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Chapter 1208: Chapter 1208 - Playing along with them

Wu Lingyu used divine knowledge to sense and said, “There are indeed some flies coming over, you wait here, I’ll go shoo the flies for you . ”“All right . ” Although Sima You Yue felt much better, she still didn’t want to get up from the bed .

After a short while, a group of people came to where they camped .

“Elder Senior Brother, there’s a camp in front . ” A guy with upside down triangle eyes pointed to the camp and said .

“A camp here is so weird! Elder Senior Brother, could this be the trap that people in the continent built?” Another girl said .

This guy who was addressed as Elder Senior Brother took a look at their camp, groaned and said, “These people from the continent, hmph, they’re only a group of ants, even if it’s a trap, we can use our strength to break their trap!”

“That’s right! These people from the continent are really substandard, how dare they come here to snatch the fortuitous encounters with us!” Another follower continued, “These treasures are supposingly ours, those who dare to snatch our destiny will have to pay!”

“Let’s go and see who is in the camp?!” A girl with thick makeup ordered .

“Yes, Second Senior Sister!”

Wu Lingyu came out from inside before those people were able to come close to the camp .

“Wow, it’s a handsome guy!” Second Senior Sister’s eyes brightened upon seeing him .

“Second Senior Sister, you are drooling . ”

Second Senior Sister wiped the corner of her lips, what did you mean by drooling?

“Go go go, go stand aside!” She slapped that guy, but her eyes were fixated on Wu Lingyu .

“Enough, don’t you know the Second Senior Sister loves handsome guys the most? And you still dare to tease her, aren’t you afraid to be beaten by her!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? Now that Second Senior Sister only has her eyes fixed on the handsome guy, she won’t care about us!” That person said smilingly .

“Sister will settle with you later! Now Sister is going to hook a handsome guy!” Second Senior Sister smilingly walked towards Wu Lingyu, she told the people behind her while walking, “Elder Senior Brother, this man is mine, let me handle him!”

“Oh my god, she becomes disoriented everytime she sees a handsome guy!” Elder Senior Brother whined, but didn’t say much, meaning to say he would let her handle Wu Lingyu .

That girl swayed her body while walking towards Wu Lingyu, all smiling and said, “Handsome, what’s your name, will you go with me?”

“No way!” Sima You Yue came out from the camp, walked to Wu Lingyu’s side, wrapped her arms around his and said, “My Senior Brother is already taken, he won’t casually follow any Tom, Dick and Harry . ”

“Who are you talking about Tom, Dick and Harry?!” That girl shouted in rage when she saw Sima You Yue come out, with that face that was hundred times prettier, being close wrapping his arm .

“Whoever responds then whoever it is!” Sima You Yue covered her mouth laughing, with that look of looking forward, smiling gently made that group of guys stunned .

How could there be such a beautiful lady?!

Wu Lingyu lowered her head and looked at her who pretended to be virtuous, the corner of his lips raised and said, “Aren’t you resting inside, why did you come out?”

“I don’t want to either, but isn’t someone trying to snatch you from my side? So I came here to safeguard my interest!” Sima You Yue said .

Wu Lingyu frowned, “Am I that easily snatched?”

“Who knows!” Sima You Yue brushed lightly on his arm, “There’s no cat there won’t go for fish, who knows you might be tempted in your heart, and get lured away by some rotten fish by others, leaving a foul smell!”

“Hur hur, if there really is, I’ll kill that fish first!” Wu Lingyu acted along .

Although he didn’t agree with what she said, deep down his heart, he liked it seeing her acting coquettishly .

“Okay!” Sima You Yue stood up, looked at him smilingly .

Wu Lingyu poked her nose lightly, this girl was actually injured and yet to recover, but she still wanted to play . But since she cared for him so much, then he would play along with her!

He looked up and glared at those people and said, “Leave as far as you can if you don’t wish to die!”

“You want us to leave? Hahaha——just based on you guys, you’re trying to get us to leave? Haha, this is the best joke after coming into Immortal land!” Those people laughed loudly .

Because Wu Lingyu couldn’t feel their power, but Sima You Yue and the rest felt it, there was only one Divine Paragon ranking, and it was an injured one, it wasn’t even enough to be scared .

And Wu Lingyu as her Senior Brother, they didn’t think much of his strength, they felt that it was funny that such people asked them to leave .

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“Just with your looks, aren’t you embarrassed to occupy such a good guy, I’ll kill you today and bring him away!” That girl suppressed the rage in her heart, looking at Sima You Yue with intentions to kill .

“Such scary eyes!” Sima You Yue hid behind Wu Lingyu, looking as if she was scared, “Senior Brother, I’m scared . ”

Although Wu Lingyu was playing along, but now he couldn’t put up an act anymore, that sweet and delicate look… really didn’t suit her!

“Second Senior Sister, why are you so eager to kill such a pretty lady? You should let us play awhile before killing her . She must have nice, plop——” That guy with the upside down triangle eyes was hit by a spiritual energy before he even finished his words .

Wu Lingyu’s aura around him was totally different from just now, it wasn’t relaxed and faint smile, it was now full of murder intent .

It was fine talking about him, but whoever dared to insult her would be asking for death!

Those people were shocked by his strength, he finished him in one move, that means his power should be at least higher than them by a few levels!

“How did it… . . ”

Sima You Yue stopped teasing him after seeing him like that, pulled his arm and said, “Don’t be angry, just kill this kind of bastard . ”

That played down murdering look, was totally different from the virtuous lady earlier on, that was where they knew she was acting just now!

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“Flowey, someone wants to snatch us, I’ll leave it to you as a snack . ”

She released Flowey, of course with Little Dream and Little Seven along with her .

Three of them were already inseparable .

“How dare you snatch Brother Lingyu? I’ll never show mercy!” Little Seven rolled her sleeve, showing she was preparing to fight .

“How dare you come up with such evil desire from Yue Yue, unforgivable!” Flowey metamorphosed a vine that was filled with man-eating plants .

“Same old rule!” Little Dream was the most straightforward and attacked those people straight .

“Again!” Little Seven held her fist and went over, she couldn’t lose to Little Dream!

“I’m coming too!” Flowey opened up her pretty flowers, waiting to enjoy good food .

“Man-eating Flower King!”

They couldn’t recognise Little Seven and Little Dream, but Flowey was easier to recognise .

Seeing Flowey, they felt despaired, how did they meet such a scary thing here?

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