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Chapter 1127: 1127

Her sudden movement made the hearts of people agitated . But after this mumure, there was no movement . “Yue Yue? Yue Yue?”


But no matter how they shouted, Sima You Yue didn’t respond .

“She is badly injured . Even if there is my blood, it will still take a day or two to recover . She won’t wake up so early . ” Qing Yi said . “While being worried here, how about having her lie down on something more comfortable . ”

“That’s right . Let’s set up a tent for Yue Yue . ” Little Seven said .

“Let us do it . ”

Ximen Feng and Ximen Li set up a tent for Sima You Yue on the spot . Then Crimson Flame picked her up and put her on the bed .

Little Seven, Little Dream and them stay beside her . Ximen Li was also sitting aside . When she looked at her pale face, she felt guilty .

This was all because of her . How could she forgive herself?

“Sister, you must get better soon . ”

She wanted to hold Sima You Yue’s hand . But because it was covered in scars, she didn’t dare to touch it .

Ximen Feng stood at the entrance . He couldn’t bear to look at Sima You Yue like this . It reminded him of what happened back then .

He turned around and went outside . He looked at the spirit beasts that kept attacking the Heavenly Net below .

“Valley Master, look, these spirit beasts are much uglier than the spirit beasts then . ” The people of Heartbreak Valley were looking at the spirit beasts in the Heavenly Net .

“I don’t know who sealed them here . Why didn’t they just kill them?” Bi Sheng asked .

“I’m curious about which Emperor set up the Heavenly Net . It’s really amazing . ”

Ximen Feng glanced down at the ugly spirit beasts . “Something must have happened before, for this to appear . But these have nothing to do with us . When she gets better, we will leave here . ”

“Valley Master, how is Boss?” Ni An Yi asked .

“Under stable recovery . ” Ximen Feng replied . “Although these things happened, fortunately everyone has gained something . ”

Although this time was a thrill ride, everyone had advanced . Some even went up by two levels . For people of their level, it wasn’t easy to accomplish .

How many people who couldn’t even rise by a level for decades were there? But they advanced as soon as they came . It was not easy .

Ximen Feng looked at spirit beasts and remained silent . He didn’t know what had happened before for there to be so many ancient spirit beasts to survive and still were awake .

Fortunately, they were now in the immortal land . After they leave, no matter what would happen in here, it was not going to affect their lives .

If it was outside in the continent, these spirit beasts would give people headaches .

Everyone waited for a day . One day later, Sima You Yue finally woke up .

“Yue Yue, you’re awake . ” Little Seven noticed Sima You Yue wake up . She suddenly became energetic .

“Yue Yue!” Little Dream and others gathered around .

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“Sister, how do you feel?”

Sima You Yue frowned . “My whole body hurts . ”

“All the bones in your body broke, your internal organs were torn apart, and your muscles were strained, so the pain is normal . ” Qing Yi replied . “It is not bad, you actually woke up in one day . ”

Although Sima You Yue was in a coma, she knew his essence blood was in her body . ” She gratefully said, “Thank you . ”

“I don’t want Little Seven to waste her essence blood . ” Qing Yi said .

“No matter what the subjective reason is, on the objective side, you help me . ” Sima You Yue weakly smiled .

“Sister, you are still seriously injured now . Don’t talk so much . ” Ximen Li urged .

Sima You Yue looked at her red eyes . “Why are your red eyes like a rabbit? Have you been crying hard for the past few days?”

“Sister, I’m sorry . It’s all because of me . I will accept any punishment from you . ” Ximen Li bit her lower lip and said with self-accusation .

“Mm, this thing really did start because of you . I don’t think you’re feeling well these two days . So I’m not going to punish you . As for how Feng’er and them deal with it, I don’t care . However, I will punish the real culprit .

Little Dough in Ximen Li’s body shrank it’s neck subconsciously . Wasn’t this ruthless woman talking about itself?

No, I can’t be blamed for this matter . It’s all because these humans wanted to increase their strength . It was not it’s fault, not her fault .

“Little Dough, are you coming out yourself or have Li’er throw you out . ”

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Sima You Yue’s cold voice cruelly broke her self-comfort .

Uh uh uh, this ruthless woman was really looking for her trouble!

“I’ll count to three, if you don’t come out…” Sima You Yue threatened .

Maybe she was frightened by her . Before she even started counting, Little Dough came out of Ximen Li’s body .

“Smart, kind-hearted, strong, beautiful, and lovely You Yue, what can I do for you?” As soon as Little Dough came out, she hugged Sima You Yue’s leg and began to flatter her .

Sima You Yue frowned, Little Dream grabbed Little Dough and threw it outside .

Little Dough sludged in from outside and wanted to hug Sima You Yue’s legs again . Little Dream did not raise her eyelids as she reproached, “You’re hurting Sima You Yue . ”

It meant that if it dared to come over, it would be thrown out again .

Little Dough stopped at a distance of ten centimeters from Sima You Yue then obediently went beside Ximen Li .

It was acting very cute now so she shouldn’t want to punish it now, right?

It was said that women like cute things . By acting cute, a woman’s heart will melt from it . Hopefully this trick was useful to this ruthless woman!

When Kong Xiang Yi saw such an obedient Little Dough who had acted arrogantly inside the sinkhole, she pursed her lips .

It turned out this guy was someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong!

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Sima You Yue would not be fooled by this Little Dough’s pretense . It was far worse than Little Roar acting cute .

When she wanted to get up, Little Seven and Little Dream immediately supported her with pillows .

She looked at Little Dough with a cold face . “You already knew what was below here, right?”

Little Dough shook its head in denial . She had to be kidding, why would it admit it? If it admitted everything, the ruthless woman would pull its skin off!

But seeing Sima You Yue’s penetrating gaze, its head drooped, nodding slowly eventually .

“As expected, you knew!” Sima You Yue sneered . “So you planned all this? Let everyone help you absorb all those spirit power and have them become your scapegoat!”

Her voice was getting colder and harsher . Everyone in the room was shocked, especially Ximen Li and Little Dough .

“No, no, it’s not that like that!” Little Dough quickly denied . Otherwise it would be dealt with by this ruthless woman .

Sima You Yue didn’t believe it . She shot out a ball of Crimson Flame’s fire . “Really, then tell me what are you!”

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