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Chapter 1242: 1242

Even now, Sima You Yue could feel Mo Yu’s eyes were inadvertently looking at her . Although there was no strong killing intent, for people like him, they wouldn’t show their anger in front .

“Is that Jun family head also from the ghost clan?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

“I am not sure if he is . You saw how he sat in the main seat but his words and actions reveal respect to him . It showed that the other party has a higher status than him, and he is not a member of the Jun family .

“You agreed for such a dangerous person to come here . What if he kills you later?” Fatty Qu asked .

“Since he let me go today, he won’t kill me for the time being . ” Sima You Yue said . “But next time I will go ask for Qing Yi’s help . ”

Probably the only person beside her that is his opponent is Qing Yi .

“Right, where’s Bi Sheng?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in the past few days . ” Wei Zi Qi said .

“It feels like Old Bi has something on his mind . ” Ouyang Fei siad . “I think his expression was not right after he got here that day . ”

“Old Bi is a person with a story . Maybe his story is related to this place . ” Sima You Yue said .

“How do you know?” Fatty Qu asked .

“When Xiao Yi came to send the invitation, I noticed Old Bi’s expression changed a little when he heard of Armament Masters Guild . I had asked him to protect me, but he was a little hesitant at that time like he was wavering on to do or not do . So I guess it was related here . ”

“Is it related to the previous owner?” Bei Gong Tang asked .

“The female armament master elder?”

“Later, I will ask Xiao Hong about this elder . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You Yue, there won’t be a problem with Mo Yu?” Sima You Lin said worriedly .

“As long as he’s from the ghost clan, if I am prepared, he can’t kill me so fast . ” Sima You Yue said . “After all, the flames of Crimson Flame are their nemesis . ”

“Qing Yi wouldn’t watch me get killed . Even if he doesn’t make a move, the other party would be surprised by his existence . ” Sima You Yue said . “Besides, since he uses the Jun family to cover up, he doesn’t want people to know he’s from the ghost clan . So he won’t casually make a move . ”

“Then when did he say that he would find you to discuss tea ceremony?”

Sima You Yue shook her head . Although the other party did not say anything, it would probably be possible anytime in the next few days .

As she thought so, she didn’t expect Mo Yu would come find her so early .

When Mo Yu arrived, he didn’t send a message, or take the normal route . He went straight to Sima You Yue’s courtyard . She was eating breakfast … . gracefully .

Mo Yu saw a stack of bowls on her table . He was stunned before immediately understanding .

Sima You Yue was drinking her last mouthful of porridge . When she saw Mo Yu suddenly appeared, she almost choked to death as she coughed desperately .

“You, how did you come here?” She felt her throat hurt from coughing . She did not hold back the surprise in her heart .

Mo Yu’s face darkened . “Didn’t we say we’re going to discuss tea ceremony?”

“Cough cough… then you don’t have to come this early?” Sima You Yue was choking as she shot him a look .

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Qing Yi was currently outside . She didn’t care about him that much . In addition, she was choking miserably and felt a bit angry .

“The sun is already in the sky . ” Mo Yu replied .

“Then you shouldn’t come in directly? Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?” Sima You Yue said again .

“It’s troublesome to walk through the front door . ” Mo Yu said . “Okay, you’re finished eating, let’s talk about tea ceremonies . ”

Although she was cursing him in her heart, she obediently took him to a small pavilion near the lake in the courtyard .

Even though Xiao Hong said that this courtyard was relatively small, this was just a comparison to other courtyards . This was actually large, at the least for the front and back yard as well as the viewing lake .

The small pavilion was a bit far away from where she lived . Because she didn’t use spirit power, they had to walk for ten minutes to get there .

“Why did you come here?” Mo Yu asked .

“The pavilion here is located on a rocky side by the lake . The scenery here is the best . ” Sima You Yue said .

Humph, she wouldn’t tell him that she walked so far to just let the others know he was here .

Mo Yu saw the scenery here was indeed good . So he didn’t think about anything else . He grabbed her shoulder and led her to the small pavilion .

No one has been to the pavilion for a long time . The stone tables and benches were dusty .

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Mo Yu frowned and waved his hand . All the dust was swept away .

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . But fortunately, this guy didn’t ask her to wipe the dust off .

“Please . ” Mo Yu casually chose a place to sit down, watching Sima You Yue who was still standing .

Sima You Yue went to the other side and looked at him . “Do you want to learn Kungfu tea?”

“I want to learn your tea ceremonies . ” Mo Yu replied .

“Then you will have to learn for a long time . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Each tea has several brewing methods, and each brewing method has different requirements for different teas . It’s not simple . ”

“Then I will follow you and slowly learn until I learn everything . ”

“…” Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched slightly . She really did have the temper of those capable people and would do what she wanted to do!

“I think understanding too much might let you lose your interest in tea – tasting . If Young Master Mo Yu really likes tea, you don’t need to be so serious, especially about tea . ” She persuaded him .

How would Mo Yu not understand Sima You Yue’s meaning? Wasn’t she turning the corner and telling him to leave after learning Kungfu tea?

“Life is too long, so I find a hobby for myself . ” Mo Yu said . “Although tea ceremony is deep, it is a drop in the ocean compared to the long life . ”

That didn’t mean she had all the time?!

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She stared at him . She wanted to ask, don’t you want to go back to the ghost realm? Are you not afraid of being discovered in the human realm? What else would she be able to do if you stay?!

Don’t be unreconciled . ” Mo Yu said . “What you have to do is to please me . ”

“Why?” Sima You Yue sneered .

The last thing she would ever do in this life was to please others .

“Because the information on you is in my hands . The Dark Princess’s daughter, the ghost concubine wanted me to get your news, at the best, … kill you directly!”

Sima You Yue curled her fist . Her heart sank . This Mo Yu knew too many things!

No wonder he held killing intent toward her .

“Are you nervous?” Mo Yu said . “You should be thankful that you are so familiar with tea ceremonies that I don’t want to kill you for the time being . So how about you hurry and please me?”

Sima You Yue took a deep breath . “I didn’t bring this habit of pleasing others from my mother’s womb . If you really want to learn tea ceremonies, I have my requests . ”

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