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Chapter 1123: 1123

“Originally, everything was fine . Everyone had advanced and they were all very content . ” Ni An Yi said, “Especially the people from the Blood Fiend City . They have not advanced for many years after being poisoned by the Blood Demon Tree . They didn’t expect to advance soon after they came out . ”“What does advancement have to do with these?” Little Seven asked . “At the beginning, those who advanced were all good . But afterwards, those who later advanced cannot stop advancing . ” Shi Chen said .

“Can’t stop advancing? What does that mean?”

“Those who later advanced will form a spiritual power vortex over their heads . The vortex keeps sucking the spiritual power into their bodies . Some people have risen by two levels because of this . Two people have also burst their meridians because of this . ” Shi Chen was scared after thinking of that scene for a while .

“Then how to stop it?”

“It is impossible to stop it until the spiritual power inside there was sucked clean . ” Shi Chen said .

Thinking of the scene after the spiritual power was sucked clean, everyone present shuddered .

“What happened after it was sucked clean, scaring you all so bad . ” Little Seven asked curiously .

“There have been a lot of monsters . Some with bodies, some without bodies, and then there are all sorts of combinations . They are all in the caves looking at us . ” Ni An Yi said .

“In the caves? The caves mentioned earlier?”

“Yes . ” Ni An Yi said, “When we absorbed the spiritual power in the sinkhole, we saw a strange stone, which seemed to contain a lot of power . Before we had time to study what it was, Little Dough jumped on top of it . ”

“Little Dough should be the one in Miss Li’er’s body that she mentioned . ” Shi Chen said . “That Little Dough swallowed up the stone and that’s when the nightmare started . ”

When Little Dough swallowed the array stone, the restriction front of the cave disappeared . The whole valley seemed to come alive . The strong antiquity aura burst out instantly, and then the spirit beast ran out and attacked them .

Fortunately, Old Bi was quick to respond . He lifted up the ball, buckled the remaining half of the stone from its mouth and put it back .

However, those things in the caves came alive, and only half of the suppressing stones remained, and the suppression on them became less .

Now those spirit beasts had been attacking the restriction in front of the cave, wanting to rush out . Later, they found that injecting spiritual power into the incomplete array stone could increase the restriction in front of the cave, so they took turns to inject spiritual power there .

And like the ones running around after Ni An Yi and the others, they were the antiquity spirit beasts that ran out at the very beginning .

“Since Little Dough can let you in, why don’t you let it take you out? Should those spirit beasts not pass through the restriction?” Little Seven asked .

“Everyone wanted to leave, but we discovered that an invisible net appeared on the top of the sinkhole, and that net locked the spirit beasts and the valley master underneath . We can’t get down, nor can they get up . ” Shi Chen said, “The people below are taking turns inputting spiritual power, but the input spiritual power is not proportional to the supplement, and it will not be long before everyone runs out of spiritual power . ”

Sima You Yue was silent, unable to go down or up, which was really a headache .

“How many people are up there?”

“Besides us, there are dozens more . Because there are more spirit beasts who catched up to us, so we did not gather together, but chose to flee separately . This would also disperse the spirit beasts a bit . ” Ni An Yi said .

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“Yue Yue, what shall we do now?” Little Seven asked .

Sima You Yue took out the scroll, took a look at it, and asked, “How strong is the spirit beast that came up? Compared to those chasing you?”

“About the same . ” Ni An Yi said .

Sima You Yue thought for a while and said, “Flowey, Little Dream, you guys take this, and Shi Chen and the others go to rescue the others . Ni An Yi and I will go to that hole to have a look . Do you still know where that place is?”

Seeing Sima You Yue looking at him, Ni An Yi nodded . That place was very easy to find, and it left him such a deep impression that he would never forget it!

“Let’s go, let’s split up . Little Dream and Flowey, after you guys find everyone, follow them back here . If you can’t handle it, don’t force yourself . Rather, contact me, understand?” Sima You Yue told Flowey and Little Dream .

“We understand . ” Little Dream nodded .

At this time, she was not the previous she, and both her mind and strength had risen a lot .

“Then, you guys be careful . ”

“You too . ”

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Flowey and Little Dream followed Shi Chen and the others, holding the scroll to rescue the others . Sima You Yue patted Ni An Yi, who looked at Little Dream in a daze, and said, “Let’s go, too . ”

“Boss, how does this Little Dream feel different from before?” Ni An Yi kept up with Sima You Yue and asked as they hurried to the sinkhole .

“When someone remembers their past experiences, they naturally become a different person . ” Sima You Yue said, “Why are you interested in Little Dream’s affairs?”

“Isn’t it because I saw her in a coma before, so that when I see her again, I will compare her to the previous her . What did she remember, Boss, can you tell me?” Ni An Yi said .

“Just focus on reaching our destination . If you inquire into Little Dream’s personal affairs, she will make you regret it later . ” Sima You Yue said .

Ni An Yi rubbed his nose, but he wanted to see how he would regret it .

Sima You Yue followed Ni An Yi for a long time and came to the sinkhole they were talking about .

“This is the place . ” Ni An Yi said, “Boss, look . ”

With that , he picked up a stone and threw it down, but as soon as it flew on top of the sinkhole, it was blocked . S net flashed in the air, and then disappeared again .

“It’s really like a net . ” Little Seven said, “What exactly is it?”

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“This should have been placed by the Emperor after he discovered these antiquity spirit beasts . ” Sima You Yue said, “I don’t know why those spirit beasts were trapped in the sinkhole, and they might come alive at any time . In order to prevent them from coming out to harm people, he arranged a formation or enchantment at the entrance of the cave, suppressed it with the thing eaten by Little Dough, and arranged such a thing in the air . Once the lower array is destroyed, the upper one will be activated . ”

“Yes, that’s what they also guessed . ” Ni An Yi said, “But if this is not opened, they will not be able to get out . But if this is opened, those antiquity spirit beasts may run out again, and I don’t know whether the external restriction can stop them . ”

“So the best way is to keep them from going out . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then what are we going to do?”

Sima You Yue stood on the edge of the sinkhole and observed for a while, then suddenly took a step into the air .

And as she stood up, that net-like pattern appeared under her feet, blocking her outside .

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