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Chapter 1235: 1235

Bi Sheng’s facial expression was a little odd, he hesitated and said, “Since you already put it this way, then I’ll go with you!”“Great! Deal!” Sima You Yue kept the items and said, “Then I’ll just let you handle everything! I’ll go find Fatty and the rest to ask them for their opinion . ”

“Alright, go ahead . ” Ximen Feng said .

The reason why she came here was to tell them that it wasn’t the time to suppress their military force for now . It was the best to step up on the economic side of things . Since she now knew that was what they thought as well, she could wash her hands off this .

If anyone else said it, they might not have been able to understand . However, they knew how busy she was, and how tiring it was for her . They couldn’t wait for her to take a rest without having to handle so many problems .

She even requested for these accounts, that was why Bi Sheng sent it over .

When she left, they continued to discuss, but she wouldn’t need to worry about the plans afterwards . This place was filled with geniuses .

She smelled food when she went back to the courtyard . Even though she had just eaten a spirit fruit, once she smelled the delicious smell, she felt the glutton in her acting up again .

She pushed the door open into the courtyard and went into the kitchen where she saw Bei Gong Tang cooking and Wei Zi Qi and a few of them were talking . When they saw her, they smiled and greeted her .

Sima You Yue leaned on the side of the door with her arms folded in front . Looking at everyone, it was as if she had gone back to Imperial Academy and just got to know them, those times where they just cooked in the small kitchen in the courtyard .

The only difference was that the chef was her, and not Bei Gong Tang .

In a flash, these were thirty forty years ago .

“Do you still remember when we first got to know each other?” She asked with sighing emotionally .

“How could I forget . ” Wei Zi Qi continued, “Fatty’s nose is the sharpest, he gets tangled when you cook in the kitchen . ”

“I’ve no immunity when it comes to food . ” Fatty Qu continued, “You Yue, the food you made smelled so nice, and our relationship wasn’t that close . I became greedy everytime I smelled the food you made! But I didn’t dare to approach you, in fear of getting beaten up by you . ”

“Are you afraid of getting beaten up, or losing your innocence?” Sima You Yue walked over and sat down, “That time when you saw me, you looked at me as if I was going to eat you up . ”

“If you really want to eat me up, I’m more than willing now!” Fatty Qu said as he lifted his chin looking like she violated him .

“Go away!” Wei Zi Qi knocked his head, not letting him take advantage of Sima You Yue .

“But at that time, your reputation wasn’t good, it was normal for everyone to be afraid of you . ” Ouyang Fei said .

“Then why weren’t the few of you afraid?” Sima You Yue held up her bowl and chopsticks and started to eat .

“That time Ou Yang and Bei Gong were like two blocks of ice, if it wasn’t for me who was so passionate, how would I be able to melt your ice cold heart!” Fatty Qu said proudly .

“Shameless, did you really melt their heart that time?” Wei Zi Qi didn’t feel like talking about him anymore . His skin had thickened as he aged .

“Although everybody wasn’t familiar with each other at that time, we were all good . It wasn’t easy for us to be like how we are now . ” Sima You Yue said .

Sima You Lin sat by the side and had tea while listening to their chatterings .

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He couldn’t say anything about Dong Cheng Kingdom, but he was willing to listen .

“Oh right, I’ve got something to discuss with you guys!” Sima You Yue said as she took out Armament Masters Guild’s invitation card .

“Invitation card? Who invited us out to play?” Fatty Qu asked .

Wei Zi Qi opened up the invitation card and read out the content on it .

“The Armament Masters Guild has invited you to join the succession ceremony?”

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue continued, “They don’t want to go with me, do you guys want to?”

“Sounds good!” Fatty Qu agreed without hesitation, he liked lively places!

“Who do you intend to bring with you?” Sima You Lin asked .

“Only Old Bi . ” Sima You Yue said, “Actually I didn’t want Old Bi to go . After all, he has so many things to do in the Valley . However, I saw his expression change after seeing the invitation card and I think he must be hiding something regarding Armament Masters Guild . So I decided to bring him along . ”

“No one else?”

“Nope . See if you guys want to tag along . ” Sima You Yue said .

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“Of course I’ll go . This kind of eye opening ceremony can increase our experiences!” Fatty Qu said .

“What about you guys?” Sima You Yue asked the rest .

“We’re one, of course I’ll go if you guys go . ” Wei Zi Qi continued, “But we aren’t that strong, your spiritual energy can’t be used, and you’re only bringing Old Bi alone . Wouldn’t it be too dangerous?”

“Although I can’t use Little Realm, I still can use spirit pagoda . Bird Clan and Elder are there . If there’s anything, I’ll call for them . ” Sima You Yue continued, “If it doesn’t work, then it’ll be useless even if I bring more people . ”

Everyone thought so too, if those Elders couldn’t settle it, it would be useless bringing more people anyway .

“I feel that I should go and prepare more Thunderbolt bullets . In the event we can’t make it, at least the Thunderbolt bullets can give us some time!” Fatty Qu said .

“Great, you should prepare some more . Since this thing can be put in use anytime, be prepared just in case!” Sima You Yue said .

“It just happens that I can use the refining method written in the letter . Let’s see if it will be upgraded . ” Fatty Qu continued, “Aiya, I can’t stop once I start thinking about it . You Yue, let me in quick, I want to make it . ”

Fatty Qu always did what he wanted to do . Now that he thought about using the new method to refine Thunderbolt bullets, he was itching for it .

Sima You Yue knew how his character was and transported him into the spirit pagoda .

At the same time, Feng Kai, Shi Chen and Ni An Yi brought Xiao Yi around Heartbreak Valley . When he saw those poison creatures and poison barriers, and thought about how they actually built a clan here, his respect for them gained .

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As far as he knew, no one could stay here for long . They were the first in history .

Seeing how those poison creatures were scared and friendly to them, he was amazed .

They brought him to a cliff . From the view there, it was just right for them to watch the sun set . The scenery was beautiful, therefore they stopped here .

“How can a nice scenery like that not be accompanied by a good wine . ” Shi Chen took out four bottles of fruit wine, the fruit wine was contained in a bottle that was similar to a beer bottle for convenience’s sake .

This beer bottle was made with reference to Sima You Yue’s past life . It was specially refined for this kind of situation where they wouldn’t have to take a sip from a big container, spoiling the scenery .

A few bottles of wine later, Xiao Yi felt tipsy and floaty . They didn’t think that they would be able to drink such great wine from Memory Restaurant . This trip down to send an invitation card was worth it!

Shi Chen and Xiao Yi clinked their bottle and said, “Big Brother Xiao, I have been thinking about something for a while now, I want to ask you about it, I wonder if it’s appropriate for me to ask?”

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