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Chapter 1191: 1191

Sima Liu Feng was at the other side of the sound stone, hearing such things, although he long understood, but he couldn’t take it and felt agonized about it . “Time is running out, let’s move forward . We have to find that thing before anyone else . ” That elder rushed Sima Liu Yun .

“Eldest Elder, Liu Feng is considered as an important disciple in the clan irregardless, should we… . . ”

“What do you mean by important!” Eldest Elder berated, “If we find that thing, Sima clan will be able to rise up again, this is more important than Sima Liu Feng’s life . Let’s go!”

Although there were a few of them who wanted to save Sima Liu Feng, but they never dared to go against Eldest Elder’s words, secondly, they also knew that getting that stuff was indeed more important than saving Sima Liu Feng .

Many people went in before they did when they reached there, if that thing was taken by others, then they wouldn’t be able to complete the mission that they came for, and Sima clan would lose a chance to rise up again .

If this place wasn’t found out by people yet, they would have sent some of them to save Sima Liu Feng, but for now, it was impossible .

They couldn’t make it in time!

The others were already on the move but Sima Liu Yun stood still on the ground, with no intention to follow .

“Sima Liu Yun!” Eldest Elder chided after he realised that he didn’t follow after taking a few steps .

Sima Liu Yun kept the sound stone and said, “I’ll go out and take a look . ”

After he spoke, he turned around and walked the path they took, he didn’t intend to put Eldest Elder’s words in mind .

“Eldest Elder, this… . ” Those people looked at Eldest Elder awkwardly .

Sima Liu Yun totally didn’t care about Eldest Eder, this made the atmosphere a little awkward .

Although this wasn’t the first time .

“Let him go if he wants to, we can do it without him . Let’s go!” Eldest Elder turned and walked away after he spoke .

Sima Liu Yun’s strength wasn’t considered strong, it didn’t matter to them if he left . But it was dangerous outside, he might not be able to come back once he left!

Especially having to deal with Ghost clan, dealing with Ghost clan in ancient battlefield meant asking for death!

So, he didn’t care if Sima Liu Yun was disrespectful to him, because in his eyes, this meant that he would be taking someone who was about to die seriously .

Sima Liu Yun’s lips curled into a faint sarcastic smile, when he get to the continent, he took out the sound stone and said, “Tell me, what happened?”

“What do you mean what happened?” Sima Liu Feng questioned .

“Who are you with?” Sima Liu Yun asked .

The corner of Sima You Yue’s lips drew up, this guy didn’t believe Sima Liu Feng was caught from the start .

But he still left Sima clan’s team, it showed the trust he had in Liu Feng, and Sima clan’s disdain .

He too, didn’t want to be with them!

Sima Liu Feng knew he couldn’t bluff him, both of them knew each other too well, even though there was a little change in tone, they both couldn’t hide anything from each other .

“Ghost clan members . ” He answered .

Sima Liu Yun didn’t respond, and showed that he didn’t believe his words .

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“I’m really with the members of Ghost clan . ” Sima Liu Feng said, “We are all together with You Yue . ”

“She is with you?!” Sima Liu Yun’s sound finally heightened, “Wait there, I’ll be right there . ”


Sima Liu Feng hasn’t spoken, the other party cut the communication, showing no interest in what he said after .

Sima You Yue looked at him with sympathy, his position in the clan was really low, he finally got concerned from Sima Liu Yun, but after getting into other things, his position dropped completely!

Di Zhe’s attitude changed towards Sima Liu Feng, this guy was similar to him in the past, but he was more fortunate than him, because he had Sima Liu Yun with him, but for him, he only had himself .

No, he had Little Aunt . At his lowest, most desperate days, it was Little Aunt who accompanied him and helped him overcome and turned him into who he is today .

So, he had to get her out no matter what .

Quickly, Sima Liu Yun came over, seeing Sima You Yue in ladies’ clothes, he coldly said, “Why are you here? Do you know where this is? It’s such a dangerous place, do you want to die?”

Sima You Yue touched her nose, Sima Liu Feng threw her a sympathetic look .

Who asked you to laugh at me just now, now you got scolded too!

Di Zhe who was at the side wasn’t happy, pulled Sima You Yue over, protected her from in front, looked at Sima Liu Yun and said, “What rights do you have to scold her?”

Sima Liu Yun stared at Di Zhe, both of them who had similar aura almost froze up the surrounding .

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“Ghost clan members . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

“That’s right . ” Di Zhe stared at him and said, “Don’t think that just because you are her Uncle, you can berate her like this . She is my ghost clansmen, not your Sima clan member!”

Sima Liu Yun then turned to the brain behind him and asked, “What member?”

“Cousin . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Mother’s biological Sister’s son . ”

“Move away . ” Sima Liu Yun said coldly .

Sima You Yue was a Sima clan member, what did he mean by Ghost clan member .

Wishful thinking!

“No . ” Di Zhe pulled Sima You Yue who wanted to go, firmly didn’t want her to feel wronged .

“Move . ” Sima Liu Yun repeated .

Di Zhe didn’t say anything, but his action showed his attitude .

No means no!

Sima Liu Feng looked at them, couldn’t help but closed his eyes, pulling Sima You Yue and retreated to one side .

And the moment he pulled Sima You Yue, Sima Liu Yun immediately took action .

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And Di Zhe at the same time strikes back, both of them exchanged hits while flying towards the sky .

Sima You Yue lifted her head and watched as both of them fought and said, “You know him well . ”

“I have to . ” Sima Liu Yun continued, “This guy is the most impatient, he never repeats anything thrice, if the opponent doesn’t listen to him on the second time, he will take action straight away . ”

Just now Liu Yun told Si Zhe to move away twice, but Di Zhe didn’t listen, he knew right away that he would definitely take action .

Sima Liu Yun and Di Zhe never communicated before, so when they fought, he wouldn’t give chance like Sima Liu Feng . In addition to the hatred he had for Ghost clan, it would be more ruthless .

Adding on that his strength was already stronger than Sima Liu Feng and Di Zhe, Di Zhe suffered defeat after defeat, and even had some injuries .

“Cousin!” Sima You Yue shouted worriedly after seeing Di Zhe being hurt, “Master Ghost, separate them . ”

Master Ghost thought Sima You Yue wouldn’t care about this thing, he intended to take action even if she didn’t say anything . This battle was different from the one just now, he couldn’t wash his hands off it .

Master Ghost flew over, striked towards Sima Liu Yun, separating both of them, then helped Di Zhe to the ground .

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