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Chapter 1206: Chapter 1206 - Space collapses

“This Immortal Land would open for a longer period of time . We knew this long ago . Do you still remember that?” Yin Lin said . “We remember . Master Yin Lin, you said back then that you didn’t know why that would be so . Do you know the reason why now?”

“Yes . ” Yin Lin said, “The reason why the time was extended has something to do with what you are worrying about now . It is because of this reason that I expect that it has led to the death of your young ones . ”

“What is the reason?”

Yin Lin stayed silent for a moment before saying with a grave voice, “You know this as well . We have many continents outside us . There are those stronger than us and those weaker . ”

“Is this related to the outsiders?” They asked with surprise .

Others may not know about the outsiders, but many of the inner powers knew about it .

Yin Lin nodded, saying, “I just made my divinations . The unforeseen incident happening in the Immortal Land right now is because the entrance to another place has also opened . ”

“It has opened into another place? Do you know which place it is?”

“I couldn’t . ” Yin Lin said, “I only know that the general strength of those there are much stronger . Those people entered the Immortal Land and bumped into those who came here first . Naturally, they would try to steal the treasure . ”

Those who entered would rob those from the ancient primordial lands . The death rates would naturally be a lot higher than before .

“Is there a way to solve this?” Someone asked .

Yin Lin fell silent once again . After a moment, he said, “Do you still remember the child from that year?”

The child from that year?

Everyone was stunned . For a moment, they couldn’t think of who he was referring to .

Someone reacted earlier than the others and said, “Are you talking about the child left behind by Sima Liu Xuan and the Ghost Clan’s princess?”

“Indeed . ”

“Could it be that the one who will resolve this will be… her?”

“The ability to solve this problem lies in her hands . However, whether or not she is willing to intervene is not something I can predict . ” Yin Lin said .

“What if she isn’t willing to intervene?”

“The outcome is hard to say . ” Yin Lin said, “Maybe it is something that you will not be able to accept . ”

Not be able to accept? Wouldn’t that mean that they would lose all of their elites?

“She’s merely a thirty year old young lady . No matter how talented her parents were, how would she be able to turn into a heaven-defying beast? There are so many of them whose powers are many times hers . How could she be the solution to this problem?”

“There are times where the one who solves the problem isn’t the strongest one but the crucial one . ” Yin Lin said .

Everyone fell into silence again .

“Master Yin LIn, that time, when you got us to let that child live, you told us if we let her go, there would be a day where she would give us a pass of peace . ”

“That is right . I did say that . However, this doesn’t refer to that . ” Yin Lin said, “It just so happens that for this incident, she is also a key person . ”

Everyone fell into silence once again . However, this time, Yin LIn didn’t give them another opportunity to ask him a question . His little helper supported him as he stoof up and headed outside .

“Master Yin Lin!”

They didn’t think that Yin Lin would leave so quickly and subconsciously wanted to cry out to him .

Yin Lin stopped and turned around to look at everyone . Although he couldn’t see, everyone felt as if he could see through how they really felt .

“I am powerless as to what happens next . However, I will leave this piece of advice for you now . There are some things in which you do not have to hold so tightly . When it is gone, do not chase after it . Otherwise, it will bring you disaster and your gains will not make up for your losses . ”

After speaking, he turned around and walked out . At the same time, two doormen came in and bowed to everyone, saying, “Everyone, this way please . ”

Although these people still had burning questions, they understand the rules of this place . They knew that they wouldn’t get any more information and would even cause the divinator to be upset at them if they insisted on staying . As such, everyone could only stand up and take their leave .

Yin Lin returned to his room and couldn’t help spitting out a fresh mouthful of blood . His face turned three times paler .

The little helper hurriedly took out a pill and fed it to him, saying, “Master, since this situation would tax you so much, why would you still want to make the divination?”

Yin Lin took out a cloth and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth, saying, “Little helper, there are some things that I can’t run away from even if I want to . ”

“However, you clearly don’t have to make such a deep divination . If you just did a superficial one, you wouldn’t get so injured . ” The little helper replied .

“Your master, at this time, would lose out once for every divination I do not do . ” Yin Lin replied, “Little helper, this is what you have seen . Do you still plan to become a divinator?”

The little helper took the cloth in his hands and said, “Master, no matter what happens, it will not change my mind . ”

“Sigh…” Yin Lin let out a long breath and said, “You can head downstairs . Let me rest and heal up for awhile . ”

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“Yes, Master . Master, I will be just outside the door . Call me if you need anything . ” After the little helper finished speaking, he retreated out and stood at the door . He lowered his head, and nobody knew what he was thinking .

Yin LIn sighed once again and hoped that she would be able to bring to him what he wanted .

As for the one who carried the weight of everyone’s hopes, she was cursing and spitting in her heart .

Why was she so unlucky? Everyone had already gone out and she was just about to leave this place when the space shattered!

Shattered… it shattered…

At the moment it shattered, she kept Halcyon and Blacky away . Then, she launched her domain and surrounded herself in it . If it were not for that domain, she would have exploded because of the void!

Those few people in front of her had clearly gone out, but it exploded in her area . She was hurling a million damnations and curses .

However, even if she had the domain, it was useless . She was trapped here by the void and the moment she kept the domain away, she would definitely be harmed by the void and it would take her life for sure .

However, if she remained trapped here forever, she would never be able to leave and this domain would eventually dissipate .

What to do?


She didn’t know who was battling, but that power shook her, who was in the void, a few times .

“Damn it all, just who is fighting! If this does on, I’ll really be tossed into the void!” She couldn’t help but curse .

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She maneuvered her domain to slowly head towards the exit . However, no matter what she tried, there was no way to get close to that exit .

It was clearly right in front of her, but she just couldn’t reach it . She was about to fall apart .

Especially since her domain was being suppressed by the void . It was becoming smaller and smaller and already showed signs of crumbling . Furthermore, her distance from the exit just refused to change .

“Ka ch”

This sharp sound landed on her ears like a death gong .

She howled inwardly in anguish . She wouldn’t really be that damned, right?!

“Ka ch”

The splitting sounds came once again, even louder than before . She could feel the gaps appearing in the domain, but she didn’t manage to think of a solution before the entire thing shattered .

Her heart shattered along with it . She didn’t know whether her body would shatter along with it?!

“Damn it, I played it too big this time!”

She cried out in her heart just once before she was swallowed by the void and lost consciousness…

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