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Chapter 1130: 1130

Sima You Yue was really happy that Little Seven thought this way, but she still walked off without doing anything . Without even starting on how difficult it would be to handle Heavenly Net, even if they had the time to do it, she didn’t want to release them all .

Even as Little Seven walked away, she kept looking back at Heavenly Net . It was as if she really wanted to take them back with her .

When they came to the front of the restricted area, Little Dough opened it and everyone came out .

The men from Heartbreak Valley appeared once again, and everyone couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief .

They finally appeared!

Sima You Yue came out and saw Jiang Jun Xian, Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao along with the men from the Xuan Qiu clan . However, she didn’t catch sight of Shi Qian Zhi or Shi Qiu Shuang .

“Wait here for me for a while . ” Sima You Yue told Ximen Feng and the others before walking over to Xuan Qiu He .

She came in front of him, took out the bodhi leaf and handed it to him .

“Thank you . ”

She was truly grateful to him . If he had not sent her in, Ximen Feng and the others would never have been able to return .

Xuan Qiu He took the bodhi leaf and said, “To be able to have helped you has given me joy as well . It is good that those from Heartbreak Valley are well . ”

Although he didn’t know what went on in there, he believed that it was because of her that they managed to come out alive .

“If you ever need any help in the future, I, You Yue, will definitely neither run nor hide!” Sima You Yue said .

“If I really do need your help in the future, I really won’t hold back either . ” Xuan Qiu He said, “Since you’re all okay now, we’ll take our leave . ”

“Please do!”

Xuan Qiu He led his Xuan Qiu clan away . Only then did Sima You Yue turn to Han Miao Shuang and the others to ask, “Where’s Qiu Shuang and the others?

“Someone came earlier to say that there were those pretending to be from the Mythical Dragon Clan were trying to kill other sect members again . Shi Qian Zhi and Shi Qiu Shuang went to settle it . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Why didn’t you go with them, then?” Sima You Yue turned to Jiang Jun Xian . Wasn’t he also a part of the Mythical Dragon Clan? His position was rather high too .

“I’ve never bothered with the clan’s issues before . ” Jiang Jun Xian said, “As for that little issue, the two of them are more than enough to deal with it . ”

“I think you’re worried about Senior Sister . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

Jiang Jun Xian didn’t deny it either . This guy really just enjoyed teasing them, there was no need to bother himself with it .

He leaned on Han Miao Shuang and then fell back to sleep .

Sima You Yue saw that he closed his eyes and was pretending to be asleep, and smiled lightly . It had been a while since she had seen him like that .

“Deputy Valley Master, what should we do now?” Someone from Heartbreak Valley asked .

“I think this place has already been searched enough, those places which are accessible to others will have been scoured many times over . ” Han Miao Shaung said .

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Sima You Yue asked the scarlet bees that were on the outside to find out how things were .

However, weren’t there many places that nobody had gone before?

She looked at Little Dough, saying, “Didn’t you take everyone into the restricted area? You should take everyone for a walk around . ”

“Ah? You still want to go?” Little Dough exclaimed .

“That’s right . Since there’s treasure, why would we not go look for it? It’ll be fine as long as it’s not like how it was before . ” Sima You Yue said .

“However, I don’t have that much ability anymore . ” Little Dough said . “I haven’t finished ingesting the other half of the stone, so I won’t have the ability to bring so many in with me . ”

“No problem, you don’t have to take them all . You just have to bring me in . ”

Her smile caused Little Dough to shudder .

Such a terrifying evil woman!

Ximen Li touched her nose speechlessly . Her older sister was obviously very gentle . Why did Little Dough constantly refer to her as an evil woman?!

When she saw Little Dough’s reaction, Sima You Yue pulled it out from Ximen Li’s embrace, saying, “Just take it as the punishment meted out to you . ”

“But Ximen Feng has already punished us . ” Little Dough refuted, “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t?”

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“I said that I didn’t have the energy to punish you back then . ” Sima You Yue said, “Resistance is futile, just do it obediently! Haha…”

Little Dough didn’t have arms and legs, so it just twisted around in her grasp . When it saw Sima You Yue produce Crimson Flame’s fire, it settled down obediently and said reluctantly, “Fine then…”

As such, for practically a year, she hugged onto Little Dough in some way or another as they went through all the restricted areas .

She brought everyone in the little realm, then looked for relatively safe areas with Little Dough before entering . If there was no danger, she would call everyone out to look for treasure . If it was dangerous, the man and beast would retreat .

Everytime Little Dough tried to refuse, Sima You Yue would play with her fireball, forcing that guy to toss back whatever it initially wanted to say .

After all these occurrences, Little Dough was even more certain that Sima You Yue was an evil woman and was certain that it would have to separate its master from her .

This woman was too terrifying!

Those who had come for the Immortal Land had come and gone, and the little island slowly became empty .

With the Tree of Life gone and nothing to look for in the Immortal Land, there was no longer any meaning for them to stay . They might as well search in other places .

One year later, Sima You Yue led her men from Heartbreak Valley out as well . This was because Xuan Qiu He had found out news about the Emperor’s inheritance and the Heartbreak valley’s men had finished absorbing everything in the holy cultivation ground . The occasional treasure had also been taken by Sima You Yue’s people .

Of course, there were more items in the Immortal Land along with a few other restricted areas that they hadn’t ventured into .

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but Little Dough said that there was something scary inside . When she thought of Heavenly Net, she decided to let it go . If there was some kind of terrifying existence inside and they weren’t able to deal with it, it would be troublesome .

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Oh, and everyone from Heartbreak Valley had increased in rank . This was something pretty noteworthy .

Little Seven brought everyone back to land on her boat, then got Ximen Feng to take the men of Heartbreak Valley away .

“Why don’t you want to go with your group?” Jiang Jun Xian lazily opened an eye, asking sleepily .

“They have their fortuitous encounters, as do I . If we go together, we will lose it . ” Sima You Yue said .

“How do you know that?”

“Yin Lin told me . ”

That was true . Although the men of Heartbreak Valley encountered danger this time, they had profited a lot from it .

However, didn’t Yin Lin say that there wouldn’t be danger? Could it be that he meant that the danger wouldn’t be that great because of her intervention to rescue them, leaving them unharmed?

No matter what, it was good to reap rewards .

After Ximen Feng and the others had left, Sima You Yue and Han Miao Shuang left in the same direction . This way, they wouldn’t be too far from one another . If anything happened, they would be able to respond quickly .

However, Yin Lin’s words were not spoken in vain . Later on, once everyone had left Immortal Land, the men from Heartbreak Valley no longer sent out any emergency signal requesting for help . After the group swept the Immortal Land, they returned with huge rewards before it closed .

Also, nobody knew why, but the Immortal Land had opened longer than it ever had before . From the time it just opened to when it finally closed, it was about twenty years . This was something that nobody, not even Yin Lin, had expected .

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