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Chapter 1216: 1216

“Yue Yue, outsiders!” Little Seven saw the person who was fighting with Feng Kai .

Sima You Yue shifted her gaze from the air to the ground . When she saw several people who had conceited looks, she coldly snorted . “The people we plundered before now have found a helper!”

“Do you feel smug that now you find a helper?” Little Seven rolled up her sleeves . She ran beside Sima You Yue .

Those people still remember Little Seven’s ability to beat up people . So when Little Seven ran past then, the group of people subconsciously shrank their necks .

“It seems that you have short-term memory!” Little Seven looked at them as if she wanted to beat them up . But Sima You Yue caught up with her and stopped her .

“Now is not the time to fight . Don’t make trouble . Let’s talk later when the incident is over . ” She held Little Seven’s hand and swung her other hand around her neck .

Little Seven didn’t dare to break away so she pouted and gave up .

The people of Heartbreak Valley laughed involuntarily when they saw Little Seven’s cute look .

Spirit beasts who like to fight so much were rare . Their appearance and personality were inversely proportionally . If she didn’t move, they wouldn’t be able to tell .


After a violent collision, both Ximen Feng and his opponent backflipped several times in retreat before stopping midair .

“The opponent’s realm is about the same as your little brother, but with lower combat power . ” Wu Lingyu commented as he came beside Sima You Yue .

“He looks pretty handsome . ” Sima You Yue sighed casually when she saw the other party’s looks .

“It’s just a pretty boy . What’s so good to look at at . ” Wu Lingyu’s face darkened .

The male glanced at Ximen Feng, surprised at his combat power .

They were obviously of the same level, but why did he have stronger combat ability than him?

“You are very good!” He expressed admiration from the bottom of his heart . “Better than the ones I encountered in your continent . ”

“You too . ” Ximen Feng replied .

He could see the other person’s gentlemanly attitude in the fight . If they didn’t meet this time, they could have become friends .

Two white-clothed old men approached . They told Ximen Feng and the male, “You too, the contest is about to start, no matter what grievances, please wait until after the contest . ”

The two old men seemed to have good status in Feng Qi Continent . As soon as they spoke, the other person who was shouting quieted down .

“Feng’er . ” Sima You Yue called out softly, motioning him to stop fighting .

Ximen Feng nodded . He returned to her side .

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“Let’s go find a place to camp . ” Sima You Yue suggested .

If the contest was to go on for days, it was better to find a place to camp .

“All right . ” Ximen Feng replied .

“Yu Wen Xi . ” The male nonchalantly said .

Ximen Feng understood his intention . He paused and turned around . “Ximen Feng . ”

“Ximen Feng, I’ll remember you . ” Yuwen Xi replied .

“I’ll remember you too . ” Ximen Feng finished . He turned and left and the people of Heartbreak Valley followed .

People from Feng Qi Continent came up . “Young Master Yuwen, why did you tell your name to that continent’s people?”

Yuwen Xi looked at that man . He didn’t speak and turned and left .

This fight was just an episode . It didn’t arouse much waves . Those who had been plundered by Sima You Yue’s group were angry when they saw them . But they didn’t dare to seek revenge against them . They could only glare at them .

It’s a pity that this level of lethality was no use to Sima You Yue and the Heartbreak Valley people . They would still walk around the arena every day, making those people frustrated but helpless .

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When the contest started at noon the next day, none of the people they looked for came back . The contest between two sides had officially begun .

“Deputy Pavilion master Tang, in order to save everyone’s time and demonstrate the fairness of the contest, we might as well simplify the contest . How about letting the youngest expert of each category come forth?”

When the people of Primordial Lands heard them, they wanted to scold them for being cunning . They actually thought of taking advantage of this loophole .

In terms of strength, the people of Feng Qi Continent were generally younger than those of Primordia Lands . According to them, wasn’t that a sure win?

On the other hand, Sima You Yue was joyful, compete in age? As far as the entire immortal land is concerned, whose age was smaller than Sima You Yue? When the other party made such a request, they were simply digging a hole for themself!

When Sima You Yue heard their request, she was stunned . Did they have brains?

The other party saw the faces of the people of Primordial Lands were a little strange . They thought they were in conflict in agreeing because they weren’t sure of winning .

“Pavilion Master Chen, are you sure?” Tang Yun asked .

“This is the result of our deliberations . ” Pavilion Master Chen said . “The time in the immortal land is previous . We have wasted a month to find people for you . If we do the contest any later, how are we going to find opportunities?”

“Ugh…” Tang Yun and Liu Hai both expressed embarrassment .

“Do you really want to waste time in this contest?” Pavilion Master Chen looked at them aggressively . “You have the time, we don’t have that effort!”

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“We don’t mean that . ” Tang Yun explained . “We’re just thinking if we let the youngest person come forth in the game, isn’t it too hasty? What if they don’t want to count it and refuse to acknowledge the results?”

Sima You Yue lowered her eyes . Her eyes were hiding her smiles . She didn’t expect Tang Yun to be scheming . He wanted to wait for the other party to continue digging?

“Why won’t they admit it? With everyone present, how could we cheat!” Pavilion Master Chen exclaimed .

“Do we really want to do that?” Liu Hai asked .

“Yes . ” Pavilion master Chen affirmed “Let’s see . Our youngest experts are less than 100 years old . If you don’t have anyone under a 100 years old, we can accept older ones . There is a condition, you must send the youngest!”

The leaders from Feng Qi Continent felt proud when they saw Tang Yun’s group embarrassed . A few days ago, they found out the youngest experts of the other party were not at a higher level than theirs . Even if they found people younger, their strength and talent wouldn’t be higher than theirs .

So in this contest, they were sure to win and not lose!

“Fine, since you said so, let’s do it!” Tang Yun agreed . “The two sides will each send forth their youngest experts for the competition . No matter who loses or wins, no objections to the result of the contest is allowed . ”

“Alright! Our youngest experts come forth!” Pavilion Master Chen shouted .

Five people stepped forth from Feng Qi Continent each carried an arrogance of a genius .

On the Primordial Lands side, Sima You Yue and another girl came forth… .

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