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Chapter 1187: 1187

Both of them studied for a while, Wu Lingyu ended up finding the leads . “If it’s not for Love Heaven Ridge, then it will be Reap Heaven Ridge . ” Wu Lingyu continued, “Both ridges aren’t far apart, there should be a mountain range somewhere between and it separates both spirit areas . The shape of this mountain is special, this must be a landmark for us . ”

“Love Heaven Ridge, Reap Heaven Ridge, maybe we will only know the answer when we reach there . ” Sima You Yue said .

“We’ll talk about it then, don’t think too much for now . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Mm . ”

Sima You Yue stayed for a while in spirit pagoda and came out after her mood stabilized .

She will definitely find those people that were involved in the past, doesn’t matter what kind of motive they had and have a good talk about life with them .

They rather bully an old man than bully the young . Even though those forces were really powerful, but one day, she would definitely be on top of them, making sure they pay for what they did in the past!

After she came back, she went to take a look at Di Zhe and the rest, both of them were still discussing who’s fault it was during that time, both of them were already grown ups, but they were bickering and flushed with anger because of this .

“Have they been at this all this while?” Sima You Yue asked Di Liu who was guarding outside .

“Yes Young Miss, after you left, they were talking half of the time . ” Di Liu said .

He never knew his own Master had so many things to say .

Sima You Yue shook her head, pulling the curtain apart and heading in .

“You Yue, did you do something to us? Why is it that we don’t even have energy?” Sima Liu Feng asked when he saw her coming in .

Sima You Yue went up to both of them and checked on them, they were recovering well .

“Cousin, why is it that we can feel our body recovering but I still feel so weak?” Di Zhe asked .

“I poisoned both of you . ” Sima You Yue said .


Both of them stunned at the same time .

“What’s so surprising . ” Sima You Yue continued, “The pills I let you both ate had a poison that made you weak . Don’t worry . That poison only lasts for three days . When you recover, the poison should wear off . ”

“Why?!” Sima Liu Feng asked .

Sima You Yue glared at him and said, “If I don’t make you guys stay here quietly, wouldn’t you both fight over these two days while recuperating?”

Indeed… she was right!

They had been blaming each other these two days, there were a few times they almost fought, if they could move, they might fight till they were injured again .

She really knew them well .

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“They both already fought and quarrelled, after they recover, we’ll continue our journey . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Cousin, don’t forget our motive . ”

“What motive?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

“Why should we tell you!” Di Zhe said .

“Hell, what secrets do you both have that you guys don’t want to tell me! Do you still want me to lead the way?!” Sima Liu Feng shouted .

“You can just lead, you don’t have to poke your nose into our matters . ”

“I didn’t ask you, I’m asking You Yue . Who are you to interrupt . ”

“You… . . I want to ask You Yue, can’t I! Why, want to fight?”

“Come fight, I’ll beat you up till you can’t even recognise north!”

“You talk as if you will be able to recognise!”

Both of them started arguing again, Sima You Yue became speechless at the side, ignored them and got out after pulling the curtain apart .

Members of the Ghost clan didn’t dare to move, other than guarding the tent, others were also standing still nearby .

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She left the team, got up to an empty mountain . No plants, the ground was bumpy, it was flat on the mountain top, it should be removed last time .

She sat on top of the mountain, looking at the charred soil, she couldn’t imagine how strong the battle was at that time, to become like that .

“Such a large scale battle, it’s okay fighting at the edge, but what kind of scene would it be inside? Who is exactly fighting who? Human Devil clan, Human Ghost clan? Or three different tribes fight?”

No one would know the final answer, it would only be up to their imagination .

She sat on the mountain top alone for a long time, thought of many things, thought of the past life, past past life, thought about her parents who were still on earth, thought about her past life’s parents, thought about this life’s parents . All of them loved her so much .

She even thought about the hatred in her, and all the hate she had, she would avenge one by one! Going out this time, she would end all her past life’s vengeance once and for all!

Suddenly, she felt something move in mid air, her expression changed and blinked back to the camp .

“Quick, ask those who are far away to come back!” Sima You Yue ordered Di Liu .

“What happened?” Di Liu asked .

“The spatial flow is here, we need to quickly hide . ” Sima You Yue said .

Once Di Liu and the rest heard that the spatial flow was here, they quickly gathered all the guards .

Sima You Yue got into the tent, both of them who were fighting, stopped and asked, “The spatial flow is here?”

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“Mm . ” sima You Yue went forward, fed both of them an antidote and said, “Let’s go to Little Realm and take cover for a while . ”

Luckily those guards are well trained, they got back quickly, Sima You Yue opened up Little Realm, let everyone in and tried to get in herself .

But there were too many people and the spatial flow was too fast, at the last minute, she threw the last few people into Little Realm and she didn’t get in yet, but was swept into the spatial flow .

Luckily she closed the Little Realm at the last minute, if not, Little Spirit would fall .

Those pebbles that were swept together hit her face, body, her body was tearing apart by the spatial flow, that feeling felt a little like previously when they were at Primordial Lands, when Spatial Tunnel crumbled and came out from the hollow .

But the tear of Spatial flow was lesser than the hollow, her power also raised quite a bit, so this time, she wouldn’t be injured as much as last time . But when she was thrown out the spatial, her whole body was in pain .

She still had some consciousness, she knew she was thrown out and also knew that people were walking towards her . She sensed a little, she could adjust the spiritual energy in her body . If those people wanted to kill her, she could still catch them off guard .

But it was obvious that the other party didn’t have intention to kill her, she felt someone opening her mouth and fed her two pills .

The pill took effect quickly, her body felt much better, but she still couldn’t open her eyes . But now she still didn’t know who the other party was, if it was a foe or friend, so she continued in pretense to faint .

But, maybe because her injuries were critical, her body went into self healing mode and she went into deep sleep .

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