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Chapter 1184: 1184

Di Zhe received the blow to his stomach and the waves of pain came, but he cared not for it as he grabbed Sima Liu Feng’s arm and sent a punch back . “If Sima Liu Xuan didn’t exist, my Little Aunt would still be the princess of the ghost realm, and she’d still be living a happy life . It’s because of you guys! It’s all because of you!”

‘It’s clearly Yu Luo Ke’s fault . If she didn’t come to the human realm, she wouldn’t have seduced Liu Xuan . How would any of this have happened, then!”

“Pah, it’s clearly Sima Liu Xuan’s fault!”

“It’s Yu Ke Luo’s fault!”

“Say that again!”

“It’s obvious that you just don’t want to admit it!”

“Then let’s just see who’s more powerful and can survive the longest!”

On one hand, the both of them were quarrelling, while on the other hand, they were fighting like common citizens . In what way did they have their usual image? They were obviously fighting like children .

Sima You Yue watched them helplessly . They really regressed to child-like states .

“Ghost Master, Master is injured . Should we…” The guards asked Ghost Master .

Ghost Master waved his hands, telling them not to interfere .

Since Di Zhe had chosen this route, this meant that he did not care how injured he was .

“Realx, he won’t die . ” Sima You Yue said, “As the guards of your master, if he doesn’t tell you to interfere, you shouldn’t do anything!”

“Master has never been beaten up like this before . ” The leader of the guards said .

“He’s been beaten up before, though!” Sima You Yue said .

“That was when Master was very young…”

“It still counts even if it was a long time ago . ” Sima You Yue said, “Di Liu, when you started following Cousin, he was already one to two hundred years old, right?”

Guard Leader Di Liu nodded his head, saying, “Indeed . I have followed Master for a few hundreds of years already . ”

“After you met him, have you ever seen him act this way?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It’s not like I’ve never seen Master fight someone else . Master has also gotten injured before, but never like this . ” Di Liu said .

“Then it’s your lucky day . You can take a look and see what it’s like when your master brawls . Who knows, you may never see it again . ” Sima You Yue said, “This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity . You have to treasure it . ”

“…” Di Liu was wondering what Sima You Yue was going to say . He didn’t expect this to be it .

However… this might really be the only time they could . As such, they still watched it .

Di Zhe and Sima Liu Feng fought with brute strength for more than an hour, until finally they lost all strength and collapsed on the ground .

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Sima You Yue, Di Liu and the others walked over and saw the two of them baring their teeth at each other, still locked in death glares . It was as if they were just waiting for themselves to recover their strength to continue the fight .

“Not bad, you still know the limits and haven’t beaten each other to death . ” She examined them for a moment, “You’ve broken ten ribs and a few tens of other bones . Your muscles are torn and you’re bleeding internally . Hehe, your bodies sure aren’t bad, you can still fight in these conditions!”

When Sima Liu Feng heard what Sima You Yue said, he lifted his head and thought to say something, but the pain forced him to grit his teeth and suck in a cold breath .


“You shouldn’t move . ” Sima You Yue said, “With the state the both of you are in, you should just lie here obediently for three days . ”

“Three days?! So long!” Sima Liu Feng cried out .

“What did you think?” Sima You Yue said, “Although there are pills, recovery still takes time . It’s not like you don’t know how it’s like to be injured . ”

Furthermore, they didn’t have the kind of physique she had . They would only be able to move after three days .

Sima You Yue took out some pills and fed it to them, saying, “After thinking about it for so long, you finally get to fight . Are you satisfied? Have you finished venting?”

The both of them glared at each other before turning their heads back to face the sky .

Sima You Yue smirked, before instructing Di Liu, “Set up a tent for your master . They have to sleep inside there for three days! Oh, can you also set one up for my uncle… forget it . Just set up a big one and we’ll put the both of them together . Right, the two of them can’t move right now, so don’t move them after setting up the tent . Just let them lie on the ground . ”

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“Understood, Young Miss . ” Di Liu waved his hand at the people behind him and a few immediately stepp edup and helped them set up two tents .

The moment Di Zhe and Sima Liu Feng heard that they had to lie on the ground for three days, their ends were wide and watched the gleeful Sima You Yue .

“Don’t glare at me . You’re the ones who fought to this state . I’m not the one who started this . ” Sima You Yue said, “You caused us to delay for three days and we haven’t even said anything about that yet!”

“You obviously have a way to let us heal even faster, but are forcing us to lie here for three days . Doesn’t your heart break for your uncle . ” Sima Liu Feng complained .

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes, did he think that he had a divine devil’s body as well?

“I don’t allow you guys to move for your own good . ” Sima You YUe said, “Who asked you to break all your bones . If you want your bones to heal properly, you should lie down obediently . ”

“Young Miss, it is done . ”

“You guys can go outside . Get your men to keep watch outside in case anything happens . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ”

Di Liu glanced at his master on the ground before rushing out .

He wouldn’t tell his master that he ran so fast because looking at his usually extremely handsome getting beaten so black and blue made him want to burst into laughter .

Di Zhe saw how his own subordinates were so obedient to Sima You Yue’s words and didn’t know how to express how he felt . This brat had such an air about her that it caused others to subconsciously listen to her words . She was just like his Little Aunt back then .

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Sima You Yue took out a chair and sat beside them, saying, “Uncle Liu Feng, will you be bored just lying here for three days? Why don’t you tell me about my mother and father?”

Di Zhe turned around and looked at Sima Liu Feng . He also wanted to know what happened when his Little Aunt was in the human realm .

Sima Liu Feng saw the look in Sima You Yue’s eyes and sighed, saying, “Why are you so insistent? Your obstinacy is just like your father . ”

“I am my parent’s child after all, of course we’ll be the same . ” Sima You Yue said, “Uncle Liu Feng, don’t beat around the bush anymore . You know that I will find out what happened back then eventually . I’m not the me that I was back then . No matter what I know, it will not influence my dao heart . ”

She was successful in her comprehension of dao . As long as she didn’t encounter something that was thoroughly devastating, her steps would not falter . She would not break .

“You… Sigh…” Sima Liu Feng sighed again, “You’re right . You will eventually find out what happened back then . Based on how earnestly you seek for answers, I might as well tell you . At least you’ll stop pestering me all day . ”

“You should have just been like that from the start . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Actually, I don’t really know much about what happened with your father and mother back then . That’s because they were always outside . I heard about some of it from your father . ” Sima Liu Feng said, “Based on what he told me, that year, he was outside travelling the world…”

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