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Chapter 1135: 1135

Xian Ming Lang kind of understood as well . However, he didn’t think that deeply . It was still Qi Wei who didn’t understand . “Just what are you saying?” He asked .

Zhou Lan sighed, saying, “If I said that the real one was at the other place, then that means this is the fake one . Why will there be someone who has found treasure here and even said that this is the real remnant of the Emperor? What benefit will there be?”

“To get everyone here . ” Qi Wei said, “But it’s also possible that this is the real place . ”

“You Yue has already confirmed that the one on the island was the real remnant . Would there be another real remnant here?” Zhou Lan asked .

“That’s impossible . Unless the Emperor is an idiot . ” Qi Wei said .

Of course the Emperor could not possibly be an idiot!

That was why…

“We’ve been here for such a long time, did we hear who the first one who found this place was? Which power did he hail from?” Zhou Lan asked again .

Yu Qing and the other two shook their heads .

“When an average person obtains a treasure, they can’t wait to bury the news from everyone . Why would this person spread the news instead?” Zhou Lan continued to ask .

“Someone has definitely lured everyone here intentionally . ” Qi Wei said .

“But why would they want to do that?” Yu Qing asked .

“No matter what the reason, this piece of news will definitely scare everyone . ” Zhou Lan said .

“Blue Blade thought of this, which is why he went back to notify Master and the others?”

“Mm . We just don’t know whether or not Master will believe it . ” Zhou Lan was rather worried .

They believed this because they knew the inside story, which was also because they believed in Sima You Yue . However, their sect members would definitely not believe her . This treasure was dangled right in front of them, and their IQ was now pathetically low .

“What if, and I’m only saying if, what if there’s no relationship between the previous Emperor and this place? Or we said that there’s other opportunities?” Xian Ming Lang said .

“We can’t discount this possibility . ” Zhou Lan said, “That’s why I’m worried that Master and the others wouldn’t believe this . ”

As expected, Blue Blade had an argument with a person beside his master, then left after throwing down a single sentence .

“Did they not believe you?” Zhou Lan asked .

“My Master was fine, but that damned Red Blade was opposing it over there . He kept insisting that I was a coward that was afraid, saying that this wasn’t any kind of plot at all, it was just me lying and finding an excuse because I was afraid . ” Blue Blade said, “I couldn’t talk about Xuan Qiu He either, that’s why it’s also expected that they wouldn’t believe me . ”

“Since you’ve already said it, it’s not up to you whether or not they believe you . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Although that is the case, they are still my sect members . If something really happened, there’s no way we can just let them be . ” Blue Blade said .

They were a single sect . Although they had their internal disagreements, they would still stand banded against outsiders . They were still one body, no matter what .

“But if they were determined to head to their deaths, would you still go along with?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

“If something really happened, we would die with them . ” Blue Blade said .

“Are you an idiot?” Sima You Yue rolled her eyes at Blue Blade . She initially thought that he wasn’t bad, but she knew now that he was really an idiot .


“If anything happens, you don’t think about how to rescue them . Instead, you think about dying with them . If that’s not stupidity, then what is it?” Sima You Yue asked .

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“You guys don’t know this, but my sect has a few obstinate people . They will never listen to what we say . ” Zhou Lan said rather helplessly .

“Then just let those obstinate people go in on their own . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“This isn’t realistic either . ” Zhou Lan shook her head, “If we go in, we will still be able to be on guard if anything happens .

“I hope so . ”

At this time, those from the heroic sword sect waved at them, asking them to return .

“They’re calling for us . We should hurry up and enter . ”

“You guys go ahead . ” Sima You Yue smiled .

Qi Wei pulled on Sima You Yue’s clothes, saying, “Boss, if something happens, you definitely have to come save us!”

Sima You Yue used two fingers to pull at the twist in her clothes and pulled it lightly out of his grasp .

She smiled at Qi Wei, saying, “I’m not even going in . How am I supposed to save you guys? As my little brother, you have to be smarter . Don’t’ die inside . ”

“Boss, I feel like your smile is a little cruel!” Qi Wei said with pursed lips .

“Is it?” Sima You Yue smiled even wider, “The Qi clan should have prepared quite a few good things for you . Use them well . Don’t die while you’re in there . Otherwise, I won’t acknowledge having you as my little brother . ”

“… alright then . ”

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Qi Wei walked away, full of grievance . He believed Sima You Yue . Since she said that something would happen, something bad would definitely happen .

Stay alive! Stay Alive! Otherwise, he couldn’t be her little brother anymore!

Only when Blue Blade and the others walked away did Han Miao Shuang ask, “Junior Sister, are we really not going in?”

“We’ll see the situation . But we definitely won’t go in with them . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Should we inform the others?”

Sima You Yue looked at the people below and there were some that she was acquainted with, so she said, “We can let them know . However, it’s not our problem whether or not they believe it . ”

“How will we notify them?”

Sima You Yue took out some paper and scribbled some words on it quickly . Then, she divided them into little little pieces as she called out the scarlet bees . She got them to hold on to those and use them to notify the relevant powers .

People started streaming into the entrance already . Those who received her slip of paper didn’t care for what she said at all .

Big Wei and Little Wei were currently speaking to someone from their sect when a scarlet bee flew in front of them .

“What is this?” The person who was speaking with them asked .

“You Yue’s scarlet bee . ” Big Wei replied .

He stretched forth a hand, and the scarlet bee stopped in his palm . A faint white light flashed, and a piece of paper appeared in his hand .

He took the piece of paper and the scarlet bee fluttered its wings and flew away .

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“Is she giving us some piece of news?” Little Wei asked when he saw that Big Wei didn’t speak after receiving that piece of paper .

Big Wei opened up the piece of paper to allow everyone to take a look at what was written .

“The remnants could be real or fake . Guard against the ploys . ” Little Wei read it once and said, “She’s saying that this remnant is a fake and that there’s a trap inside?”

“No matter whether or not there are traps, we have to be more careful . ” Big Wei said, “You Yue, that child, it’s not like you don’t know this, but she will never say anything without being completely certain . ”

“You Yue? Is that the array genius that you talked about from that academy?” The one beside him asked .

“Mm, that’s the one . ”

“She seems to be on fire lately . I hear others talking about her often . ”

“Definitely, a hero emerges from the youth! It would be great if this person was from our sect . Based on her talents, our Hundred Changing Door Sect will once again rise back to our previous glory . ”

“But those are just dreams . The sect that she has just set up is pretty big . To ask her to relinquish her Deputy Valley Master position to join us isn’t realistic . ”

Big Wei and Little Wei exchanged glances . They hadn’t even revealed the fact that Sima You Yue had that array book . Their sect master was the only one who knew . If they knew that she possessed the book, they probably wouldn’t continue thinking this way .

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