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Chapter 1128: 1128

Little Dough stared at the flame in Sima You Yue’s hand . It shranked back and said, “This, you’re injured . Don’t play with fire now . ”“Then do you know who you are now?” Sima You Yue played with the flames . “Are you willing to tell the truth? If you don’t Little Seven, I haven’t made a baked Little Dough for you yet right? It tastes good too, do you want to eat it?”

“Sure, mmm, as long as Yue Yue makes it, it’s all delicious . ” Little Seven echoed .

Little Dough shrank back, looking at Sima You Yue, it didn’t look like she was joking .

“That, I’ll say, I’ll say . You put away the flames first . Let’s talk nicely, okay? If you get hurt again, everyone will be worried again, right, ha ha ha…” It said nervously with a wry smile .

“It’s no problem . I can bear this bit of flame . ” Sima You Yue retorted . “Are you going to say, or not…”

“Say, say, I’ll say right now!” Little Dough sneaked a glance at the Crimson Flame’s flame . It was crying in its heart .

Ruthless woman, bullying it because of it’s low strength . If it was strong, much much stronger, it would definitely make her crawl underneath it’s feet!

“Then quickly say it! My patience is limited!” Sima You Yue yelled . “What are you?”

Ximen Li looked down at Little Dough . She also didn’t know Little Dough’s identity .

Little Dough felt more aggrieved after being yelled by Sima You Yue . It’s body moved, limbs grew and a head grew with facial features .

“A tiger?” Little Seven watched Little Dough . “What is a tiger pretending for?!”

“I’m not a tiger!” Little Dough protested .

“A white tiger . If you’re not a tiger then what are you . Are you saying you’re the white tiger of the four divine beasts?” Little Seven poked her neck .

“I’m not the white tiger . ” Little Dough who was originally proud of its identity . But when it thought of Sima You Yue’s Vermillion Bird beside her, it didn’t feel as proud .

“You’re not a tiger, not the white tiger, then what are you?” Sima You Yue asked softly while playing with flames .

Little Dough twisted it’s body and another head grew beside her head and another head grew on the other side .

Little Seven blinked . She glanced at Little Dough and cried out in surprise: “You’re not a tiger, but a monster!”

“I am not a monster!” Little Dough felt hurt . It really wasn’t a monster!

“You have three heads! What are you if not a monster?” Little Seven snorted .

“I’m not! I’m not! I’m not a monster! If you keep saying I’m a monster, I will bite you!” After the three heads of Little Dough appeared together, it’s voice became a bit scary .

It was a pity that people here were not all experienced people . This kind of aura did not scare them .

“It’s the ancient divine beast, Lu Wu* . ” Qing Yi said .

(*Chinese mythological beast with the face of a human and the body of a tiger . Fyi, It has 9 faces and 9 tails . )

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Little Dough turned to look at Qing Yi . It didn’t expect someone to recognize it .

“How many heads have you grown?” When Qing Yi didn’t speak, everyone didn’t sense his existence . Everyone looked at him when he spoke .

Speaking of it’s heads, Little Dough put away it’s three heads and twisted it’s body once more . It’s four limbs were gone and it had returned to its original appearance of Little Dough .

“I haven’t completely transformed… . ”

It looked forlorn .

“So you’re still a Little Dough right now . ” Sima You Yue remarked .

“Qing Yi, what kind of beast is Lu Wu? Is it strong?” Little Seven asked .

“When it has nine heads, it is very powerful . Without it, it’s just average . ” Qing Yi explained .

“Isn’t that same as Thousand Resonance . After he grows nine tails, he will be a real nine-tailed spirit fox . ” Little Seven said .

“We know who you are now . Then Little Dough, now say why did you fool everyone to come here . ” Sima You Yue said .

“I didn’t fool everyone to come here . Didn’t everyone find opportunities?” Little Dough replied without confidence .

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“Are you sure that is your response?”

As soon as Little Dough met Sima You Yue’s gaze, it felt even less confident . It was afraid she would throw the flames in her hand at it so it honestly confessed, “I felt there was an antiquity aura here, so I led them here . I didn’t expect that there would be so many ancient spirit beasts here . I also didn’t know there was a Heavenly Net above . ”

“Do you really don’t know or are you pretending?” Sima You Yue interrogated .

“I really don’t know . I can swear!” Little Dough said . “I had thought, if they could absorb the spirit power and gain strength, I could get what I want . Isn’t that a win-win situation? Who knew that those spirit power and those things were to suppress those spirit beasts . I didn’t expect that a few of them would escape before the Heavenly Net activated . ”


“Really, really!” Little Dough nodded vigorously . “My starting point was good, but I didn’t consider the things afterwards . ”

“What did you want? That array stone?” Sima You Yue asked .

“That’s not an ordinary array stone, it’s a source stone which contains antiquity aura . As long as I digested it, I will surely grow an extra head!” Little Dough said .

“Speaking of it, you said that you can transform into a long time ago . Why hadn’t you successfully transformed and you’re still absorbing Li’er spirit power? Huh?” Sima You Yue narrowed her eyes . “Tell me, if I find out you lie to me, what would I do to you? Braised in soy sauce? Deep fried in oil? Fried? Barbecue or hot pot?”

Each word she mentioned made Little Dough’s body shake . It felt the surrounding temperature drop by one point .

“I didn’t lie to you . Hey, you are so wise and brilliant, a smart person, how dare I lie to you?” Little Dough said dogmatically .

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“Then what’s going on with you? Why haven’t you successfully transformed?”

“Aren’t I trying to improve Li’er and myself?” Little Dough said . “The later I transform, the stronger I will be after transforming . I said I can transform, but it’s just with one head . If I can transform with four or five heads, when I transform, my talent will be even higher after transforming . Li’er can also gain more power . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t know if it was telling the truth so she looked at Qing Yi for help .

Since Qing Yi could recognize Little Dough’s identity . He should know right?

Qing Yi nodded, indicating there was such a thing .

“Alright, I will believe you for the time being . ” Sima You Yue said . “Since I am aware of the situation, I need to go think about how to punish you . ”

Little Dough shrank its body towards Ximen Li and said weakly, “I said it was not on purpose . ”

“You’ll still need to be punished . ” Sima You Yue stated .

“Then how are you going to punish me?” Little Dough shrank into a small ball, obviously frightened .

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