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Chapter 1185: 1185

As Sima You Yue heard Sima Liu Feng talking about her own parent’s past, her heart was stirred as her feelings became intertwined as his story progressed . It was happy with them, sad with them as a flurry of emotions manifested . “That year, your Father and your Master went out on a journey together because of that chap Feng Zhi Xiang . They said that they were travelling to Western Liang and as you know that there’s a district where the Devil clan live, although it wasn’t as popular as the Bloody Tunnel, no one stayed there for long . However, those devil clansmen are very strong . ”

Sima You Yue nodded, she knew that place, because her Ximen clan members went there before, and they unfortunately met Devil clan members, who had killed the guardians there and everyone from the Ximen clan . So everyone in the Ximen clan knew that place .

“That year, your parents went there and it just so happened that they were attacked by the Devil clan . It was also fate that your Mother was there as well, under such a destiny, she saved both of them and that’s how they got to know each other . ” Sima Liu Feng continued, “After that, under the Devil clan’s counter-attack, the three of them went through so much and eventually managed to escape . Maybe it’s because they went through numerous life and death experiences, the bond between three of them started to form . ”

Yu Ke Luo and Sima Liu Xuan fell in love while Feng Zhi Xing one-sidedly loved Yu Ke Luo .

After that, they travelled through the continents together, their relationship blossomed . Feng Zhi Xing wasn’t willing to see this, after two years of travelling together, he decided to leave to travel alone .

“It was then that your Mother had you . But they didn’t go back to their clan because the Sima clan wouldn’t accept someone from the Ghost Clan as their daughter in-law . If they went back, they were afraid that they couldn’t keep you . So, they decided to live in seclusion . ”

“Since they were living in seclusion, why did all the things happen?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Do you know your Father was how many people’s dream lover? Even when he was travelling, his news would be spread from time to time . ” Sima Liu Feng continued, “After that, Ouyang clan’s Little Missy found their location, went to find them and got to know that your Mother was a Ghost Clan member from battling . ”

“Then, their news was leaked . They moved, after escaping from so many forces’ pursuit, they found them right after you’re born . ”

Sima You Yue could guess the scenario, how humans were biased against the Ghost Clan, she could tell from all these few things . Many people would definitely come after them knowing humans and ghosts love each other .

In addition that her Father had so many people that fell in love with him, there would definitely be more people joining hands .

And Mother just gave birth, her body would be weakened, Father had to protect both of them in front of so many people, it was definitely impossible .

Sima Liu Feng was still shaken by the thought of the scenario then .

“You know those forces outside were always keeping a close eye on us, coveting the inheritance we got from Immortal land, wanting to know the situation of Immortal land’s ancient battlefield . ” Sima Liu Feng said hatefully, ” Immortal Land’s news were only spreaded these past few years, but at that point of time, many forces of the inner regions already received the news, saying that the Immortal Land was opening . So many of those who were not involved gathered to attack them . Mm, using their words, people of different tribes, everyone has to put them to death . ”

Sima You Yue clenched her fists, her expression sombre as her heart started aching and hatred started to manifest!

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, trying her best to calm herself down and said, “What happened next?!”

“After Liu Yun and I received the news, we secretly spread the news to let them escape . But for some unknown reason, they didn’t leave . By the time we arrived, both of them were very weak and they did not have any fighting spirit at all . They didn’t have any ability to fight back when facing those attackers . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

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“Little Aunt’s hundred poison didn’t act up, although after giving birth to cousin, she should still be able to fight . ” Di Zhe continued, “How did they come like that?”

Sima Liu Feng blinked, “I don’t know either, they were already like that when we reached, both of them were the same, as if their spiritual energy was emptied . They were almost killed by those people . ”

Both of them didn’t know that but Sima You Yue, who was at the side, couldn’t control her tears, drop by drop, dripping onto her coat .

They didn’t know why, but she already guessed .

They eventually found out their own Divine Devil body, even if there was an emergency, they chose to use their own power to seclude their body, so that she could grow safely .

And for them, they used their weakest state to deal with so many people .

Sima Liu Feng and Di Zhe thought she was teary because of her parent’s suffering .

“You said it was a joint attack? If it’s just my Father and Mother, why were there so many people?”

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“Because they got news saying there are a lot of Ghost Clan members there, and that Sima clan and Ghost Clan join together, but they didn’t expect that it’s only two of them when they went there . ” Sima Liu Feng explained .

“How then did they get out of all these?”

“Those people who said that they wanted to kill them said that the Sima clan joined with the Ghost Clan, facing so many forces, but they didn’t dare to shield them . ” Sima Liu Feng continued, “Those girls that admired your Father wanted to kill your Mother, but were saved by Ghost King at the last minute . ”

“Ghost King? My Grandfather?” Sima You Yue asked in doubt .

“Yes, I heard your Mother calling him Ghost King . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

If Sima You Yue was shocked, then Di Zhe would be labeled as stun, Ghost King actually came to Human Realm himself!

Sima Liu Feng didn’t notice both of their facial expressions, stared at the tent above and continued, “Maybe your Mother passed the news to Ghost Realm beforehand, but anyway Ghost King brought a group of people and rushed over, after negotiation, they brought your Mother away . ”

“Then what about my Father? Will they let my Father go?” Sima You Yue asked .

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“Initially, they wanted to punish your Father, they asked the Clan Leader to settle you both, your Father at that point of time was already beaten till his last gasp . ” Sima Liu Feng continued, “Those people, who are jealous of him, they long wanted to kill him . They even said you’re the evil fruit of the Human and Ghost relationship, wanting to kill you together . I’m sorry, uncle Liu Yun and me, couldn’t protect both Father and Daughter . ”

“You don’t have to apologize, I heard from Yi Yun, when you and Uncle Liu Yun came back, you guys came back full of injuries . ” Sima You Yue continued, “They don’t know what happened, but I think I know . ”

“Those people want to kill Cousin, so how did she survive?” Di Zhe asked from the side .

“Speaking of which, in regards to this, You Yue, you have to thank Yin Lin when you go out, it’s him who came over and saved you and your Father . ”

“Yin Lin?”

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