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Chapter 1204: 1204

Sima You Yue looked at the people who had gone through her and took another look at the devil beast that was unharmed by her attack . It seemed like she understood .

“Could it be that I’m looking at another scene from the great battle?”

She looked at the scene around her . Although it was an intense fight, she couldn’t feel a single ripple of spirit energy .

“Without the ripples of spirit energy, it seems totally fake . I can’t believe I only found out about this now . ” She laughed self-deprecatingly .

She finally understood things clearly . The scene earlier on had changed too quickly, not giving her any chance to react . She subconsciously used her spirit energy to block it .

“How did I end up seeing this?” She was rather bewildered .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black nipped at the edge of her skirt to remind her of its existence .

Sima You Yue squatted down and patted it on the head, saying, “Were you the one who let me see this?”

“Wu wu-”

Little Black cried out twice and nodded .

Although it had no more spirit energy, it could still do something like this .

“Then why did you bring me here?”

“Wu wu-

Little black cried out twice . It was a pity that Sima You Yue didn’t understand .

“You’ve been sealed, your intentions won’t carry across . ” Sima You Yue carried it up, feeling a little sorry for it .

“What did you want me to see?” She asked .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black nodded .

However, what did it want her to see?

She looked all around her .  There were killings happening everywhere . She didn’t know what Little Black wanted her to see .

“Wu wu-

Little Black hopped out from her embrace and ran out in front of her before stopping in front of a mountain .

It turned around to look at Sima You Yue, hinting at her to go over .

Sima You Yue walked over and saw a group of people fighting with a group of devil clansmen .

A man came beside a woman, helping to defend her against a barrage of attacks .

“Your wounds haven’t healed yet, why did you run out here?!” The lady shouted towards the man .

“Even if they haven’t healed, I can’t toss you aside without caring about you . ” The man said, “Relax, I won’t die . ”

“You don’t usually care about me, so why are you pretending to treat me well now . ” She shouted at him .

The man ignored her and continued to protect her from behind, fighting off the enemies .

“Go back! I don’t want you to follow after me!” The lady cried out .

“If you have the energy to talk, you might as well deal properly with those beside you . ” The man said icily .

The lady looked at the man’s back and her tears flowed down nonstop .

“Why…” The lady shook her head and said, fighting back tears, “Why do you have to do this…”

Someone came close to the lady . Then, before she realised, the man turned around and happened to see this dangerous scene . He hurriedly came back to pull her to the side .

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“Don’t zone out!” The man shouted at the lady .

“Then you tell me, what have you come over here for? I am already used to being alone . I don’t need you to run over here to accompany me!”

The man looked at the lady and stayed silent for a long time, saying, “If you insist that you need an answer, fine . I’ll tell you . I like you . No matter whether we live or die, I have to be with you . ”

“Then why were you always so cold to me before . ”

“I wasn’t being cold . I merely never felt like I was a person who could stand by your side . You’re so outstanding that you deserve someone even better . ”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips . Wasn’t he just being critical of himself? Why did he package it so nicely?

However, that lady was touched and her tears fell . The corner of her mouth lifted up into a smirk . That charming look was like a single beacon of light .

“Come, we will kill our enemies together . We can’t escape today, for every additional one we kill, we will gain . ”

“Alright! Whether we live or die, we will stay together!”

Their hands were clasped tightly together as if nothing could tear them apart no matter what .

Sima You Yue watched as they killed their enemies together . She watched as they got injured while protecting one another and as they slowly lost their energy and were killed together by an enemy .

Although she dared not speak highly of the fact that the two of them only got together at the end, she didn’t know what happened to them before this . That was why she didn’t want to comment on their final choice .

In the midst of this kind of battle, there were many like this . However, the ones who could hold on to this point numbered very, very little .

She watched as they fought together . Those resolute gazes and the love in their eyes did move her quite a bit .

It was just a pity that in this battle, there was no victory to be won in the end .


A pike shot over from who-knows-where and the two protected each other as it pierced through the both of them .

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The lady raised her hand and placed it on his cheek, smiled lightly and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something . However, her hand finally fell .

In the corner of her eyes, a teardrop fell slowly .

The man also seemed like he did not have any breath of life left in him . However, seeing the way she was, his tears fell continuously .

A single pike, two bodies . Frozen forever here on this battlefield .

She seemed to see that teardrop fly into the sky and land in her hand .


A burst of spirit energy exploded the entire area . The images around her disappeared along with the explosion .

A teardrop flowed down the side of her cheek and landed in the spirit stone in her hand .

She was rather surprised . Why was she crying?

Was she moved by their feelings of living and dying together?

Maybe, maybe not . She wasn’t clear as well .

“Is this the tear from back then?”

She looked at that spirit stone . The liquid inside made her think of the final tears the two shed before they died .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black bit her skirt again . This damn woman kept forgetting about its existence .

Sima You Yue lowered her head and looked at it, saying, “Is this what you wanted me to see?”

Little black nodded .

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“Why did you want me to see this?” Sima You Yue didn’t understand . Afterall, there was no use for her to see it .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black called out twice . It was a pity that Sima You Yue still didn’t understand what it was trying to say .

If it were not because she could feel the relationship they had from the contract, she would have wondered whether or not the contract was actually successful . .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black cried out even more anxiously . Why didn’t this woman know what it was trying to say!

It used its claws to dig at the ground for Sima You Yue to take a look .

“Water?” Sima You Yue could recognise the word it was writing and was stunned before she finally reacted, saying, “Water, it’s the purest water?”

“Wu wu-”

Little Black nodded .

“You’re saying that you went to help me find the purest water?” Sima You Yue finally understood what it was trying to say .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black nodded again .

Sima You Yue was rather moved . She didn’t think that Little Black would help her find this . Although she didn’t know whether or not it was the purest water that Yin Lin was referring to, she was happy that it wanted to help her .

“Good boy . ” She stretched forth a hand and patted its head . She was beginning to accept this guy from her heart .

No matter what the future held, he was still her companion now, wasn’t he?

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