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Chapter 1122: 1122

Chapter 1122 What Happened to Them


“Deputy Valley Master!”

They flew towards Sima You Yue, tears in their eyes . They felt inexplicably at ease when they saw Sima You Yue .

They didn’t know why . But when they saw her, they felt hope . Although the current situation was very dangerous and she was alone, they just believed that she could get them out of here!

“Boss, ugh ugh, you are finally here! If you don’t come, you won’t see us again!” Ni An Yi clutched tightly onto Sima You Yue’s clothes . He was bawling but there were no tears in his cries .

Sima You Yue was originally worried about them . But after seeing his humorous anecdotes, she couldn’t help but want to slap him twice .

“Alright, alright, stop bawling . You’ll disturb Flowey and Little Dream who are dealing with them . ” She slapped Ni An Yi’s forehead and pushed him away from her . She glanced at Shi Chen . “Shi Chen, why is it just you? Where are the others?”

“We got separated . Most of the people are in the valley in front . The others are scattered where I don’t know, but most of them are running around like us . ” Shi Chen answered .

“What the heck happened?” Sima You Yue frowned . “Weren’t you doing well, why are you here? What’s with this dense antiquity aura, and what is it?”

According to Yin Lin’s words, they shouldn’t be in danger . How did they encounter such a dangerous thing after being separated for a period of time?

“They’re all ancient spirit beasts . ” Shi Chen said .

“All ancient spirit beasts? How come there are so many ancient spirit beasts?” Little Seven asked .

“They must be left behind by the Emperor . ” Qing Yi said .

Shi Chen and the others glanced at Qing Yi . Their respect towards him grew after which they couldn’t tell his strength .

At this time, Little Dream and Flowey eliminated those spirit beasts and came back .

“Yue Yue, we’re done!”

“Thanks for the hard work . ” Sima You Yue said . “Now you guys can talk about what is going on?”

“It’s like this…”

Several months ago .

Ximen Feng brought the people from Heartbreak Valley around the ruins for a few months .

“What’s wrong, Li’er?” Ximen Feng asked when Ximen Li stopped .

“Second Brother, there is a treasure here . ”Ximen Li pointed to the valley .

Ximen Feng looked at the white mist . “The restrictions here can’t be cracked . We cannot enter . ”

“Little Dough said it can let us in . ” Ximen Li said . “It said that there’s good stuff in it, which can greatly raise our strength . ”

When everyone heard their strength could be raised greatly, they were moved . Didn’t they come to the Immortal Land to increase their strength? Now there was a place to improve their cultivation, how could they let it go .

“But the restriction here has never been broken before, will it be dangerous?” Shi Chen put forward his thoughts .

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“Historically, opportunities and danger coexist . The greater the danger, the greater the opportunity . ”

“That’s right . Besides, didn’t Lord Yin Lin say that we won’t have any big problems with this trip to the immortal land? Since Lord Yin Lin said so, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?”

“Uncle Bi, what do you think?” Ximen Feng asked Bi Sheng .

Bi Sheng remained silent for a while . “I think we can give it a try . Even if there’s danger, danger is inevitable on the road of seeking the way . Avoid it now, you will not be able to avoid it in the future . ”

“Li’er, Little Dough can really let us in?” Ximen Feng asked .

Ximen Li nodded . “Little Dough said it can take us in . ”

“Alright then, let’s go in and see . There must be a good treasure that attracted it . ” Ximen Feng said .

Ximen Li came before the spirit barrier and placed her hand on the barrier . Soon, a hole appeared in the barrier .

“Alright . ” Ximen Li retracted her hand and looked back at Ximen Feng .

“Let’s go in . Li’er you stay by my side . Xian Yi, you are as well . ”

Ximen Feng went in pulling the girl first .

They didn’t see any treasure inside the spirit barrier . It was just an ordinary valley . The herbs in the valley were not as precious as those outside .

Seeing this scenery, everyone was a little disappointed . Didn’t they say there was treasure? That can increase their strength? Why was there nothing?!

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“Little Dough said further in . ” Ximen Li said . “There’s another restriction ahead . ”

They wonder what type of treasure it was that required two restrictions to suppress it . But since they came here, they weren’t going back without getting anything .

“Then let’s inside and see . ”

They came to the other side of the valley and let Ximen Li take them inside the restriction . As soon as they entered, they had a different feeling from outside .

“Such dense spirit power . ” They commented in surprise .

The dense spirit power showed that there were some treasures here . Only in this way could such an environment form this restriction .

Everyone was excited, thinking they found the treasure! If this could aid everyone in their cultivation and increase their strength .

At that time, there was no antiquity aura, nor any antiquity spirit beast like now .

“What happened later? How did it become like this? As we entered, we felt the antiquity aura rushing in our faces . Is this all from later on?” Little Seven blinked her big eyes and asked curiously .

“It did happen later . ” Shi Chen replied . “After we came in, we walked in the direction pointed by Little Dough . The further we go in, the denser the spirit power . ”

At that time, when they saw the richness of the spirit power that was like water, everyone got excited . If they could cultivate here, it would require half the effort .

They flew for a while before coming to a sinkhole . They found that spirit power was coming from below .

“What’s below here that can exude such a dense spirit power . ”

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“You’ll know when you go down . ”

“Will there be any danger?”

“Let some people go and check the situation . ”

Ni An Yi led some people down . After a while, he came back up . “Valley Master, the mist below is full of spirit power, but the visibility is low . However, there seems to be some caves at the bottom of the cliff . But we couldn’t get close because there was something blocking our way . ”

“Is there danger?”

“Probably not . There are no spirit beasts underneath, nor restrictions or arrays . ” Ni An Yi said . “It feels like an empty sinkhole . But I don’t know what is inside the caves . ”

When they heard that there was no danger, everyone went down one after another . They found a place to start cultivating .

At that time, they didn’t know the reason . They absorbed more spirit power into their body than usual . After a few months, many people started advancing .

And the problem appeared after everyone advanced… .

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