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Chapter 1194: Chapter 1194 - Shameless suggestion

They considered Sima You Yue’s words, but the situation now wasn’t something that they would worry about now .

Although Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun weren’t happy with the clan, after all that was still their clan, they couldn’t not feel anything at all . They didn’t like how the clan works, but on the other note, they were worried about the current situation of the clan .

And also with that, was the reason why they were willing to search for that divine artifact with Eldest Elder .

“Actually, I’ve a good idea, not only it will prevent the divine artifact getting into the hands of others, it won’t bring trouble to the Sima clan as well . ” Sima You Yue said .

“What idea?” Sima Liu Feng continued, attracting a faint despise from Sima Liu Yun .

“As long as I get that divine artifact, it’ll be in my hands, and it won’t bring trouble to the clan . ”

Although Sima Liu Yun guessed that she would say that, when he heard it with his own ears, he deeply experienced her shamelessness .

“Hahaha—— Cousin, you’re so adorable when you’re shameless, I’ll definitely snatch that divine artifact over for you if you really want it!” Di Zhe laughed hilariously .

He loved it when she had no sense of shame!

This time it was Sima You Yue’s turn to be speechless, what did you mean by shameless, since when did she have no sense of shame?!

“We don’t even know if there is a divine artifact, let’s go in and take a look first . ” Sima Liu Yun didn’t agree right away .

Nobody knew what was the situation here, was there really a divine artifact, could someone already have gotten the divine artifact was still a mystery .

“Then let’s wait for you guys to recover and we’ll go . ” Sima You Yue said smilingly .

After a day, they set off again, Sima Liu Yun brought them to the highland, they didn’t bump into much danger on the way .

Thinking back when she was caught by others and almost became a guide dog made her feel stuffy .

“This road was passed down by the ancestors, so there wasn’t much danger . ” Sima Liu Yun explained, “People who don’t know, won’t come here so easily . ”

So to say that forefathers were still useful .

When they got here, they already bumped into many people . The entrance of the cave was full of footprints .

“Many people have already come, I wonder what’s the situation inside . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

“We will only know when we go in . ” Sima You Yue spoke as she was heading in, but was pulled by Di Zhe .

“I’ll go in first, you stay behind me . ” Di Zhe went in after he spoke .

Sima You Yue smiled and followed Di Zhe in . Followed by Master Ghost and Di Liu, then Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun .

“This little guy snatched our position . ” Sima Liu Feng said as he stared at the back of the people in front .

“Not bad . ” Sima Liu Yun said faintly and followed in .

Although they were from the ghost clan, their intention to Sima You Yue was good .

Sima Liu Feng muttered and followed .

Sima You Yue and the rest went in, the beginning was a cave, when they went inside, it seemed like they stepped into a maze, the space inside was boundless, it didn’t even seem like an ancient battlefield .

“It seemed like a former site of a Sect here . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Indeed . ”

Others felt the same, such a huge place, it didn’t just seem like a basement anymore .

“There’s something on the walls . ” Di Zhe said .

Sima You Yue put up a flame and actually saw some images on the wall .

That wall had humans, spirit beast, some ugly looking ones, should be the devil or ghost clan members .

“These murals seem like they’re telling some stories . ” Sima You Yue said .

She looked back, realised that on the way in, there were some murals as well, she went over and took a look all over again, finally understanding everything here .

“I didn’t think that it’s really a former site of a force . ” Sima Liu Feng continued, “Because they gotten the divine artifact, they were attacked by many forces and suffered by torture and exterminated . ”

“Could this divine artifact be the one that your ancestor is talking about?” Sima You Yue said .

“What do you mean your ancestors, they are your ancestors too . ” Sima Liu Yun corrected her sternly .

“I’m not a Sima clan member now . ” Sima You Yue said .

“How are you not? You have the Sima clan’s blood, so you’re a Sima clan member . ” Sima Liu Yun glared at her with that fierce look again .

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“I’m not in the clan’s record” Sima You Yue refuted .

“… . . ” Sima Liu Yun was left speechless, silent for a while then said, “Your name will be there, your name will be the most dazzling in the clan’s record . ”

Sima You Yue twitched her lips, she didn’t care about being in the clan’s record .

“Your Father’s name is still inside . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

Sima You Yue stumped and said, “After what happened, the clan didn’t remove his name?”

She thought after what happened those years, the Sima clan would throw her Father out of the clan .

“Not everyone in the Sima clan is cold-blooded and merciless . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue shrugged her shoulders, this piece of news actually surprised her .

“No matter what, that’s also our clan, our roots . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

“Then what about those that wanted to kill me?” Sima You Yue said .

“Those are enemies, not family, don’t care . We will deal with them . ” Sima Liu Yun said . ”

“Okay . If someone really comes for me, I’ll definitely entertain them well . ” Sima You Yue said .

“You don’t have to go easy on them . ” Sima Liu Yun added .

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Meaning that she didn’t have to care if their last name was Sima, or have Sima clan’s blood, kill them when they should be killed .

“Okay . ” Sima You Yue nodded obediently, she was an obedient kid, since Uncle said not to show any mercy, then she didn’t have to show any . Even if those people who wanted to kill her were killed by her, she didn’t have to care if their position in the clan was important or not .

“Speaking of which, if that divine artifact was the reason for a force being exterminated, then would it still be here?” Sima Liu Feng questioned .

“There’s more murals in front . ” Di Zhe said .

Sima You Yue and the rest walked over, what was drawn on it was the result of what happened that year .

On that mural, the forces that were alive used their life to activate that divine artifact, the divine artifact shot out assimilated power, killing all the invaders, from then on, the divine artifact became a worned out copper metal and disappeared completely . Leaving only with a disabled disciple that time drawing all the murals .

After seeing the murals, everyone went blanked .

“No more divine artifact?”

“From the murals, it seems like it . ”

If the mural was real, then what were they here for?

“Could it be that your ancestor scammed you?” Di Zhe looked at Sima Liu Feng and the rest’s facial expression and rejoiced in their misfortune .

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