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Chapter 1115: 1115

“I heard that Sima You Yue will always get struck by lightning every time she advances in rank . ” Someone said . “Seems like it . Members from the sect talked about it before . ”

“Then wouldn’t she get striked many times before, if she gets struck every advancement?”

“Thinking back of the dark forest that time, it harmed quite a few Monarch rankers!”

“Who asked those guys to force others . Didn’t they ask for it?”

“That’s right, Sima You Yue is not someone to provoke . Look at the aggressiveness of the lightning tribulation, who can take it on?”

“With this, it’s enough to look down on everybody . ”

“Goddess! My goddess!”

“Go away, she’s my goddess!”

“She’s mine!”

“You go away, she’s my goddess!”

“Hmph, do you guys dare to walk infront of her and call her your goddess?”

“Do you dare?”

“I don’t, do you?”

“I dare to, in my dream . ”

“Pfft… . ”

Sima You Yue who was tribulating didn’t know that she had already gotten into the goddess category, she only knew that the faith in her body gained a lot .

“Damn, who’s trying to harm me!” She couldn’t help it and roasted .

Her plate was filled with all the lightning tribulation, if the power of faith didn’t calm down, she would be struck by lightning to the ground .


A lightning struck onto her body, she grimaced in pain .

At this point of time, she missed Cloud Spirit, although that guy struck too, at least it gave mercy! She wondered if the tribulation cloud and Cloud Spirit had any connection, if it could give her a break and give her a discount?!

The crowd shuddered too, seeing the lightning as thick as a water pail struck on her body .

If that lightning struck on their body, they guessed they wouldn’t be able to make it even if it was just one strike .

But as for Sima You Yue, she only showed bitterness in her facial expression, other than that, she looked fine .

Only Sima You Yue knew, if it wasn’t for the top graded purple lightning in the acupuncture point, she reckoned she would be dead .

And the tribulation cloud on lightning tribulation was depressed, it couldn’t struck a weak human to death with its strong lightning, it would be embarrassing if it got out .

So, it started to strike a few lightning down, but no matter how many it striked, it didn’t kill Sima You Yue .

“Cough Cough——”

Sima You Yue laid on the floor, her long hair naturally curled up, reckoning she would have a curly hair style, she didn’t even need to do up her hair .

“No humans can advance so much in rank . ”

She tried to stand up on her own, luckily this clothes was specially made to protect her from thunder for her by Fatty Qu, if not she would be exposed completely .

“Cough Cough——”

She coughed twice and spat out black smoke from her mouth, she already knew how she looked without having to see herself .

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“Hey, if you’re going to stay inside all the way till you die, I’m going to get struck to death . ” She told the little guy who was happily swimming inside her dantian .

Top grade purple lightning just ate a lot of thunder and lightning, it was in a good mood and its attitude was much nicer to Sima You Yue, seeing how miserable she was, it slowly crawled out from the dantian and swam through the channels and sat on top of her head .

“What is that?” People outside cried out in surprise looking at top grade purple lightning .

“I don’t know, is that her contract beast?”

“Don’t look like a spirit beast . ”


A lightning struck again, this time Sima You Yue didn’t move an inch, she stood firm on ground, looking at those lightning being swallowed by Little Purple .

“Ss——Did you guys see that? Did the thunder lightning get eaten by the thing on her head? Did I see wrongly?!”

“No, I saw it too . ”

“What exactly is that thing, it actually ate heavenly lightning . ”

“I don’t know, but I know this is cheating with just one look!”

“That thing seems to come out from her body, right? No wonder she isn’t scared of heavenly lightning at all and even dares to resist firmly . ”

The lightning tribulation in the sky saw top grade purple lightning below, it’s body shuddered and almost fell from the clouds .

Top grade purple lightning? How does she have top grade purple lightning in her body?!

No wonder, she didn’t die no matter how many thunder and lightning struck her, it was actually just sending food to top grade purple lightning!

Top grade purple lightning sat on top of Sima You Yue’s head, the thunder and lightning that just struck down was eaten by it . It was undoubtedly a formless creature, but lightning tribulation seemed to see it licking its own lips, with bright eyes looking up to it, as if it was waiting for it to continue feeding it with lightning .

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The lightning tribulation became depressed, it was useless striking lightning anyway! The more ruthless it struck, the more happy top grade purple lightning would be .

It struck the leftover lightning hastily, then brought its own tribulation cloud away .

Sigh, it finally got to strike someone who was willing to after so many years, but the result was like that, it felt very hurtful .

Sima You Yue watched as the tribulation cloud seemed dispirited, as if she could imagine it’s shadow of sadness .

She extended her hand and caught top grade purple lightning, but that fellow walked slowly and slipped into her body, escaping from her clutches .

Sima You Yue curled her lips, this fellow is really arrogant, didn’t want her to catch it .

The trees around were implicated by her, the lightning tribulation actually struck a perimeter of one kilometre of vacuum district .

She felt sorry, those were just ordinary trees, but now it was implicated by her and got struck like that .

“Sima You Yue, you’re awesome!”

“Goddess, you’re my goddess!”

“Sima You Yue, can I be with you?”

Sima You Yue was surrounded by people, all of them were telling her how much they admired her and it made the power of faith in her body gained quite a lot .

She was howling in grief in her heart, she really didn’t need all such faiths!

She tried her best to squeeze through them, wanting to get back to Qing Yi’s place . Once she reached inside the spirit barrier, those people couldn’t surround her .

She nodded to those people while walking towards the mountain, but once she passed by the mountain range, she stood on top of the mountain and was stunned before the scenery in front of her .

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Not only her, others were stunned as well, it seemed as if a group of petrified people were standing on the mountain ridge, making it a unique landscape .

“How did it become like this?”

“When did this happen?”

“No more? That’s it?”

“He even knows how to escape?!”

“We are certain that we only watch Sima You Yue’s tribulation, right? There was nothing else? There’s no more in a turn of heads?”

Sima You Yue looked at the boundless grassland and curled the corner of her lips, she only went to face her tribulation, how come Qing Yi, Senior Brother and Sister went missing?

Did they escape?

Even if they escape, they should bring her along!

“This group of conscienceless fellows!” She chided in her heart .

They couldn’t actually escape if they really waited for her to come back before they escaped .

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