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Chapter 1147: Chapter 1147 - Going on the journey alone

He Ming felt like he was not only injured, but gravely injured . Sima You Yue saw the way he was acting and felt like she had overreacted a little bit . She coughed twice and said, “Umm, about that… . Elder He, just say what you want to say!”

“Actually, I just wanted to ask you . Do you want to join our Hundred Changing Doors?” He Ming said begrudgingly .

“Cough cough, we already discussed that back inside . My answer won’t change . Thank you very much, Elder He, for your invitation, but You Yue really isn’t suited for joining such a large sect . ” Sima You Yue rejected him .

“You really won’t consider it?” He Ming was dissatisfied as he asked .

“I really won’t consider it . ” Sima You Yue siad, “Elder He, the other powers have already left . Aren’t you worried yet? If someone else steals some opportunity, that would be disastrous . ”

“Hmph, don’t think that I’m unaware that you just want to chase us away . ” He Ming said, “But nevermind then . Since you do not have the desire to, we will not force you . However, you have to remember to come to the Hundred Changing Doors to play when you have the time . ”

Sima You Yue smirked . If she really went to the Hundred Changing Doors, it wouldn’t be playing around .

“Alright, I’ll definitely go and take a look if there’s an opportunity . ” She replied with a smile .

He Ming looked at the ghost clan standing far away and said, “They seem to be waiting for you . The ghost clans aren’t any good . Do you want to leave with us?”

“No need . ” Sima You Yue said with a shake of her head, “I just happen to have some debts to settle with them . ”

“Alright then! Then you should take care of yourselves . We’ll go off . ”

He Ming led the Hundred Changing Doors off . In a moment, only You Yue and the ghost clansmen remained .

Di Zhe looked at Sima You Yue . he stayed where he was without moving . Sima You Yue saw that they weren’t moving, so she watched them warily . However, after ten minutes had passed, they still didn’t move . They didn’t seem like they were going to stay and neither did they seem like they were going to come over .

“Master, are you going to acknowledge her now?” Someone beside Di Zhe asked .

Di Zhe looked at Sima You Yue . His heart was troubled . He didn’t know whether or not he should acknowledge her .

He wanted to in his heart, but when he thought of what happened back at Bright Red Mountain Peak, he was a little hesitant . In any case, how was he going to go and tell her that he was her older brother?

Because of what happened before, he wasn’t close to the people of the same generation as him in the clan . He also rarely interacted with any relatives . Right now, if he was to go and get closer to her, he didn’t know what to say .

However, this person was Youngest Aunt’s daughter and he really wanted to say something to her .


Di Zhe sighed and waved his hands, saying, “Let’s go . ”

Sima You Yue looked at Di Zhe and was making some calculations internally, wondering how she was going to snatch the hundred ghost fan . Just as she was going to head over to them, he led his ghost clan away .

“Yue Yue, they’re gone off . ” Little Seven said .

“I know, I saw that . ”

“Then are we going to chase after them?”

Sima You Yue thought about it, but decided to let it go . She only let the scarlet bees go and keep an eye on them .

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She did not yet have a sure way to make Di Zhe hand the hundred ghost fan over . If push came to shove, she may not definitely win . Since she still had time, she could take it slow .

Right now, she still had to figure out the rubix sky .

Once Di Zhe and the others had walked far away, she hopped out of the exit . She dispersed the array, revealing Little Roc and Thousand Resonance .

“Are you guys alright?!”

Little Roc and Thousand Resonance stood up, saying, “We’re already . It seemed like nobody noticed us aside from the ghost clan that just left . ”

“The ghost clansmen noticed you?”

“There was someone who was very powerful . He’s the one who left an imprint on your body . He used his divine consciousness and found us . However, he didn’t say anything . It was as if he didn’t notice us at all . ” Little Roc said .

“Then how do you know that he noticed you?” Little Seven said as she hopped down .

“When he was sweeping this area with his consciousness, he lingered on us for a while . Because he noticed us . ” Thousand Resonance said .

“That guy almost killed Yue Yue the last time, but he actually didn’t do anything even when he discovered you? That’s too strange!” Little Seven said .

“This is not the only thing that’s strange . ” Sima You Yue’s eyes narrowed, “When I encountered them this time, every single thing was strange . It was totally different from the last time when we met with swords drawn . Their side was the strange one, but I can’t put my finger on it . ”

“Their eyes . ” Thousand Resonance siad, “I have thought about it deeply . Earlier on, when we were at bright red mountain peak, they looked at us like cattle, like the dead . There was no warmth in their eyes . However, this time, when they look at Yue Yue, their gaze is completely different . Especially the one in the centre . He looks at you like… family?”

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Even as Thousand Resonance said this, Sima You Yue felt the same .

But why? Was it truly like what she had thought about before? Did it have something to do with the ghost part of her body?

“Once I grab hold of him, I definitely have to ask him well . Let’s not think about this right now . Let’s go take a look at the rubix sky!”

Sima You Yue eagerly came beside the rubix sky . She held onto the large turntable that was about two centimetres wide and turned it quite a few rounds .

Earlier on, they didn’t properly look into this . They could only think of a way to get it open . Now that they had time, she wanted to spend it and properly research it .

This thing was extinct, and even the Hundred Changing Doors didn’t possess it . That proved how valuable it was .

“This thing is so big!” Little Seven said, “Aside from doing those things, what else is the rubix sky good for?”

“Didn’t you see what was written in that book? This thing is super useful . However, you’ll only know after researching it carefully, just how useful this is . ” Sima You Yue said .

However, that ancient book wasn’t too detailed about it either . That was why there was no use reading more of it .

However, this wasn’t the time to research more about it . With a thought, she kept the item away into her spirit pagoda .

“Yue Yue, where are we going right now?” Little Seven asked .

Sima You Yue looked at the direction Di Zhe and the others left in and said, “Senior Brothers and Sister, I’m going to go and settle something personal . You guys…”

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“Are you going to look for the ghost clan?”

Sima You Yue nodded .

Han Miao Shuang wanted to say that she wanted to go with her, but Jiang Jun Xian already spoke first .

“We were also thinking of heading somewhere else to see if there’s any opportunities elsewhere . We can take our leave then . ”

“Alright then . If anything comes up, remember to contact me . ” Sima You Yue looked at Jiang Jun Xian gratefully .

She wanted to look for Di Zhe on her own to clarify what she thought . Jiang Jun Xian could tell, which was why he said that .

Han Miao Shuang saw that Jiang Jun Xian had already agreed, so she could only nod . She looked at Sima You Yue and said, “Then you have to be careful . ”

“I will . ”

The three of them departed . Sima You Yue took Little Seven and the others, then left in the direction where Di Zhe went .

“Yue Yue, why didn’t you want to let Miao Shuang and the others come with us?” Little Seven asked .

“Because there are some things where, if they were to find out about them, would only bring them danger . ” Sima You Yue mumbled .

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