state . This is a more proper dark skill . But soul cultivation is different . ”

“What’s the difference?”

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“The difference between soul cultivation and grasping spirit skill is that, grasping spirit skill keeps the spirit conscious, and soul cultivation will completely shut off spirit’s divine knowledge, making them look like a walking corpse . ” Mo Yu explained .

“Aren’t both of them used to control spirits, to those spirits, they already lost their freedom . There aren’t any differences . ” Sima You Yue pointed out .

“Of course it’s different . Once you stop using grasping spirit skill, those spirits can regain their freedom . But those that are cultivated by soul cultivation skills can’t . ” Mo Yu retorted .

“But, since you already control those spirits, those that learnt grasping spirit skills, even people like you, wouldn’t let them regain their freedom easily!” Sima You Yue guessed, “Even so, what’s the difference even if they can and can’t?”

“You don’t know about this . You know what Ghost Realm has the most? It’s not Ghost clans, but it’s spirits . ” Mo Yu continued, “If you learnt this and come to Ghost Realm next time, it means you’ll have a lot of power . ”

“Even without this, I have my ways to deal with those spirits . ” Sima You Yue muttered .

The Hundred Ghost Banner that she had, to her, was their worst jinx . Regardless if you were grasped by grasping spirit skills or cultivated by soul cultivation skills, once you met the Hundred Ghost Banner, you’d have to surrender obediently .

Of course, she couldn’t let him know about this .

“What method do you have?” Mo Yu didn’t believe her words, “Just learn this grasping spirit skill from me . Look closely . ”

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He walked to those corpses and waved his hand . Ripples appeared on his body, and it was as if the power of binding of spirits had disappeared .

Sima You Yue could see that the shadows slowly appeared . They looked like they were heading to the Ghost Realm, but Mo Yu formed a seal with both his hands and those spirits stayed where they were and couldn’t move .

“How is it?” He asked her .

“Not bad I guess . The rule of spirits going into Ghost Realm after they die, you can even make spirits go against this rule, this means that you’re amazing . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But this isn’t of any help in checking up on this, right?”

The newly formed spirit didn’t have any power, these few spirits looked confused, they didn’t know they had already become a spirit .

“Are you thinking of questioning their spirit by torture?” Sima You Yue asked, “I heard that humans won’t remember anything they did before they die when they go into Ghost Realm, it’s equal to starting anew . Even if you catch their spirit, you can’t get anything out of them, because they don’t know anything in the past . ”

“Who says I’m going to ask?”

“If you don’t, then how are you going to get the information we want . ”

“You’ll know when you see it . Like what you said, it’s time to see a miracle . ”

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