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Chapter 1107: 1107

Everyone outside thought one person successfully attained enlightenment, but only Qing Yi knew, there were two zen sounds, two people successfully attained enlightenment . Nalan Lan was excited that she could attain her enlightenment in such a short time . It must be her physique that let her enter a door so easily .

“Holy, Pure, Lotus, Heart!”

A deafening sound rang in between heaven and earth, she accepted happily .

“Well worthy of lotus physique, the enlightenment they attain is also holy and pure . ” Someone said .

“Treasure, protect . ”

A second sound rang in between heaven and earth . ”

“Eh, did she attain two enlightenment?”

“Haha, Master, Junior Sister attained two enlightenment!”

“Attaining double enlightenment, it had never happened before or after, Pavilion Master Yu, your precious disciple’s future is bright!”


Yu Cheng Bi was happy to death deep down, although he couldn’t get in, it wasn’t bad after all that his disciple attained out with two enlightenments!

“Eh, why is it two people?”

The crowd cried out in surprise when they saw the person on the tree top .

Yu Cheng Bi’s laughter hadn’t completely lowered when he was choked with shock by the two people on the tree top .

The light disappeared, Nalan Lan and Han Miao Shuang appeared at the same time .

“It’s really two people!”

“Could it be that it wasn’t one person attaining two enlightenment, but it’s two person attaining enlightenment at the same time . ”

A golden light flashed in the sky, these eight words, treasure, protection, holy, pure, lotus and heart appeared in everyone’s eyes .

The eight words chased in disorder in the air, Han Miao Shuang was speechless when she saw the golden words chasing around like kids .

She took a glance at Nalan Lan and knew immediately that this person was the one who wanted to kill her Little Junior Sister .

They both unexpectedly attained enlightenment at the same time, it upsetted her!

Nalan Lan didn’t know Han Miao Shuang’s identity, she saw the way she looked at herself, it contained hatred, and even took it as her being jealous of her own beauty .

They both only took a glance and moved their gaze on the eight golden words and summoned them to their own bodies .

Those golden words surrounded the tree top around, then looked for their host, the words, ‘treasure’, ‘pure’ and ‘holy’ flew into both of their bodies at the same time .

But ‘protect’, ‘lotus’ and ‘heart’ wasn’t anxious, it surrounded both of them another round, then ‘protect’ went into Han Miao Shuang’s body, ‘lotus’ and ‘heart’ went into Nalan Lan’s body .

When everyone thought that it ended, something stupefied happened .

After the word ‘heart’ surrounded Nalan Lan, it didn’t go into her body, instead it turned and flew in Han Miao Shuang’s body .

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Everyone was stunned when they saw that scene, the word ‘heart’ actually abandoned Nalan Lan!

Nalan Lan and Han Miao Shuang were confused, what happened?

Her body contained ‘treasure’,’protect’ and ‘heart’, while Nalan Lan’s body only contained ‘Holy’,’Pure’ and ‘Lotus’ .

“What, what is happening?”

The crowd felt that it was unfathomable, these were words that contained the enlightenment, it was the enlightenment that was attained by Nalan Lan, why did it go to Han Miao Shuang’s body?

This wasn’t something to fool around!

With one less word, wouldn’t that be counted as attaining only half of the enlightenment?

Moreover, she lacked the most important word, ‘heart’, then what enlightenment could she follow from now?

Han Miao Shuang was shocked as she didn’t expect that such a thing would happen .

What they didn’t know was, the word ‘treasure’ and ‘protect’ was attained by sincerity, compared to Nalan Lan who used lotus physique to attain enlightenment, the word ‘heart’ was more willing to get into Han Miao Shuang .

“Who are you, return me my ‘heart’!” Nalan Lan shouted at Han Miao Shuang .

Han Miao Shuang came back to senses from the initial shock, although she didn’t know what benefit it would bring her, but seeing Nalan Lan so angry when she got a word from her, she was deeply happy .

“What do you mean by returning your ‘heart’ . ” Han Miao Shuang stood up, pulled her own dress, “This ‘heart’ is bestowed to me by Heavenly Dao, it’s not within my control that it chose me . ”

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“All because of you, if you didn’t follow me out, why will it get to your body?!” Nalan Lan shouted .

“You’re wrong about that . What do you mean by following you, I came in here first, if you talk about following, it should be you following me . ” Han Miao Shuang said . “Do you know why the word ‘heart’ abandoned you?”

“Why?” The crowd joined in and asked .

“Because she’s heartless, since she’s heartless, that ‘heart’,of course, wouldn’t be willing to go to her . ” Han Miao Shuang said while laughing .

“Make sense . It seems like that, if not, the word ‘heart’ wouldn’t disdain her . ”

Han Miao Shuang felt that this sounded familiar to her, she turned her head around, Shi Qian Zhi that scumbag was fanning himself while laughing .


Han Miao Shuang rolled her eyes on him then back to staring at Nalan Lan with alertness .

Don’t judge her by her holy, pure and gentleness, from what Sima You Yue described, this girl was a ruthless person .

Indeed, without any signs, Nalan Lan congealed a spiritual energy and attacked her . Both of them were so close to each other, if she wasn’t alert, she would have succeeded in her sneak attack .

Nalan Lan was almost the same age as Sima You Yue, although her rank wasn’t as good as her, with the help of lotus physique, she could advance faster in those years, now she had already advanced to Divine Overlord .

But her strength was weaker compared to Han Miao Shuang, she didn’t succeed in one sneak attack, instead, Han Miao Shuang caught her wrist and swung hard to the ground .

She would be embarrassed if she didn’t take out a sword and supported herself at the last minute, flipped her body in the air and landed steadily .

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Nalan Lan still wanted to attack Han Miao Shuang, but was stopped by Qing Yi . He waved his hand, a wave of power dragged her out of the spirit barrier .

Qing Yi’s shadow floated above the tree top, looked at the crowd and said, “The Heavenly Dao’s choice is uncontrollable by any human, regardless of the result, it’s the choice of Heavenly Dao . Since it’s decided, I’ll kill anyone who argues here!”

Nalan Lan initially wanted to break in to find trouble with Han Miao Shuang, but after Qing Yi said that, she had no choice but to stop after stepping one step forward .

She could kill Han Miao Shuang but she couldn’t not listen to Qing Yi’s warning .

That Monarch ranked’s body was still on the floor, proof that Qing Yi’s words weren’t for nothing .

Zong Zheng Han Yue was already jealous of Nalan Lan because she didn’t attain enlightenment, but this little girl could actually attain enlightenment .

Didn’t she just rely on her good body’s physique? Humph, now I could see she wasn’t any good .

Attaining half enlightenment, she wouldn’t have anything to flaunt next time!

“Pavilion Master, the tree of life seems to side that person . ” She walked to Yu Cheng Bi’s side, “Although Little Junior Sister’s enlightenment is lacking a bit, but she still attained enlightenment, it should be fine even if it’s lacking just by a bit . Master, we can’t afford to provoke this Tree of Life . We will have a chance next time . ”

Yu Cheng Bi’s gaze at Han Miao Shuang was filled with killing intent .

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