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Chapter 1227: 1227

“Wait! I have one more thing, see if this works . ” Sima You Yue kept all the waters, took out a spirit stone that contained a few drops of tears and passed to Yin Lin . Yin Lin saw the spirit stone she took out and felt somehow weird, this was considered water too? But when he extended his hand and touched that spirit stone, his body trembled, the face that had always been calm showed an astonished expression for the first time .

The little helper followed him for so many years and it was the first time seeing him like that, he asked surprisingly, “Master, what is this?”

“Love stone . ” Yin Lin calmed himself down, “This is a love stone, it has the purest water in the world inside it . ”

The little helper got excited when he heard about the love stone and asked, “Master, is this the legendary love stone?”

“Yes, it’s something we have been looking for . ” Yin Lin continued, “I had a premonition that you’ll find the purest water, but I didn’t think that you’ll bring this out . ”

Sima You Yue saw their expressions and said, “Is this thing valuable?”

“Maybe it’s not to you, but it is to our Divinator, this is something more valuable than my life . ” Yin Lin continued, “With it, it might be able to change this child’s destiny . ”

“This can change one’s destiny?” Sima You Yue and Third Mo were surprised that a small stone which was the size of Yin Lin’s nail could change a Divinator’s destiny?

“No, Master, it’s for you!” The little helper continued, “I won’t use that . ”

“You’ve only been a divinator for a short while so the damage that your body suffered isn’t much yet . You have a long future ahead, this will work better on you . ” Yin Lin continued, “I’m already like this, using it on me will be a waste . ”

“But Master, this can treat the injury in your body… . ” the little helper said .

“Master has already decided . ” Yin Lin was firm, he didn’t allow the little helper to disobey his words .

The little helper’s gaze asking for help turned to Sima You Yue and said, “Miss You Yue, you found this, please persuade Master . His health can’t be delayed anymore . ”

Sima You Yue only knew that this thing was so important to them after seeing these two bickering, if not they wouldn’t push to each other .

“Yin Lin, is this counted as the purest water?”

“Yes . This is the thing that I’d hope you find . ” Yin Lin said .

“The deal you made before, is it considered done?” Sima You Yue questioned again .

“Yes . ”

“Then my Father’s information…”

“This isn’t the best time to give you the information, I’ll tell you when the time comes . ” Yin Lin said .

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Sima You Yue’s eyes stared roundly, what? This still needs to wait?

Yin Lin smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t run away from the deal . Instead, other than telling you where he is, I’ll also tell you an important term to finding him . ”

“Then why can’t you tell me now?”

“If I tell you now, won’t you go now?” Yin Lin asked

Sima You Yue was stunned for a moment . What he said was right, if he told her now, even when she couldn’t use her spiritual energy now, she would still rush over .

“But… . . ” Sima You Yue didn’t concede, she could find him earlier if she knew about her Father’s information .

“You’re trying to say, even if you can’t go, you’ll get your Uncles to go, is that right?” Yin Lin said .

Sima You Yue nodded, “Uncle Liu Feng and Uncle Liu Yun they all were looking for my Father all these years, if I can tell them the information, they can go and look for him first . ”

“It’s useless even if they get the information, they can’t go to the place where your Father is . ” Yin Lin continued, “Only you can go there, then we can save your Father . They can only be your back up . ”

“… . ” Was there even such a thing! She sighed in her heart and said, “Then when can you tell me?”

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“When the time comes, I’ll tell you . ” Yin Lin said .

Really, talking to these people was like talking to the monk in her past life, keeping her guessing, talking about time and whatnot .

“Miss You Yue… . . ” the little helper felt anxious seeing how Sima You Yue and his Master only talked about that but didn’t try to persuade him .

Sima You Yue recalled how he was a little kid when she went in and grew up into an adult when she came out, she felt deeply moved .

“Can I ask, what does this do to you guys? I already know it can treat the injuries in your body . ”

Yin Lin went silent for a while and said with emotions, “As everyone knows, our health is damaged by all the predictions, one of it is our health, another is our heaven’s eye . ”

Heaven’s Eye? Sima You Yue blinked, she didn’t see that they didn’t have a third eye!

“You won’t see it normally . ” Yin Lin laughed lightly seeing her facial expression, he explained and continued, “Just like what you said, everything inhibits between the elements, there is actually something that can treat the injuries our body has . This love stone is one of it . ”

“You said earlier on that this might be able to change the little helper’s destiny, what does that mean?”

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“Divinator’s power and all the damage we attain are through our Heaven’s Eye . The more things the Heaven’s Eye sees, the higher the damage for its health will be . The little helper’s Heaven’s Eye just opened hence there aren’t many injuries sustained .  By applying the tears on the love stone on his Heaven’s Eye, it can treat the injuries he has . ” Yin Lin explained .

“Master, I won’t use this . ” The little helper continued, “If you don’t use it and I don’t use it, then why don’t we just return it to Miss You Yue . ”

“Nonsense!” Yin Lin chided, “We as the Divinator, although we’ve attained the care from Heaven, we have to pay a painful price . Now that we finally can change your life, how can you just give up on it easily?!”

“I… . ”

It was the first time the little helper saw his Master being angry, also the first time that he was scolded by him, he turned his head aside without talking when he felt wronged at that moment .

Sima You Yue didn’t expect that someone like Yin Lin would also be angry, then she saw the atmosphere between the two of them, she felt rueful, both of them just want the best for each other!

“Yin Lin, don’t be angry, you want the best for him, he also wants the best for you, isn’t it?” She explained, “Is he still the little helper if he only wants it for himself and changes his destiny without thinking about you?”

The little helper bit his lower lips, wasn’t that it!

Yin Lin’s face cooled down, seeing the little helper’s wronged face, he let out a long sigh .

“You both don’t have to be angry with each other, this isn’t something that is unsolvable . ” As Sima You Yue spoke, she took out two love stones .

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