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Chapter 1205: Chapter 1205 - An accident occurs

Sima You Yue kept the spirit stones away . If they couldn’t find a better type of water by then, she would give this to Yin Lin . She just didn’t know whether or not he would buy it .

She hugged Little Black and picked him up, saying, “Alright, let’s go back now . ”

Little Black was still upset about the fact that this woman didn’t understand what he was trying to say . However, when he felt her warm hug, the rage in his heart vanished .

Hmph, this stupid woman!

Sima You Yue took Little Black as they walked around . However, they didn’t find anything else of value so they could only depart from the area .

“Look at you, you’ve already consumed all the ghosts here, so I can’t find a thing . ” Sima You Yue glared at Little Black in her arms . It shrunk its neck back, helpless to reply .

This wasn’t what he chose . At that time, he hadn’t formed any kind of consciousness okay .

Sima You yue thought of Di Zhe before she left . She opened her little realm and called him out and explained the current situation to him .

“So there are no longer any ghosts . ” Di Zhe had thought this would happen before . He just held on to a faint bit of hope . Perhaps he might be lucky enough to stumble on some ghosts?

However, reality was like this in the end . There was no way they could change it .

It was at this moment that everyone shot disgruntled looks at Little Black . Without it, things wouldn’t have ended up like this .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black blinked its large round eyes, it was so innocent .

“Since there’s none here, we can head back . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

Although the space here seemed relatively more stable, this was still a fracture in space after all, so it could rupture at any moment . Since there were no ghosts here, it was better for them to leave early .

Nobody had any complaints about leaving this place, so Sima You Yue kept them back into the Little realm and headed back outside with Halcyon .

However, just as they feared, because the lightning calamity that had been used to strike Little Black was too powerful, the space here was already much more volatile .

“There are a lot more faults and gaps than before . If you ask me, the space here feels a lot more shaky . ” Halcyon said .

“That is true . ” Sima You Yue realised this as well, “I also can feel that there’s some kind of battle going on outside causing this place to be a lot more shaky . ”

“If it’s a battle that is able to affect the space here, the ones battling must be strong!”

She didn’t know why, but Sima You Yue suddenly thought of Feng Ru Yan . If she got involved, the space here would definitely not stand a chance .

She thought one again about the time she came to the continent . Her space tunnel was broken because of someone else’s battle . That was the reason she fell through a rupture in space and got injured .

When would she ever reach this stage where a single act of her would be able to cause space itself to tremble?”

The entire space swayed for a moment before finally stopping .

“Has the battle ended?”

“I don’t know . I only know that we have to grasp this opportunity to leave this place . This place might fall apart anytime . When the time comes, we’ll fall into infinite space and I won’t be able to confirm that we’ll be lucky enough to come out alive . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Mm . ”

She continued forwards with Halcyon and met quite a few on the way, who were also on their way out . It seemed like everyone could sense the changes in this place .

When they went back, it was only herself and Halcyon the whole time, so it was a lot quicker than when they first came . They reached near the entrance in just a few months .

These few months, there were a few times where she felt like the space was swaying . However, the good thing was that it finally stabilised in the end .

“We really don’t know who are the ones battling outside . ” There was once where she had to wipe the sweat off her forehead after the space trembled so badly . It gave her quite a big shock .

“Logic tells us that there aren’t that many powerful people in here . ” Halcyon said, “But the recent battle has been powerful enough to affect the space here, so that means the ones fighting outside aren’t weak by any means . They would be paragon ranked at the very least . However, are there many paragon ranked people here?”

“No . ” Sima You Yue said, “Counting loosely, there have been about ten battles . If two people participate in each battle, there would need to be thirty to forty of them . However, not that many paragon ranked experts came in this time . ”

“Then this is too bizarre . ” Halcyon said .

“Maybe something happened outside . ” Sima You Yue pursed her lips, rather worried for Ximen Feng and the others .

“Nothing should have happened . ” Halcyon said, “yin Lin said that they wouldn’t be in any great danger . ”

“But I’m still rather worried . ” Sima You Yue said, “If we work based on what Yin Lin said, this place should be the place where nothing major happens . However, I get the feeling that something isn’t right . ”

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“If you’re worried, we can look for them once we’re out of here . ” Halcyon said, “In any case, you’ve already done what you wanted to do and the Hundred Ghost Fan is already in your hands . You can stay with them all the way till we exit this place . ”

“Mm . Once we get out of here, let’s see where they are . ” Sima You Yue said .

Inside the ancient primordial lands, divinators were busy the entire day . That was because many came to look for Yin Lin, wanting him to see what was going on in the Immortal Land . Why were their sect members dying recently?

Divinator’s doormen came out and received them, taking them over to Divinator’s inner room .

This was something that rarely ever happened .

“Everyone, please wait here . Our master will be out soon . ” The doormen headed downstairs after ushering them inside .

A simple room, decorating simply . If it were not because this was truly the divinator’s sect, they would have thought that they were in a commor’s house .

Everyone was burning with anxiety and they waited for a long time before they finally saw Yin Lin walk out with the support of a young child .

Yin Lin appeared even paler than he usually did . Both his eyes were even bloodshot as if he had just gotten injured .

“Sir Yin Lin . ” Everyone stood up .

Yin Lin waved his hand at them, saying, “Everyone, please seat . ”

The child led him to the seat and said, “Master, be careful . ”

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Yin Lin leaned on the chair for support and sat down . Only then did everyone else take their seats .

“Sir Yin LIn, you do not seem to be doing too well . ”

“I am fine . I merely touched on some things when I was performing my divinations earlier . ” Yin Lin said lightly, “I know why everyone is here . The events unfolding in the Immortal Land are unexpected . Things have been fine the previous years, but who would have thought that something like this would happen at this time . ”

“What has happened in the Immortal Land? Why are our people dying so quickly?” Someone asked .

“I was precisely performing my divinations about this . ” Yin LIn said, “I was rather surprised when I got the news . You have to prepare yourselves mentally . ”

When he said that, everyone paid more attention .

The ones who had gone into the Immortal Land were the elite of their youths . If something happened to them inside there, they would have lost out big time!

“Sir Yin Lin, just tell us directly what has happened . ” Someone could take it no longer and said .

Instead of being left hanging, it was better for him to tell them the answer directly .

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