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Chapter 1240: 1240

Chapter 1240 – the out of ordinary Bi Sheng

Inside the beast carriage, Sima You Yue leaned on the soft cushion . Her face showed fatigue .

“You Yue, there was someone looking at you just now . ” Bei Gong Tang said .

“Mm, I know . I sensed them . ”

“With so many people just now, there are definitely people watching You Yue?”

“It’s not that kind of watch . ” Bei Gong Tang explained . “It’s the kind of look with purpose . ”

“You all know this?” Xiao Hong looked at them in surprise .

“I felt it . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Xiao Hong, what kind of person is Huang Ying Ying? The relationship between you two seems unusual . ”

“Humph, it’s just that because Uncle Huang has a good relationship with my family and she knew my identity way earlier . But because she is older than me and not as talented as me, she always tries to find fault with me . ” Xiao Hong said .

“Then she didn’t reveal your identity before?”

“What? Others don’t know my background, but they know hers . Doesn’t she feel superior at that?” Xiao Hong said . “But I don’t have time to pay attention to her . The time spent on refining tools is already not enough!”

“Good mentality . ”

To fight with someone like Huang Ying Ying was not worth it . The best way to deal with her was to ignore her .

After Sima You Yue said that, she closed her eyes and said nothing more . Bei Gong Tang and Xiao Hong did not speak so she could rest well .

The beast carriage took them to a courtyard . Xiao Hong led them in and the other guards departed .

“I know you like the quietness, so I specially asked them to prepare this courtyard for you . Although it is not very big, it is behind the guild far from the bustle and not far from the guild . ” Xiao Hong said .

Everyone followed her in . She saw that although the courtyard was small, it was decorated uniquely . It resembled the Jiangnan from her previous life, which made her love it at first sight .

“The courtyard is exquisite . Does it belong to the guild?”

“Not really . ” Xiao Hong answered . “This used to be one of our elder’s courtyard . But she’s longer here anymore . I heard the decoration was based on a person’s preference . I have liked it here since I was a child . Unfortunately, I can’t ask her for whom now . ”

Sima You Yue subconsciously noticed Bi Sheng didn’t speak much throughout the journey . She saw he did not look right .

Sure enough, there was something?

“You Yue, I’ll take you to your courtyard first, so you can go rest . ” Xiao Hong said . “Bei Gong, your courtyard is the same as You Yue . As for the others, it’s the two small courtyard beside it . In the small courtyard, it’s up to you how to divide . I will take you there now . ”

Sima You Yue felt uncomfortable so she didn’t go ask Bi Sheng . She thought she would ask tomorrow . But it wasn’t until the eve of the succession ceremony when he suddenly came out .

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Sima You Yue had laid on her bed for two days before fully recovering . But at this time, it was the last day before the ceremony .

On this day, Xiao Hong came to see you early in the morning because yesterday, Xiao Hong had asked her to tour Armament City on the next day .

Although there were other shops in Armament City, most of them sell raw materials for refining . Because numerous people refined tools, these raw materials were quickly consumed .

Fatty Qu couldn’t move his feet when he saw these materials . Fortunately, he had sold a lot of refined tools, which was enough to spend quite a lot . Sima You Yue left Wei Zi Qi’s group aside and went with Bei Gong Tang and Xiao Hong to the teahouse next to it .

“M-miss, why did you come to the teahouse today?” The shopkeeper noticed Xiao Hong and hurried behind the counter to greet .

They knew she was talented, but they didn’t expect her to be the president’s daughter . So they have to serve her well .

“Shopkeeper, can I reserve a private room facing the street?” Xiao Hong asked .

“Oh, I’m really sorry, there have been many people here recently . Not to mention a private room facing the street, even the private room upstairs has been occupied . I didn’t get any news that Miss was coming so I didn’t reserve any rooms . But there are still some places in the lobby . ” The shopkeep said apologetically .

“What should we do?” Xiao Hong felt embarrassed . Sima You Yue was her friend and benefactor . She didn’t like crowded places . It would be best to get a private room . But she never did anything arrogant before such as going in and kicking people out .

“Then just the lobby . Anyways, we’re just waiting for Fatty Qu and then . It won’t take long . ” SIma You Yue said .

“But…” Xiao Hong felt sorry .

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“Miss Xiao Hong, if you don’t disdain me, how about coming to my reservation . ” A voice transmitted from upstairs . Xiao Hong was shocked from the voice .

“What’s wrong?”

“This, this is Jun family head’s voice . ” Xiao Hong said .

Sima You Yue raised her brows . She remembered that she said that the person was called Jiang Mo Yu . Did he belong to the Jun family?

“The person is here too?” She whispered .

Xiao Hong nodded . “Normally he is wherever the Jun family head is . ”

“Do you want to help me check and see that person? Since we are here, why not go up and see . ” Sima You Yue said .

The person upstairs didn’t get a response, so he asked again . “Miss Xiao Hong, you don’t want to drink tea with this old man . ”

“Uncle Jun’s words is making Xiao Hong ashamed . Since Unce Jun is inviting, Xiao Hong will bring her friends along . ” Xiao Hong replied .

She waved her hand, and the shopkeeper stepped aside . Then she led Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang up the stairs to the private room .

They knocked on the door and the door opened from inside . A black clothed guard stepped back blankly and let them in before closing the door and stepping aside .

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When Sima YouYue passed by him, she frowned .

“Uncle Jun, brother Jun . ” Xiao Hong saluted the two of them . Sima You Yue discovered the girl’s voice became softer when she arrived in the private room .

“Greetings to Jun family head . ” Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang indifferently saluted . They didn not know them, nor were they their elders, so there was no need to do more .

“This is the famous miss You Yue of the continent? Meeting you today, you really deserve your reputation . ” Jun family head smiled at Sima You Yue .

“Jun family head is overpraising . You Yue is just a regular junior, undeserving of Jun family head’s praise . ” Sima You Yue said with a light smile .

“Don’t just stand . We just made a pot of tea . Let’s try it together . ” The Jun family head beckoned .

Sima You Yue’s group of three sat down . Xiao Hong took a sip from the tea and applauded . “Good tea . ”

“I didn’t know Miss Xiao Hong could appreciate tea . Since you say it is a good tea, can you tell me what’s good about it?” Jun family head asked .

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