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Chapter 1108: 1108

Chapter 1108 Spirit Realm on the brink of crisis!

Nalan Lan didn’t expect that Zong Zheng Han Yue would put it that way, she shouted at Yu Cheng Bi, “Master!”

She was afraid that Yu Cheng Bi would really just give up like that .

Yu Cheng Bi looked at Qing Yi, when he only sent Nalan Lan out, he already knew that he was biased towards Han Miao Shuang .

He was unsure what kind of method Han Miao Shuang used to make Qing Yi treat her differently, but he knew they couldn’t kill Han Miao Shuang with Qing Yi around .

“Let’s go . ” He said to Nalan Lan .

“Master?!” Nalan Lan didn’t think that he would really give up, that was the enlightenment that she attained! She was not reconciled to give up like this!

“Han Yue is right, you’ll have plenty of chance to kill her next time, there’s no point in killing her now and go against the Tree of Life . ” Yu Cheng Bi said .

“But… . ” What about her enlightenment?

“Little Junior Sister, that ‘heart’ had already gone into her body, it’s already final, it won’t become yours even if you kill her now . ” Zong Zheng Han Yue continued, “We understand how much you want to kill her, but do you want Pavilion Master and the whole Sage Pavilion to go against the Tree of Life just because of this?”

Even if they worked together, they wouldn’t be a match against the Tree of Life!

Nalan Lan watched as everyone stared at her, even though she was sad, she couldn’t put everyone’s life at risk .

If she really did that, then she wouldn’t be able to establish herself in Sage Pavilion in the future!

“I’ll heed Senior Sister’s advice . I can’t drag everyone down because of my selfishness . ” She bit her lips feeling wronged as she couldn’t not think about the rest, that look moved everyone .

“Lan’er, don’t worry, we’ll definitely seek revenge for you next time . This person won’t leave the Immortal Land alive . ” Yu Cheng Bi comforted her as he patted her head .

“Thank you, Master . ”

“Let’s go!”

Since nobody else in Sage Pavilion could get in, it’d be useless if they stayed here any longer .

When Nalan Lan left, she turned around and shot a glare at Han Miao Shuang with her eyes filled with hatred .

Han Miao Shuang saw her expression and felt good deep down, she got happier as she lifted her chin seeing that she became angrier .

Seeing Nalan Lan left feeling not reconciled, Han Miao Shuang cupped her hands to Qing Yi and said, “Thank you!”

“You’re quite proud of yourself . ” Qing Yi held his hand behind his back and accepted her sincerity .

“Yes! That girl wanted to kill Little Junior Brother, pfft, I’ll be happy each time I go against her!” Han Miao Shuang continued, “Speaking of which, it’s not that I went against her on purpose, I didn’t make the ‘heart’ choose me . ”

“If you didn’t successfully attain enlightenment together, other’s enlightenment wouldn’t be picked up by you easily . ” Qing Yi said .

With Han Miao Shuang like this, it was the typical getting advantage and still acting innocent!

“It’s not something I can control! This is fate!” Han Miao Shuang said . “Tree of life, where is my Junior Brother and the rest? What about Little Seven?”

“They’re still attaining their own opportunity . ” Qing Yi continued, “Also, don’t call me the Tree of Life . ”

“How should I address you as?”

“Qing Yi . ”

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Han Miao Shuang looked up and down at him, “Why call you Qing Yi when you’re a golden Tree of Life?”

A black line slided down Qing Yi’s forehead, why did she say the same thing as Sima You Yue?

“Keep quiet if you don’t want to be killed by others when you get out . ” After Qing Yi spoke, he disappeared from the tree top .

Han Miao Shuang looked at the crowd outside the spirit barrier while she was standing on the tree top alone, it felt as if she was being watched like a show, and that made her feel weird and uncomfortable .

She didn’t get out since Qing Yi didn’t chase her away, if not, she might be killed by others outside .

Since she just attained enlightenment, just right she could strengthen it a little . Being able to strengthen enlightenment in the tree of life was something no one could get .

She dug into the tree top, found a branch that was thicker and stronger than her, sat down cross-legged and started to strengthen her enlightenment .

The crowd outside was filled with jealousy, hatred and admiration when they saw that she could cultivate in the Tree of Life!

“It’ll be awesome if we too can get in . ”

“Forget it, I don’t want it anymore, I plan to leave, do you want to come with me?”

“Where are you going?”

“There is still one ruins of the Emperor left on this island, right? Why don’t we go there and take a look . ”

“That relic was taken by others earlier, there won’t be any treasure even if we go now . ”

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“Right, we just came from the ruins, it’s almost empty there . ”


“Of course . ”

“Are there very little stuff in the ruins?”

“It’s not little, it’s just that not everyone can go in there . ”

“What do you mean?”

“There are different types of restrictions at every Emperor’s place, we can only get into those places that have no restriction . Those that are stronger just go in directly, we can only wander outside . ”

“That’s right . But those places without restriction have little stuff, it has been long turned upside down many times by others . ”

“Eh, then what’s there to stay on this island, let’s leave early, the place we went yesterday still has some stuff left . ”

“Eh, have you guys heard, Heartbreak Valley brought a group of people into a place that has yet to break restrictions . I heard that other than restrictions, there are alot of trap arrays . Not sure if they are dead or alive . ”

“Ah, isn’t that the new force? I heard their strength is quite strong, especially that Sima You Yue, he is totally an evildoer . ”

“Did Sima You Yue go into the ruins?”

“I don’t think so . They said they didn’t see him in the ruins . ”

“If anything happens to him, then it’ll be a waste . What a demon!”

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“If he’s fine and something happens to the Pavilion Master, then won’t he be the Pavilion Master?”

“It can’t be, he’s so young? Those people are Blood Fiend city’s members, they’re not that easy to deal with . ”

“I think the one that deals with them is him . Did you forget what happened in Blood Fiend city?”

“You’re saying… . Seems like it, that day the lightning strikes for so many days, could he be the one attracting it?!”

“So to put it, eh, that the one that calls the shots is Sima You Yue . ”

“But I saw that Sima You Yue was quite respectful towards that Pavilion Master . ”

“You guys are talking about whether they’re dead or not, they might be just fine! Don’t forget, Your Honor Yin Lin is very close knitted with that force . If they die so easily, will he even waste his effort to hand over?”

“True . ”

Qing Yi heard the discussion, he slightly creased his eyebrows, and rushed into the tree cave when he realised Sima You Yue’s changes .

He didn’t think that Sima You Yue’s Spirit Realm passed through and she managed to hear what those people said . Having heard that Ximen Feng and Heartbreak Valley’s members who were unclear of alive or dead, her breathing became unstable, even the Spirit Realm started to crack, it was obvious that she was about to fall apart, all that has been achieved goes down the drain .

“You better don’t let it fall, once you miss this chance, it won’t be easy to attain Spirit Realm the next time you try . ” He said worriedly .

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