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Chapter 1149: Chapter 1149 - Little Birdie’s migh

Those ghost clansmen were still laughing when they heard Flowey’s bet with the others . These contracted beasts were too great! They wanted to kill them, and even bet who could kill the highest number . They were dreaming in broad daylight!However, once Flowey and the others acted, they finally understood that this group of humans were not easy to deal with! The three of them killed them like harvesting vegetables . They were like three grim reapers!

“Man-eating Flower King!”

“Dream Devil Clan!”

“And what is this one? How is it so powerful in battle?!”

The ghost clansmen were shocked silly by their battle abilities . The first wave of people were all killed in a short moment .

Flowey suddenly jumped up and landed on a flower, grinning widely .

“Just now, it seems like I killed the most of them!”

“Flowey, that’s because you had so many flowers . It may not be the case later on . ” Little Seven said .

She was clearly the strongest, but Flowey could kill so many at once, so she killed the highest number . This made her depressed .

“That’s right . ” Little Dream looked at the others, “Until the very end, the victor is undetermined . ”

“Hehe, then we can continue!”

The ghost clansmen saw that these people had all been killed off . Although they were surprised at how powerful they were, they didn’t plan to give up .

“You guys continue to fight . You definitely have to get me that soul!” Fifteenth Prince said .

“Yes, Prince . ”

If they all attacked at once from the beginning, Flowey and the others may not be able to react . However, now that they were dispersed, they were easily giving them every chance to strike .

Di Wu E realised this . Although he wasn’t happy that they were not listening to his advice, they had reached the point of no return . He said, “You should all attack at once!”

Initially, there were only a few tens of them . Little Dream and the others were still able to hold them off at that point . However, once the numbers increased, they were too busy dealing with their own enemies . Although they could assure that they would not get injured, they couldn’t assure that those people would not be able to attack Sima You Yue .

After all, the ghost clan’s Prince’s guards were not something just anyone could be .

Sima You Yue saw that those people had attacked her and gave signal though, surrounding her whole body with fire .

Qing Yi stood where he was, and those people were simply unable to come close to him . When they got near Sima You Yue, they were all burnt into ashes by the flames that surrounded her .

“Little Birdie hasn’t come out to play for a long time, right?” Sima You Yue’s flame danced around her before turning into a vermilion bird and landing on her hand . “Go on, you can play around today . ”

The moment the ghost clansmen felt the flame, they sensed its terrifying temperature . Fear rose from the depths of their hearts, and they instinctively wanted to turn around and run .

However, Little Birdie didn’t give them that opportunity at all . Its body grew huge in the sky, turning into a gargantuan bird . It immediately surrounded every single one of them .

The flames immediately burnt every single glost clansmen into ashes . In a single moment, the hundreds of them were completely gone .

The ghost clansmen were so afraid that they turned ashen, but Little Birdie was excited and continued to fly towards the remaining ones .

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Sima You Yue watched as they were swallowed up by the flames, until they were not able to cry out at all . She sighed at how Crimson Flame’s recovery of his energy allowed Little Birdie’s strength to grow as well .

“Protect the Prince!” Everyone was flustered now . This flame was the nemesis of their ghost clan, especially so for a flame as powerful as this one . Towards something like Little Birdie, you could say that they had no ability to fight back at all .

Di Wu E saw this and although he was rather unwilling, he still stood in front of the Fifteenth Prince . The clans had orders that he was to ensure the Prince’s safety .

Although he didn’t like this Prince, he still had to give respect to the Clan Leader’s orders .

He knew that the flame was Sima You Yue’s flame and said, “Human, this is the Fifteenth Prince of the devil realm . If you stay your hand, the ghost clan will be extremely grateful to you!”

Sima You Yue glanced sideways at the Prince and said slowly, “The Prince of the ghost realm? Could you be telling me that, because he is the Prince of the ghost realm and was attracted to my soul, I had to hand it over? But since I was not willing, he could kill me and now that he can’t kill me, he can suppress me with his status?”

It really seemed to be the case when she said it like that!

Little Birdie stopped for a moment, as if waiting for Sima You Yue’s instructions .

“If I didn’t happen to possess something that could stop you here today, wouldn’t you have killed me and eaten my soul?” Sima You Yue continued to ask them, “You want to kill someone, but can’t kill them, so you use your identity to suppress them . Do you think it’s going to work?”

“We were the ones at fault earlier . We are willing to compensate you . ” Di Wu E said .

“Compensate me?” Sima You Yue laughed lightly, “I am someone who isn’t too interested in the belongings of others . However, for those who don’t offend me, I do not offend . Once you cross me, nothing will stand in the way!”

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“The Fifteenth Prince is the most beloved Prince of the ghost realm . If you kill him, you will definitely evoke the ire of the ghost king and earn the hatred of all ghost clans . Although you have a flame that can combat us, you will not be able to kill the entire ghost realm . ” Di Wu E said .

“Even if a day like that comes, I still have to take my revenge today . ” Sima You Yue siad .

“You are certain that you want to make an enemy of the entire ghost realm?” Di Wu E said . He slowly activated the spirit energy in his body . If it really came down to it, he could take the preemptive strike .

“I do not wish to make an enemy of the entire ghost realm, I merely want to take revenge for myself . However, if you want to make me an enemy of the entire ghost realm, I am not afraid! If they have to come, let them come . ” Sima You Yue said, “I already noticed you earlier . You asked them not to do anything . It’s a pity that your words were taken lightly . The Prince cared nothing for what you said . ”

Di Wu E’s face turned solemn . However, he didn’t refute her words .

If they had listened to her earlier, how could any of this have happened .

As for the Fifteenth Prince, he was already so frightened that he couldn’t’ move . The other party was clearly just a human with some spirit beasts . How was she so powerful?!

This was simply akin to kicking a hornet’s nest!

However, that person’s soul really was too fragrant . It would definitely have tasted divine!

Sima You Yue saw that the look in the Prince’s eyes didn’t change . He was truly an ingrate who knew no remorse!

“Little Birdie, take good care of these people . Oh, don’t kill that person yet . Keep him alive . He’s useful . ”

The moment Little Birdie received her command, it continued its work . It burnt the ghost clan completely to the ground .

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“Ah! Ah! Don’t set me on fire!”

Fifteenth Prince wanted to fight back, but Little Birdie was just too powerful . After a cry of pain, he too was burnt to ashes .

On the other hand, Little Birdie just flew past Di Wu E . However, it did trap him and he was rendered unable to move .

Finally, the entire ghost clan was exterminated, leaving only Di Wu E behind .

“Little Seven, grab him . He’ll be useful later on . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Alright . ”

Di Wu E wasn’t Little Seven’s match at all and was quickly captured .

“So who won?” Flowey wiped her sweat and looked at the other two .

Because Little Birdie had gotten into the fight, it seemed like the bet from before was nullified .

The three of them felt this way, but Little Birdie flew in front of them, blocking them .

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