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Chapter 1148: Chapter 1148 - Want to eat her soul!

Her intuition told her that the person who almost killed her the last time was way too dangerous . If she let Senior Sister and the others follow along, who knows what would happen . Furthermore, Di Zhe and the others who were walking up ahead, noticed Sima You Yue coming after them .

“Master, Young Miss’s bees are following us . ” Master Ghost said with a wave of his hand, and a few scarlet bees were pulled over .

Although they were able to suppress their spirit energy, things with life energy found it difficult to hide from ghost clans . Much less someone as powerful as Master Ghost .

Di Zhe looked at those scarlet bees and seemed to see Sima You Yue’s familiar face . He hesitated for a moment then said, “Kill them . ”

“Master?” One of the guards beside him cried out .

These were the pets of his beloved Youngest Aunt’s daughter . He was just going to kill them?

Di Zhe, however, seemed to have thought some things through and regained his initial calm and maliciousness .

“We are going to do some things . We can’t let her know about them . ” He said as he released a bout of spirit energy and killed those bees . “Let’s go . We definitely have to go to the place from before the Immortal Land is sealed . ”

They continued to rush forward, leaving behind the corpses of the scarlet bees .

After a short moment, Sima You Yue and the others arrived beside the scarlet bees .

“They’re not dead yet . ” Qing Yi said .

Sima You Yue could sense that they were still alive . They should have been knocked unconscious by the death aura .

She kept the scarlet bees back into her spirit pagoda . Based on Di Zhe’s attitude, she became even more certain of her suspicions .

Based on the grudges they had back at Bright Red Mountain Peak, Di Zhe should have wanted to kill her the moment he saw her . However, not only did he not do that, when he found out that she was following him, he even spared the life of her scarlet bees .

If it were not because of the reason that she had already guessed, there was nothing else that would make him think this way .

“That place, where is it? What other motives did they have for coming here?”

She couldn’t think of an answer because she didn’t know what they were going to do .

“They have already discovered our scarlet bees, so we have no idea where they are right now . ” Little Seven said, “We won’t be able to obtain that hundred ghost fan, then . ”

Yin Lin said that the hundred ghost fan had to land up in her hands . However, who knew where the ghost clan was at right now . How were they supposed to get it?

Qing Yi saw that Little Seven was a bit disappointed and said, “I can roughly estimate their location, but it won’t necessarily be accurate . The general direction should be right, though . ”

“Really? Why didn’t I know about your tracking ability?” Little Seven held onto Qing Yi’s arm, asking with a tilt of her head .

“How would I know how to track?” Qing Yi said, “It’s just that they’re ghost clansmen and have death aura . As they walk, they leave a bit of it behind . I can sense that light death aura . ”

If they were humans, he might not necessarily be able to do it . However, the tree of life was especially sensitive towards life and death auras . That was why he could tell .

If other ghost clans appeared as well, he might not necessarily be okay .

“Then I’ll have to trouble you . ” Sima You Yue said gratefully .

With Qing Yi leading the way, Sima You Yue let Halcyon bring them there as they continued to look for them .

One to two days later, they encountered some issues .

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“What’s wrong?”

“There are two ghost clans . They split up, and I don’t know which one they are . ” Qing Yi pointed towards two directions .

Sima You Yue looked around and the two places weren’t very far . However, if they guessed wrongly, it would probably be impossible to find them again .

She casually chose a direction and said, “Let’s go here . ”

She wasn’t sure which direction was the right one anyway, so she might as well try one .

As it turned out, she was wrong . When they caught up to the ghost clan, it wasn’t Di Zhe and the others .

When the ghost clan saw Sima You Yue and sensed her delicious soul, they were immediately moved .

“This human’s soul is really fragrant . Prince, we’ll go and get her soul for you . ” The guards beside the fifteenth prince were practically drooling when they saw Sima You Yue, and every single one said fawningly .

“Alright!” The fifteenth prince wiped away the drool at the corner of his mouth and said, “I’ve never seen such a fragrant soul in the ghost realm before . ”

A young male beside Fifteenth Prince looked at Sima You Yue and said, “Prince, this human is the child of the ghost clan and human clan . ”

“Is that so? Is that why her soul is so fragrant?” Fifteenth Prince felt like he was about to lose control . He really wanted to eat her up!

“Prince, we’ll go and kill her for you!”

Those guards said as they flew towards Sima You Yue .

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“Halt!” The male child stopped them .

“Fifth, say whatever you want to say later on . ” Fifteenth prince said, annoyed .

“Prince, I can sense a very familiar aura emanating from her . ” Di Wu E said .

“Eh?” Fifteenth Prince looked towards Sima You Yue, but he was completely enthralled by the fragrance and said, “I don’t care if it’s familiar . Even if she’s my blood sister, I must eat her today! What are you guys waiting for!”

“Yes, Prince . ”

The guards flew off, and Di Wu E wanted to stop them . To have such a similar aura to their prince, furthermore, a descendent of both human and ghost, he was pretty certain what her identity was .

A person by Di Wu E’s side pulled him to a stop, saying, “Di Wu, don’t you know the prince’s personality? Just as he said earlier, even if it was his blood sister, he would still eat her up . If she really was his sister, he probably would have killed her immediately when she was born . ”

Di Wu E thought about it and agreed . He really couldn’t understand why the clan would choose someone like him to support . They even wanted him to follow him all the time!

Sima You Yue and the others saw that the ghost clan wasn’t Di Zhe and the others and were about to turn around to leave when they saw the ghost clan start to attack them .

“Heyheyheyhey, weak little humans . Our prince has his sights set on your soul . That’s why you should obediently hand it over, eh?!” Those attacking Sima You Yue said with a wicked laugh .

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows, they wanted to eat her soul?

Little Seven, Little Dream and Flowey exchanged glances . They saw rage reflected in each other’s eyes .

They dared plot against their master?

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“Yue Yue, leave them to me . ” Little Dream stepped forwards, giving both her hands a stretch .

“I’ll join in too . ” Little Seven let go of Qing Yi and came beside Little Dream .

“You can’t leave me out of something like this . ” Flowey said .

“Three contracted beasts?” Although the ghost clansmen were a little surprised that she had so many contracted beasts, they didn’t pay too much attention to her .

There were so many of them . Were they afraid that they wouldn’t be able to take her down?

Their prince loved delicious souls, and so they killed quite a few ghost clansmen . Much less was to be said now that they had met a human .

“These people have such cruel gazes . ” Little Seven said, “Let us compete to see who kills the highest number . ”

“Alright!” Flowey’s ten fingers turned to vines as pretty and seductive flowers appeared on them, “The one who wins is the eldest sister!”

“Let’s begin, then!” Little Dream attacked the nearest ghost clansmen when she finished speaking .

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