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Chapter 1150: Chapter 1150 - Trouble ensues

“What?” Flowey looked at Little Birdie, wondering why it blocked her way . Little Birdie opened its wing with its head tilted backwards and lifted its chest .

But Little Dream and the rest didn’t catch what it was trying to say .

Except for Sima You Yue who smiled and said, “Little Birdie is trying to say it killed the most people… . ”

Little Birdie nodded, this was what it meant .

Little Seven and the rest’s face immediately sunk . They were deciding the most powerful gets to be the Eldest Sister, but this didn’t include the others .

Little Dream glanced at Little Birdie and said faintly, “Can you transform into human form?”

It then flew around her and left .

Flowey laughed and said, “Are you female?”

It similarly did the same as it flew around Flowey before it flew off .

Little Seven held onto Di Wu E, “Little Birdie, move away, this is only for adults, you’re still young . ”

Again, it flew around Little Seven and left .

Little Birdie was sad that they didn’t care about her! It flew to Sima You Yue’s hand and transformed into a small bird .

Sima You Yue patted its head and said, “Be good, don’t play with them . You aren’t a girl anyway, do you really want to be the Elder Sister?”

Little Birdie became moody because even she put it this way . Tch, it doesn’t want to become a female!

But it was a fact that it killed the most, those arrogant girls!

It did a little kick in Sima You Yue’s hand and went back into her body .

“Really…” Little Seven shaked her head helplessly, “Yue Yue, why did you catch this guy for?”

“To get a better understanding of the Ghost Clan . ” After she spoke, she brought everyone into the spirit pagoda .

After the Fifteenth Prince died, Master Ghost shivered and said, “Fifteenth Prince died . ”

“That idiot died?” Di Zhe was shocked momentarily before he regained his composure and said, “It’s good that the idiot died, he is always so arrogant . Wonder who killed him? Should really thank that person . ”

The Fifteenth Prince was someone who he had always wanted to kill, but he was someone who was not only the child of the ghost king, his mother’s clan was also strong . For some unknown reason, even Di Wu E followed them .

With that thought, he could only bear with that idiot, even though they met before, he didn’t dare to take action .

“We will know . ” Master Ghost said .

“How do you know?” The guard behind asked .

“About the death of the Fifteenth Prince, Ghost Concubine would definitely know . Ghost Clan has a secret way to pass the news into our brain . ” Master Ghost continued, “Ghost Concubine will not leave that person alone, she will definitely send out orders to get us to avenge . ”

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With the thought of the secret way, Master Ghost broke out in cold and continued in a flash, but Di Zhe still found out .

Others didn’t know what that was, but as someone who was involved in the royal clan, he would know .

“Master, don’t worry, I’ll definitely help you find the other part of the spirit . ” Di Zhe said .

Master Ghost nodded .

Not all powerful people like them would be willing to serve the royal clan, but why were there so many people, it was because their spirit was separated out, the spirit that was separated out would be locked up by the secret of the royal clan . On a side, it gave them supreme honor, another side was to use that spirit to control them .

And Master Ghost was bestowed by Di Zhe’s mother . He was once the bodyguard of the ghost realm’s princess, someone who lost part of their spirit .

Last time in the clan, Di Zhe was but someone who wasn’t valued, but as Yu Ke Luo’s talent started completely, he started shining in the clan, his mother then gave him Master Ghost to protect him .

“Master Ghost, how did you know that the Fifteenth Prince died?” Someone asked .

“The last time we met, I had left an imprint on his body . That imprint is now gone . ” Master Ghost said .

Once the imprint disappeared, that meant that the person completely disappeared as well .

“They even dare to kill the Ghost Emperor’s favourite, the Fifteenth Prince! Does that person intend to revolt against the heavens?” Someone commented .

“Who is it, we’ll know in a while . ” Master Ghost rarely got curious .

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When they met that time, beside the Fifth family that were alongside the Fifteenth Prince, there were also some powerful people . Their strength was no doubt regarded as powerful . Now that he was killed, they didn’t even know what forces the opponent was from .

Very quickly they knew that this wasn’t done by a force, but someone he knew .

Just like what he said earlier, the Ghost Clan quickly learnt about the news of Fifteenth Prince’s death, the driven mad Ghost Concubine then sent out the image before his death through secret way, getting people in the Immortal Land to kill them without fail .

He sent out that image, when Di Zhe saw the familiarity in Sima You Yue, Little Seven and the rest, he almost fell from the flying beast .

“How can it be her?!”

Didn’t they just get separated for two days?! How could she get into such a big trouble!

However, Master Ghost wasn’t surprised, Sima You Yue wasn’t far from them, if they met Fifteenth Prince, it wasn’t impossible that she would meet them too .

Her spirit smelled nice, Fifteenth Prince who loved to eat spirit wouldn’t give her a miss . If they took action, with her previous Red Mountain Peak’s performance, she would definitely counterattack .

He knew she had the flame in her, with that flame, even if it was Royal Guards, they wouldn’t be able to resist for even half a minute .

The moment he saw the fiery eye in the image, he felt that the fire was even stronger than before .

“The royal clan has sent out an arrest order, wanting the Ghost Clan in the Immortal Land to gather and kill her . ” Master Ghost said, “So, from now on, she might get attacked by the Ghost Clan . If they don’t succeed, the Ghost Concubine might send someone else . ”

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Di Zhe shut his eyes and took a deep breath and said, “She should be fine . ”

“That might not be it . ” Master Ghost continued, “Since they already know that she has the flame, if people in the Immortal Land can’t settle her, the people Ghost Concubine sent might have ghost weapons that clash . At that point of time, she might not be able to defend . ”

“So… . . troublesome!” Di Zhe continued, “Master, bring the others to protect her, we will continue looking for that place . ”

“My mission is to protect you, I can never abandon you to protect others . ” Master Ghost said .

“But she is in danger, I can’t leave her in the lurch . ” Di Zhe continued, ” But I can’t give up on the purpose of coming here . ”

“Indeed . ” Master Ghost said, “But I won’t give up on my position . ”

“How then?”

“Don’t worry, she can still handle it from the start, as long as you can find that place before the people of Ghost Concubine and complete the mission we came for, then you can protect her later . ” Master Ghost said .

“That’s the only way . ”

Di Zhe believed she wouldn’t be killed by Ghost Clan members if she could even kill the Fifteenth Prince .

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