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Chapter 1139: 1139

After Sima You Yue finished setting up the arrays, she led the group to a cliff by the side . They used an array to hide themselves and waited for the devil wolf clan to enter . After half the day passed, the scarlet bees that were waiting outside sent information saying that the devil wolf clan were coming in . Sima You Yue immediately activated the array and hid them along with their auras . Very quickly, they saw the devil wolf clansmen running in excitedly . “Haha, was this the valley those humans were talking about?”

“This is one part of the remnant? Why does it look so ordinary?”

“Did you forget that the humans said that there was a fantasy array outside? Once we disable it, we will be able to see its true appearance . ”

“We’re not familiar with arrays, how are we supposed to disable the fantasy array?”

“We don’t understand arrays, but we have the strength! Smash everything! Smash everything outside here into smithereens . We’ll see how long the array can hold up!”

“Right! We have the strength!”

“Let’s go! Destroy these things!”

Every single one of the devil wolf clansmen were incredibly excited as they manifested their devil energy to raze the stones, grass and flowers into dust .

The devil wolf clansmen couldn’t see Sima You Yue and the others, but Sima You Yue and the others could see the devil wolf clansmen very clearly .

When she saw the devil wolf clansmen creating such chaos, she couldn’t help but purse her lips . It was a good thing that her array was rather sturdy . Otherwise, with this mess, they would never be able to start .

She released a bout of spirit energy and activated the array . When the devil energy was dispersed, another scene appeared in the valley .

“Such a dense devil aura!”

“Could it be that the emperor monarch is really from the devil clan?”

“Haha, if it is that way, we would definitely be able to use the items here!”

“Hurry, go in and see what kind of treasure is in here!”

Those devil wolves rushed into the valley . Once they entered, Sima You Yue activated the dragon trapping array .

Once the dragon trapping array was activated, the fantasy array activated as well . The scene in front of them immediately disappeared along with the dense devil aura .

“What is going on here?”

The devil wolves watched as the surroundings changed and was incredibly surprised .

“Young clan leader, it’s an array!”

They raised their heads and saw that there was a ripple on the top of the valley . The exit was the same . It was as if the entire valley was surrounded .

“Who’s messing around?!” Maroon Wolf cried out to the sky

“Young clan leader, there’s no devil aura here at all . We’ve been tricked!”

“This young master knows!” Maroon Wolf roared at his men .

If he still couldn’t tell that they had been cheated by this point, there was no longer any use for him to stay in the devil realm!

“Who’s the one messing around?!” The devil wolves cried out .

Sima You Yue released her array and a few human silhouettes immediately appeared on the peak .

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“Who are you guys? Why did you scheme against us?!” Maroon Wolf asked .

“You may not recognise us, but once you see her, you will understand . ” Sima You Yue finished speaking before stepping aside to reveal Little Dream, who appeared behind her .

The moment he saw Little Dream, Maroon Wolf was so surprised that he couldn’t speak .

“Dream- Dream devil beast…”

“Maroon Wolf, do you remember me?” Little Dream looked at him icily, the killing intent in her gaze thick and dense .

“You’re that dream devil beast!” Maroon Wolf had been with his clansmen and the others, dissecting her, back then . So many years had passed but she still looked the same . The same as in her memories .

“So you do still remember me!”

“Impossible, weren’t you suppressed? How could you be here?!” Maroon Wolf called out .

“I’ll have to thank you for suppressing me in the human realm . Otherwise, I would never have gotten to know my master and she couldn’t have rescued me, right?” Little Dream sneered coldly .

“Hmph, even if you have an immortal body, with a human as your contracted master, do you think you will be able to defeat us?”

Maroon Wolf saw that Sima You Yue’s gang was small in numbers and not that powerful either, so they didn’t take them seriously at all . After their momentary surprise, they returned to their usual cocky attitude .

“When did we say that we were going to fight you? You idiots!” Little Seven crossed her arms over her chest, looking at them with an expression that told them clearly she thought they were idiots .

“You plan to use this array to defeat us?” Maroon Wolf said, “What, you plan to keep us here forever, or do you want to come in here and meet us in battle?”

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When he saw Sima You Yue and the others upstairs, he guessed that they wouldn’t be coming in . If they did come down, they would be able to eliminate them with one stroke before taking their time to disable the array .

“Trying to goad us into coming down? Too bad, it’s useless against us!” Sima You Yue said .

Maroon Wolf narrowed his eyes . It seemed like they were planning to drag them down!

“The few of you, go and break this array!” He ordered the few men beside him .

“Yes, Young clan leader . ”

Those men flew into the sky and attacked the array . However, no matter how much strength they exerted, they couldn’t budge the array a single inch .

After they had attacked it a few times, the devil wolves felt like they were getting rather dizzy and weak . With a ‘boom’, they fell to the ground .

“Useless!” Maroon Wolf didn’t find that there was anything abnormal about them as he pointed at other clan members as he said, “You guys go!”

The few clansmen went to attack it as well, like the previous few had, but they fell down as well after a few attacks .

“Useless things! You guys go!’ Maroon Wolf ordered .

“Young Clan Leader, I feel that something is a miss . ” Someone beside Maroon Wolf said .

“What is amiss?” Maroon Wolf asked .

“The clansmen that we brought are all extremely powerful . They wouldn’t end up in this state after firing just a few attacks at the array . ” The person said .

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Maroon Wolf calmed down and thought about it, that was indeed the case . His devil wolf clansmen could not possibly be that weak that they would end up like this after just a few attacks .

“You go take a look . Just what is going on with them?”

“Understood . ”

They went to check on them before returning and saying, “Young Clan Leader, they should have been poisoned . ”

“Poisoned? How could they have been poisoned? You’re not mistaken?”

“Not mistaken . They truly have been poisoned . ”


Little Seven’s voice sounded from the cliff as she said while covering her mouth, “We just wanted to see how long it would take you to realise that they had been poisoned . You’re truly an idiot . You took such a long time to find out that it was poison . ”

The Devil Wolf Clan’s expressions turned ugly . These people had not only locked them in this array but had even poisoned them . They were prepared long ago!

“What did you poison us with?”

“It’s a kind of poison that will cause you to lose all strength and be unable to use your devil energy . However, it won’t spread that quickly in the beginning . Once you activate the devil energy in your body, it will spread even quicker . ” Sima You Yue explained .

When she said this, the ones who were gathering their devil energy to attack immediately retrieved their devil energy . Even Maroon Wolf was the same .

“Hehe, you idiots . Even if you don’t use your devil energy, this poison will take effect in half an hour . A few tens of minutes have already gone by, you should live your life to the fullest for the remaining time!” Little Seven kindheartedly reminded them .

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