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Chapter 1223: 1223

News spreads quickly to the Armament Master Guild, He Cheng Dong’s family came to spread the words, saying that they were willing to be with him .

Seemed like the Vice President really cared about his daughter!

Come to think of it, since he had such a talented and low profile daughter, who wouldn’t like her?

After both parties discussed, they went on the journey early in the morning on the second day, before the day breaks, Armament Master Guild came over .

Although the Armament Master Guild members didn’t know Xiao Hong was the daughter of Vice Valley Master, but this didn’t affect their love and care for her, everyone agreed to follow Sima You Yue once they heard it was to treat her .

Actually, they also wanted to come in close contact with that young little guy who was so competent .

When they came, Heartbreak Valley’s members hadn’t finished packing up, luckily it was only some tentage, it would be done just packing it in the interspatial ring .

Before He Chen Dong left, he met Sima You Yue privately, Xiao Hong felt nervous seeing that, in fear that he would provoke Sima You Yue and she might treat her anymore .

Everyone knew perfectly of their president’s temper, many people and even the Armament Masters Guild were feud by his temper . So their worries weren’t baseless .

The longer they were inside, the more worries the others got, just as when everyone thought something really happened inside, they saw Sima You Yue and He Chen Dong came out of the tent . What surprised the Armament Master Guild was that their Vice President was actually smiling!

The Vice President that rarely even talked was actually smiling, this was too… . weird!

Sima You Yue stared at those who were stunned and asked blankly, “What happened?”

“Ahem, nothing . ” Xiao Hong continued, “It looks like you’re done packing, shall we make a move?”

Heartbreak Valley member’s speed was fast, they finished packing when they were talking, they kept Sima You Yue’s tent and a line of people also found a direction to move forward to .

In order to treat Xiao Hong, she had to sit on Halcyon’s back with Sima You Yue and the rest .

Sima You Yue read her pulse again, and gave her a pill .

“Eat this pull, I’ll give you the needles at night . ”

“Needles? What is that?” Xiao Hong asked curiously as it was the first time she heard that .

“You’ll know at night . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ” Xiao Hong ate the pills and waited obediently for the night .

If it was the last time, usually they would rest only after a few days and wouldn’t stop to set up a tent at night . But now the situation was different, she needed to treat Xiao Hong, so they would need to set up a camp if she said so .

Fortunately Sima You Yue’s prestige in Heartbreak Valley was high enough, no one would dare to oppose anything she said, everyone got along well with each other along the way .

At night when they set up the camp, Sima You Yue brought Xiao Hong into the tent, setted up a spirit barrier and asked her to remove her clothes .

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“Re…remove, remove clothes?!” Xiao Hong blanked out .

This sickness required her to remove her clothes? She never heard of it before!

If she wasn’t sure that Sima You Yue was a woman, she would have exploded right there .

Sima You Yue got ready with the silver needle, turned around, saw her still dazed and said, “How am I going to help you to put the needles if you don’t take out your clothes?”

Xiao Hong saw the long and thin needles in her hands, she got shocked, staring blankly and said, “Are you going to poke this into my body?”

“Of course . ” Sima You Yue saw her being like this, asked in doubt, “Are you scared?”

“Ahem, it’s okay if it’s others, seeing this thin and long thing, I feel a little terrified . ” Xiao Hong confessed .

“Don’t worry, this is for the acupuncture points, it’s not used to poke anywhere else, it won’t be painful . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Really?” Xiao Hong didn’t believe it .

“If I’m lying, will you still do it?” Sima You Yue teased her .

Xiao Hong’s gaze shined, then became firm, she said with a face of not being afraid of dying, “I’m not scared even if it is really painful! Do it!”

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Sima You Yue was amused by her and said while laughing, “Then you’ll have to remove your clothes first!”

Xiao Hong still felt embarrassed as this was the first time being naked in front of others, luckily Sima You Yue let her have her underwear on, so she felt better .

“Relax,don’t tighten your muscles too much . ” Sima You Yue patted her arms seeing her whole body muscles being tightened by nervousness .

Xiao Hong took two deep breaths and said, “You Yue, I won’t even blink if you wave a knife in front of me, but this thin and small little thing… I’ve already tried my best to relax . ”

Sima You Yue understood what she was trying to say, some people were more sensitive to some things, maybe others wouldn’t think the same, but to them, it was something that was hard to accept .

“Then do you want to close your eyes?”

“Forget it, I’ll be more scared if I close my eyes . ” Xiao Hong continued, “Let me warm up a little, I’ll be fine after a while . ”

“Okay . ” Sima You Yue wasn’t rushing, she held onto the silver needle while chatting with her . “Can you tell me how it’s like in the Armament Masters Guild? I haven’t been in there!”

“Armament Masters Guild? If I have to say something about it, then there are a big group of guys!” Xiao Hong continued, “It’s different from other guilds, there are very little women in the Armament Master Guild, most of them are guys and smelly . ”

“Really?” Sima You Yue laughed, “Why didn’t I notice your Senior Brothers being smelly?”

“That’s because they didn’t refine weapons!” Xiao Hong continued, “When they just started to refine weapons, they surround the furnace the whole day, polishing the spirit weapons, drenched with sweat everyday, and they don’t maintain themselves, that makes them smelly and dirty . ”

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“Then how did you bear with it?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Usually I won’t notice it . ” Xiao Hong continued, “Once I start refining weapons, I will ignore everything around me… . ”

Once Xiao Hong started to chat, she talked non stop and slowly became more relaxed . Sima You Yue poked the needles on her acupuncture points when she wasn’t paying attention, in a few breaths, her body was poked with a few needles .

When Xiao Hong came to senses and realised those needles were being poked on her body, she said oddly, “It’s really painless!”

“I told you it’s not painful . ” Sima You Yue continued, “You’re not afraid anymore, right? Then I’m going to continue?”

After trying it out herself, Xiao Hong totally relaxed and let Sima You Yue poked a few more needles .

There weren’t many acupuncture points to poke on the first day, it finished in about half an hour . Xiao Hong put on her clothes, Sima You Yue sent her out, seeing Wu Lingyu in a daze on a tree branch at the side with his brows slightly creased, it seemed like something happened .

He felt her coming out, he lifted his head and only nodded to her, it was rare that he didn’t move towards her .

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