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Chapter 1210: Chapter 1210 - Counter rob

But very quickly, Ni An Yi understood what they meant, because he saw a group of people coming towards them . The opponent looked fierce, with one look they knew that they were here to rob them .

“Saw another group of fat sheep!” Someone from the opponent spoke, seeing Sima You Yue, their eyes brightened and sparkled, especially after seeing her and Ximen Li, they were more blatant .

“Boss, there’s beauties!” Those people used lascivious looks to scan Sima You Yue and her body, they were as disgusting as they could be .

“Haha, it seems like not only we can snatch some treasures today, we can also snatch some beauties to play around, luck is on our side today!” That boss laughed heartily .

With what they just said, Heartbreak Valley’s members’ face turned black .

How dare they have such disgusting intentions towards their boss? They must be tired of living!

Initially they wanted to tease Ni An Yi, but now they all stood up together, preparing to settle these people .

They were all fugitives from Blood Fiend city, once that aggressiveness was out, how could it be compared to others?

Just with that murderous intent, it was enough to overbear the opponent’s aggression, some of them even had their legs weakened .

“Seeing them like this, they should have robbed quite a few people already, since it’s like this, then we shouldn’t let them go easily . The fishermen catch both then, let us be the fishermen behind . ” Sima You Yue smiled with the corner of her lips, she was in a good mood .

Since people from that continent liked to rob, then they should have a taste of their own medicine, we’ll snatch all the things that they had robbed over!

Of course, it would be hers once she snatched it, she obviously wouldn’t return it to those people .

“This is a good deal, better than us risking our life to look for those treasures!” Ni An Yi laughed .

Others agreed too, one by one whipping out their weapon .

“Since it’s like that, then we’ll start from these guys first! Don’t care about the others first, those low-class ones can’t be let off . Brothers, let’s go!”

Without Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng’s order, Heartbreak Valley members went ahead to fight, although some of the opponents were on higher rank, but their overall strength was far different compared to them .

Quickly, those people were taken down by Heartbreak Valley members, Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu stood behind without having to move at all, Ximen Li wanted to help, but was stopped by Sima You Yue, so she didn’t go ahead .

These were real fights, Li’er was still young, and they weren’t weak either . It was better that she didn’t join in the fun .

Those few that were lascivious towards Sima You Yue and eyeing her evilly were all killed, none of them were let go .

Sima You Yue was well protected by Heartbreak Valley members, they didn’t even dare show such intentions of her, didn’t bear to dirty her, how dared they come into tiger’s den to extract teeth, they were indeed sick of living!

They didn’t have much hatred toward the rest, so they didn’t take their life, only getting them to hand over the interspatial ring .

Initially, they were not willing to . They were usually the one who robbed others, since when did they get robbed?

But after killing a few of them, they realised that these people weren’t just purely disciples from a clan, they really would kill people!

So those people could only hand over the interspatial ring obediently, wiping away the contact with themselves .

Heartbreak Valley members took over the interspatial ring, took out everything from inside and returned an emptied interspatial ring to them .

“Here, leave everything here, we’ll return the interspatial ring to you . We’re nice people . ”

These guys never forgot to praise themselves .

Sima You Yue saw them being like that, she remembered when she was with Fatty Qu and the rest, Fatty Qu would always plundered other’s interspatial rings without leaving any treasure left .

She wondered how they were doing, they initially said to go to the Little Realm for a decade, now that she counted the time, they should be out soon . It was a pity she was still in the Immortal land, they wouldn’t be able to see her even if they go back .

She really missed them!

While she was in a daze, Ni An Yi and the rest already emptied them . Those people were unwilling, but they couldn’t win Heartbreak Valley’s power, they could only run away with their tails in between their legs .

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“Humph, where did they think they came from, they thought they were powerful? When they met someone stronger than them, didn’t they run away fast too!” Ni An Yi commented .

“If you don’t run after bumping into powerful people, are you stupid!” Sima You Yue laughed, “Quick, take a look at what you guys got?”

“Hehe, Boss, Valley Master, these guys actually robbed a lot, they have a lot of things! None of it is worse than any of ours!” Dai Yi said .

“It’s either they robbed many people, or their continent is better than ours . ” Ximen Feng continued, “Their member’s strength is better than our normal ones, indeed, their environment is better than us a lot . ”

“Regardless how they are, we won’t have any interaction after leaving Immortal land . ” Sima You Yue continued, “So everyone, don’t refrain from fighting, even if they’re Heaven outside, they’re just a worm here, don’t hesitate . Understand?”

“Understood, Vice Valley Master . ” Heartbreak Valley members replied together .

“For the same reason with our background, it doesn’t work on them . They won’t care about Lil Roc’s identity, they won’t care if the bird clan is our backup or not . So when you’re outside, you must be careful . If you can’t fight them, running away isn’t something shameful, it’s better than losing your life . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We understand!”

Everyone lived on the edge . Through their life, this was a principle everyone understood .

But they still believed that with her around, nothing would happen .

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Towards her, they blindly trust her!

“Alright, let Old Bi account for those things, others can take a rest, that fight just now was a bit tiring . ” Sima You Yue said .

Although Ximen Feng was the Valley Master in name, she was someone who everyone wanted to pursue, but in the Valley, all the things were handled by Bi Sheng, if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be this relaxed now .

Originally, Bi Sheng followed Sima You Yue because of what she said, he still thought that he could take revenge one day . But now, he would gladly endure the hardships .

Sima You Yue pulled Ximen Feng and Ximen Li to talk about private stuff, they were separated for so long as siblings, they went through so many things separately, she wanted to chat with them .

Suddenly, as the space fluctuated, a spatial tunnel appeared in front of everyone .

But, no one came out from there .

Sima You Yue stood up from the stone, looked at that spatial tunnel and said, “They’re in danger!”

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