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Chapter 1203: 1203

She saw a dumb looking thing that resembled a dog and felt helpless .

It was obviously a Devil’s Blood that could surround one from all directions, but it actually ended up like this . She didn’t even know if she would be unable to undo its seal, so she didn’t hold any hopes of this .

She would just treat it as if she were really raising a dog .

Although this dog, when it smiled with its teeth wide, its sharp canines showed clearly that it wasn’t a dog .

She flew off into the direction that the Devil’s Blood pointed her in, and bumped into a lot of faults and gaps in space . If it were not because Sima You Yue and Halcyon led the way, they would probably have landed in disaster .

As they got closer to the center, it got more dangerous and so they slowed down much more . After walking for a few months, they finally arrived at the heart of the battlefield back then .

“We’re finally here . ” Sima Liu Feng sighed . He suddenly felt a burst of energy pull him to the side .

“Careful!” Di Zhe happened to be standing beside him and saw that he was falling to the side, so he pulled him back by reflex .

Sima Liu Feng was pulled over and was only a small distance away from the gap in space . It was only then the sucking energy disappeared .

“Uncle Liu Feng, are you alright?” Sima You Yue looked at Sima liu Feng worriedly .

His arm was already bleeding and his sleeves were in tatters . His flesh was exposed and you could see bone .

“No problem . ” Sima Liu Feng took out a pill and ate it before changing his outerwear . “Thank you for just now . ”

“Merely a reflex . I never thought of saving you . ” Di Zhe said icily .

“The outcome is the same, so I still offer my thanks . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

“There was obviously no gap in space earlier on, but one suddenly appeared . This proves that there is a lot of movement in the space here . ” Sima You Yue .

“Can you handle it on your own?” Di Zhe was rather uncertain . However, he knew that the space here was getting increasingly complicated . If they went inside, they would only drag her down .

Although they were powerful, it was useless in a place like this .

In this place, they had to know how to avoid this kind of spatial issues . Power was but a fart!

After all, they had no sensitivity towards space to speak of . They couldn’t find it in them to say that they could go together .

“You can place us into your little realm” Sima Liu Feng said, “If anything happens, we’ll still be able to come lend a hand . ”

They were too worried to let her go on her own .

Sima You Yue knew that this was the best compromise as she nodded her head, saying, “Alright . But I don’t know how much time I will have to take . If it take a little long, it might delay your chances of finding a fortuitous encounter…”

“We came here to collect ghosts . ” Di Zhe said, “No matter how long you take, it will not impact us . ”

“Same for us . ” Sima Liu Feng said, “Those fortuitous encounters or whatnot are not as important as your safety . ”

Sima You Yue pursed her lips, saying, “Alright . I will do my best to complete it . ”

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“Be careful . ”

“I will . ”

She took out her little door and opened the door to the little realm . She placed them inside then called out Halcyon . The both of them walked to the centre together .

With everyone else gone, they sped up quite a bit and quickly reached the heart of the area .

You couldn’t tell what the heart of the area used to be like in the past . However, it was now a flat piece of land . It stretched as far as the eye could see . Not a single blade of grass grew on the black ashen land, and remnants of the aura from the old battle lingered .

“The space here is a lot more stable . ” Halcyon said as he sensed the surroundings .

“Maybe it gets more stable as we get closer to the centre . ” Sima You Yue said . It was like her past earthquakes . The epicentre of the earthquake was actually a lot more stable than the peripheries . “However, this feels a bit sinister . The temperature has dropped quite a bit . ”

“It should be that the death aura is rather heavy . ” Halcyon said, “There are no ghosts here . ”

Sima You Yue nodded . She didn’t find it strange .

“I guessed it when I saw Devil’s Blood . ” She patted Devil’s Blood, who was in her embrace, “If I want to nurture it, it should need a lot of dark aura . It wouldn’t be too possible for the ghosts to want to survive . ”

“This truly does seem unexpected . ” Halcyon said, “Who knew that, after going through so much, there actually isn’t anything here . ”

Sima You Yue actually guessed it a long time ago . However, she was still a little disappointed at the outcome .

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“Let’s see if there’s anything we can scavenge . ”

If she were to return like this empty handed, it would be such a waste .

The outcome of this was too dissatisfactory . She walked one round and actually found quite a bit of treasure . However, they were all useless . These spirit tools had long since lost their spirit energy after all this time .

Halcyon had lost quite a bit of his energy, so she let him go back to rest . Right now, she was searching the ruins with her little black dog .

“Wu wu-” Little Black Dog ran about on his own before crying out . It sounded like he was calling Sima You Yue over .

Sima You Yue walked over and saw Little Black Dog digging on the ground with his two paws . With the way it looked, it really didn’t appear much different from an actual dog .

Sima You Yue saw the way he was acting and felt a few black lines down the side of her forehead . This guy… he was just this close to barking like a dog, alright?

“Did you see anything good?” She squatted down and looked where he ran .

“Wu wu-”

Little Black dug a few more times, and a few spirit stones were dug out from the pit .

“What are these?” Sima You Yue picked up those spirit stones . She held them up to the sunlight to take a look, and every single one of them were sparkling and pure . It even seemed like a crystal on the inside .

“Wu wu-”

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Little Black placed two paws on Sima You Yue before opening its bloody mouth to take a bite .


Sima You Yue felt a pain shoot through her arm, and was going to ask it why it did that when her environment suddenly changed and it gave her a huge fright .

You could actually see some hints of green in the initially pitch-black ground, but it was surrounded by flames . Piles of corpses surrounded her, some of which were burning still, and crackling sounds were heard all around her .

“Ah- Kill-”

Ear-splitting cries pulled her out of her stupor and she raised her head . She found herself in the middle of a battle with many people fighting around her .

Humans, ghosts and devils, there was one from every race . Every type of spirit beast, dark beast and devil beast was present . Ghost clansmen killed ghost clansmen, devils fought with humans, you kill me and I’ll kill her, the entire battlefield was in absolute chaos .

Sima You Yue remained where she was . She saw others charging towards her and she subconsciously tried to dodge . However, the other party was too quick . She had just released her spirit energy but that person had already charged through her body .

No pain .

She stood where she was, stunned . A few others ran through her, but she didn’t feel a thing .

She tried to shoot out a bolt of spirit energy and it attacked towards a devil beast not too far from where she was . That spirit energy went through it as well and disappeared, but that devil beast still remained perfectly fine as it battled another dark beast .

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