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Chapter 1236: 1236

That night, Sima You Yue waited for Shi Chen in her courtyard .

When Shi Chen came in, Sima You Yue was having some tea . Placed opposite her was a cup of tea that was freshly brewed .

He smiled knowingly and sat across her, sipped on the tea and said, “Boss, I’ve gotten some information . ”

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me . ” Sima You Yue praised, “What have you found out?”

“Xiao Yi told us how those who assassinated the president were dressed . I can confirm that they are related to Cloud Sea City people . ” Shi Chen said .

“Indeed, it’s them . ” Sima You Yue squinted her eyes and said, “What force are they exactly, that they actually keep stirring the guild . I always feel that there’s a secret behind this, and this secret will get the whole continent into turmoil . ”

“Then should we continue searching from this information?” Shi Chen asked .

“We just built this force not long ago . Although we have a Memory Restaurant, the information system isn’t complete . If we search now it will be a useless effort . ” Sima You Yue continued, “But you just reminded me that we will need to build up a proper information system next time . ”

“This can be done . ” Shi Chen continued, “If you want to take root in the continent, other than business and power, information is important too . ”

“We kept neglecting that in the past . ” Sima You Yue continued, “I’ll get Feng’er and the rest to come here for a discussion . ”

She only remembered that she didn’t have spiritual energy when she took out the mother-son stone, so she could only get Shi Chen to do it .

After a while, Ximen Feng, Bi Sheng, Feng Zhi and Feng Kai, the four of them, went to her courtyard . When they heard about the set up of an information system, they were supportive .

They discussed it till late night, and they finally decided to set up an information system centre at Memory Restaurant .

Sima You Yue yawned a few times and told everyone tiredly, “This initial plan needs to be amended . You guys don’t have to inform me of anything else . Let’s call it a night, I’ve to go to sleep . I’m dead tired . ”

She got up and went into her house, yesterday she read a book about Armament and got addicted, so she didn’t really sleep, now that it was almost daybreak, it was almost the same as not sleeping for two days and nights .

“Let’s go to the discussion hall and discuss about the next move . ” Ximen Feng said .

Since they were talking here, they would definitely disrupt Sima You Yue’s sleep .

“Alright . ”

As the person who gave out the others only, she only needed to give them an initial plan, and they would finish the process after .

These guys really were worrywarts!

Whatever comes after, Sima You Yue really didn’t care . She handed everything completely to them .

Xiao Yi stayed in Heartbreak Valley for two days, bringing some “special items” back from Heartbreak Valley . Thinking of using the poisonous powder made with poisonous creatures, he wondered who else would give these kinds of items to guests and as gifts . Luckily, they prepared a bunch of fruit wine for him later on, so he didn’t find them petty .

What he actually didn’t know was that the poisonous powder was more valuable than fruit wine . Using Sima You Yue’s words, this was priced by supply and demand .

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Heartbreak Valley had more fruit wine than poisonous powder, so this wasn’t worth it at all .

Sima You Yue stayed for another half a month and brought Fatty Qu and the rest as they left Heartbreak Valley, moving towards the location on the invitation card .

It was different from mysterious Cloud Sea City . Everyone knew Armament Masters Guild’s location .

They were at Southern Desolation while the Armament Masters Guild was at the Barren North . They didn’t know how many places they had passed, plus she didn’t have spiritual energy protecting her so they couldn’t use long distance transportation . They could only walk and rest, to keep them going .


Sima You Yue vomited right after getting out of the transportation array and felt like her intestines were falling out .

Without spiritual energy, she couldn’t set up the transportation array . Initially when they came out from Immortal Land, she set up her own transportation array, so she was fine . But she didn’t expect after so many years, she started being sick on the transportation array again!

It’s a good thing that she started the journey earlier . If not, she wouldn’t be able to reach there in time .

Fatty Qu and the rest felt bad for Sima You Yue after going through such a turmoil .

“You Yue should be sick from the transportation array because she didn’t have spiritual energy protecting her . ”

“Maybe . ” Bei Gong Tang continued, “Though she was fine, I didn’t expect it would come again after not having spiritual energy . ”

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“Don’t know when will her spiritual energy recover . ” Sima You Lin said .

“Walking and stopping the whole journey, we should be there soon . ” Ou Yang Fei said .

“After taking two more transportation arrays, we’ll reach soon . ” Fatty Qu said .

Sima You Yue, who just finished vomiting, started to bend over and vomit again after hearing what they said .

She wailed in her mind . It would have been good if it was just one journey for her to vomit once and for all . However, because she didn’t have spiritual energy to protect her body, she couldn’t stay in the array for long and she could only use short journeys . Every trip was a torment .

Others would only get dizzy if they didn’t have a direct transportation array . It was different for her . There would be a direct one after two more arrays, but she couldn’t use it . Just thinking about it gave her heartache .

After she was done vomiting, they looked for a nearby inn to stay for a day or two before they continued their journey .

Now they were deep in Barren North . The distance from Barren North central to Armament Masters Guild city was a four day journey .

Luckily, they still had half a month . Even if they had any disruptions on the way, they would still have three to five days of rest when they reached Armament Master Guild city .

Sima You Yue wailed in her heart, she must be drunk for her to agree to participate in this successor ceremony .

“Xiao Hong ah Xiao Hong, if I didn’t promise you, I wouldn’t have to get punished like that!” She laid on the bed, muttered in suffering and went into deep sleep .

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Once, she slept till the next day afternoon . She woke up in hunger and saw a familiar smiling face right after she opened the door .

“You lazy bum, you can actually sleep in so late!” Xiao Hong said smilingly .

“Why are you here?” Sima You Yue asked curiously, looking at Xiao Hong who completely changed .

“I’m here to pick you up!” Xiao Hong continued, “I heard you left long ago but you still haven’t reached, so I got worried and wondered if anything happened to you and got someone to check . I got your tracks and guessed you would be here, so I came here in advance to wait for you . I got notified once you reached here . ”

“What if I didn’t get here?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Never mind, I sent people all over nearby . I’ll go wherever you are!” Xiao Hong laughed cheekily and said, “But, why do you look so pale?”

Sima You Yue touched her tummy and said, “We’ll talk about it while we eat later, I’m hungry, let’s go down and get something to eat . ”


Xiao Hong thought she had heard it wrongly when she saw Sima You Yue eat everything quickly . She then understood that when she said she was hungry, she really was very hungry .

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