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Chapter 1106: 1106

Chapter 1106 Han Miao Shuang’s enlightenment!

Everyone looked over and just right saw that two girls unbuckling the veil of the cloak, revealing a stunning countenance .

“Lan’er, Han Yue, are you sure that you guys want to give it a try?” Yu Cheng Bi asked .

“Master, this Tree of Life isn’t a ruthless murderer, he killed that strong guy because it attacked the spirit barrier . If we don’t take action, it probably wouldn’t hurt us . ”

“That’s right, Pavilion Master, let us try . ” Zong Zheng Han Yue said .

“Han Yue, you’re our Holy Daughter, Lan’er, you’re my disciple, if you get into trouble, I might not be able to protect you . ” Yu Cheng Bi said .

“Master, when seeking the way, there is no need to consider these . ”

Yu Cheng Bi contemplated for a while before he said, “Go ahead then . ”

With permission, Zong Zheng Han Yue and Nalan Lan were happy, they took out the items that they had prepared and walked towards the spirit barrier .

Both of them stood in front of the spirit barrier and glanced at each other .

“It depends on us whether we can make it through . ” Zong Zheng Han Yue said .

“You have the most precious asset of the clan, it’s effective against all spirit barriers, you don’t have to worry . ” Nalan Lan said .

“With your physique, this spirit barrier can’t stop you . ” Zeng Zhong Han Yue envied her, but she wasn’t far off .

Nalan Lan smiled and said, “Let’s give it a try . ”

Both of them took one step forward at the same time, after they passed through the spirit barrier, the item in Zong Zheng Han Yue’s hand shot rays of white lights and she was able to stride over easily .

But the item in Nalan Lan’s hands was useless, she was blocked outside .

“Looks like I’m acknowledged by the Tree of Life . Then I’ll head in first . ” Zong Zheng Han Yue turned around and took a glance at her and turned back to walk towards the tree .

Nalan Lan looked at her proud face, her eyes filled with bitterness, but it wasn’t the time to be jealous of her, she needed to think of a way to get in .

She tried twice, but it didn’t work, the crowd behind started whispering .

Having heard the discussion behind her, seeing Zong Zheng Han Yue disappeared below the tree, the fist in her sleeve tightened .

She used so much force that her nails penetrated her flesh and fresh blood started to drip along her fingers .

She wasn’t reconciled, she was second to the holy body’s lotus physique, how could she not get in?! The next try would definitely be successful!

This time she kept the item in her hand, closed her eyes and stepped forward, when she came in contact with the spirit barrier, the blood and spirit barrier that came in contact let out a white light . After the light dissipated, she discovered that she was already in the spirit barrier .

“She passed!”

The crowd behind laughed when they saw Nalan Lan wanted to give it another try, laughing at her overestimating her capabilities, unexpectedly, the plot suddenly twisted and she managed to enter .

Nalan Lan opened her eyes, when she saw herself in the spirit barrier, happiness flashed in her eyes .

She knew it, how could she not be able to get in!

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She moved forward and when she passed by that corpse, she stopped to take a glance at him when a faint contempt flashed through her eyes . However, her back was facing the crowd, so nobody saw it .

She bent down, extended her hand and brushed past his face, shutting his eyes .

“No wonder she is Sage Pavilion’s disciple, she has a good heart . ”

“That’s right, one look at this girl can tell that she’s kind . Unlike that lady just now, she didn’t even look back after passing through!”

“But this is actually nothing, if it’s us, we won’t care after we get in . ”

“So to say, this shows that Nalan Lan is more valuable . ”

“That’s right . Yu Cheng Bi got a good disciple . ”

The corner of Nalan Lan’s lips raised when she heard those compliments .

She walked to the bottom of the Tree of Life, lifted her head and looked at the huge tree top, waiting for the present from the Tree of Life .

Qing Yi knew that lady from Sima You Yue’s memories, like the lady before, there was more or less hatred with Sima You Yue .

But since they came in, he must give them a chance, this was a condition that was agreed with Heaven .

“Go in . ” He waved, Nalan Lan was then shrouded in light and disappeared in front of everyone .

Qing Yi laid on the tree branch, thinking what Sima You Yue’s reaction would be, knowing these two girls were here with her .

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Two days later, Zong Zheng Han Yue came out, the difference between her and the others was that she didn’t attain any enlightenment, but she managed to get an item even without being in the tree cave .

After the test ended, she was brought outside the Tree of Life, a soft yellow branch floated in front of her .

Zong Zheng Han Yue felt there was a strong vitality in this branch, she was certain that it was the Tree of Life’s essence . She excitedly took out a bottom and placed it below the branch .

The Tree of Life branch vibrated and dripped a few drops of essence .

Once the essence left the branch, that branch wilted and dropped beside the tree roots .

Zong Zheng Han Yue kept the jade bottle carefully, bowed to the Tree of Life and said, “Many thanks to the Tree of Life’s blessing!”

The others that came in also got the essence, so this present wasn’t that bad . But Qing Yi had some thoughts and gave her two drops less .

He used divine knowledge to do an internal sweep, he didn’t expect Nalan Lan to attain Heavenly Dao in the test, according to the rule, he couldn’t interrupt her and could only let her attain enlightenment .

“Body refinement is indeed different, they can easily attain enlightenment . Wonder what kind of enlightenment can she attain . ”

No matter what enlightenment she attained, as long as she took this path, it was destined that she would be different from other cultivators .

Han Miao Shuang too was unsure how long she had been in the tree cave, in this period of time, she went through what she did in the past again . Being bullied, being abandoned, being adopted by Xu Jin, being brought to Han’s clan to settle scores, coming to the sect concentrating on learning and refining pills, regardless if it was big or small, she experienced everything once again .

Experiencing everything again, she thought she would be angry, sad and would uncontrollably fall apart, but until the end, she wasn’t like that . Contrarily, she was calm, she watched those things as if she was watching other’s life .

“Why, why didn’t I get angry or sad?” She asked herself, “Is it because my current frame of mind is different from the past?”

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No one could answer her .

She thought for long and said, “Yes, it should be like this, I’m different from the past . The last time I was bullied, I only felt sad and angry, but now that I have my Master, Senior Brother, Junior Sister, they gave me warmth, which changed my mentality . So even if I experience my past again, I will be calm . The past is the past, I’ve to look forward and treasure the current warmth . I’ve to protect this warmth!”

Yes, treasure, protect, this was her next enlightenment!

Making clear of this, her body felt like it was injected with strength that made her body feel comfortable, her limbs and bones relaxed, every pore on her body felt like it opened up, absorbing the spiritual energy around her .


A zen sound surrounded the air, signalling everyone that another one attained enlightenment successfully .

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