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Chapter 1239: 1239

Chapter 1239 Stopped from entering the city 2

Everyone did not take Xiao Hong’s words seriously because they could sense the other two people in the carriage . One of them was a divine rank junior and the other did not possess any spirit power . How could they be distinguished guests!

“You said powerful, then we should see them more . ” Huang Ying Ying said . “What, don’t dare? Or the people inside have no distinguished identity?”

“Hmph, say it . I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stand when you leave here . ” Xiao Hong said contemptuously . “Huang Ying Ying, do you think everyone is like you, who only use their background to threaten people?”

“Xiao Hong, don’t talk nonsense!” Huang Ying Ying said . “Are you going to say or not? If you’re not going tos ay, then don’t break the rules . Otherwise, we would have to go ask President He whether this rule is just as you said!”

Xiao Hong almost wanted to vomit blood because of her words . If she really went to find her father his prestige might be severely injured!

“Say it . ” Sima You Yue said weakly behind . “It’s not that I can’t see people . ”

Xiao Hong noticed that her silence caused dissatisfaction to arouse around them . They called for the president to come out . Since Sima You Yue consented, she started, “It’s not impossible if you want to know . I’ll ask you a question first . Do you know that in the immortal land, we met the people from the other people and had a decisive match?”

“Of course, I know if it wasn’t for that competition, we wouldn’t have this current position?” Huang Ying Ying replied .

“Then do you know the other person who competed along with me?”

“Sima You Yue, the honorary elder of the Alchemist Guild, the young valley master of the Divine Devil Valley and the deputy leader of the Heartbreak Valley . Besides armament, she is a genius at everything . Because she won the array and alchemy competition, we won the competition and gained ten years of safe time . ” Huang Ying Ying replied . “You mean she is the person inside?”

“That’s right! Now that you know, make way!”

“Pffff—–” Huang Ying Ying chuckled . “Xiao Hong, if it is really her, we won’t say anything but give courtesy . But you say it is her?”

“Huang Ying Ying, if you dare to block us, then I will make people kick you out of the city! Captain Hao, do it!” Xiao Hong did not want to talk nonsense with her and ordered .

“You’re going to use force since you can argue over me? Is this what the president of Armament Masters would do?” Huang Ying Ying said . “I just questioned you and you want to drive me out of the city . Do you think that my background is below you?”

Huang Ying Ying’s guards rushed out from both sides . They stood behind her as to protect her, confronting the guards from the Armament Guild .

“What’s the matter?” He Chen Dong’s voice came from behind the crowd . Everyone realized that they did not notice when the ever-so busy president came to the street .

Everyone gave away and He Chen Dong and a group of people came over .

“Father . ” Xiao Hong got out of the carriage and curtsied .

“Father . ” Huang Ying Ying called out to the middle-age man behind He Chen Dong .

“Ying Ying, the Armament Masters Guild is busy . Are you making trouble for them again?” Huang Feng asked calmly .

“I didn’t” Huang Ying Ying retorted . “I just saw someone using a carriage inside the city regardless of President He’s order, so I stopped them for questioning . ”

“Nonsense! Since it’s the guild’s beast carriage, it is naturally a distinguished guest . How can you be so reckless! What if you offend something?” Huang Feng scolded . Then he said to He Chen Dong, “This old man has been lax with Ying Ying’s discipline and offended the guild’s guests . Please don’t be angry with her . ”

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“No problem . ” He Cheng Dong’s relationship with Huang Feng was pretty good and didn’t blame Huang Ying Ying . He cupped his hands toward the carriage . “Miss You Yue, are you okay?”

When he said this, it proved it was indeed Sima You Yue in it and that Xiao Hong was not lying .

The curtain opened . Sima You Yue appeared under the support of Bei Gong Tang . With her pale face and tottering body, the people at present immediately understood why they had pick her up with the beast carriage .

Fatty Qu and the group in the behind also got down and came forward .

“You Yue greets Uncle He . Congratulations on your success . ” Sima You Yue saluted to him .

He Chen Dong stepped forward in an attempt to support her . “Why did you get down? Just stay at the top if you are in poor health . ”

“Uncle He is a senior . How can You Yue not leave the carriage?” Sima You Yue got up with the help of his hand .

“How’s your body?”

“You Yue is fine, I just need a day’s rest . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Father, why are you here?” Xiao Hong asked while supporting Sima You Yue .

“Uncle Huang and I happened to pass by . We heard some noise here so we came over . He Chen Dong looked at Sima You Yue’s pale, thin face . “You have lost much weight since the last time we separated . I want to introduce you to pavilion master Huang, but now I don’t think it’s a good time . In this way, you should go back to the prepared place for a rest first . I’ll talk about other things later . ”

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“Then You Yue will leave first . ” Sima You Yue saluted He Chen Dong and then Huang Feng before returning to the beast carriage .

“Father, daughter will also leave . ” Xiao Hong returned to the carriage . Everyone moved to the sides and the group moved again .

“Ying Ying, please go back and repent on it . Don’t be so impulsive!” Huang Feng scolded at Huang Ying Ying .

“It’s just a junior, is it worth it?” Huang Ying Ying muttered reluctantly .

“A junior? Aside from other things, just the Roc King alone is enough to conquer the entire continent! Not to mention, the benefits she won for the continent! You dare to quibble more, then go stay in your courtyard . Before the ceremony, you are not allow to go out!”


“Hurry and go!”

“Humph… . ”

Huang Ying Ying stomped her foot and ran away; she felt aggrieved . Although her father didn’t discipline her much, he rarely scolded her in public like this . Now he actually stood on the side of a junior younger than her . Apart from feeling wronged, she also started hating Sima You Yue!

“Ying Ying is still young . Why bother!” He Chen Dong said .

“She’s not young anymore . Look at miss You Yue . Her age is only a fraction of her age, yet she is so sensible . Alas, she has been spoiled by her mother!”

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The leads of the show had disappeared . He Chen Dong waved his hand and those who came with excitement also dispersed . He and Huang Feng lead people to deal with their matter .

In the teahouse beside the road, Mo Yu and Jun’s family head were sitting opposite each other .

“Master that is Sima You Yue . ” Jun’s family head looked at the beast carriage that was moving further away .

“Mm, she looks very weak . ” Mo Yu commented . “However, I smelled a very delicious soul in her . No wonder Yu Du was killed by her . He must have wanted to eat her soul . ”

“Master, do you want to tell Ghost Concubine?” Jun’s family head asked .

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