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Chapter 1105: 1105

Sima You Yue stared at the spring water and licked her dried lips, she couldn’t wait and squatted down and helped herself to the water . The spring water was cool and refreshing, after drinking it, the heat in her body immediately cooled down by half .

After she felt better, she then had the energy to look around here .

“Where is this, there’s nothing here at all, there is only full of cracks on the floor . Could it be my hallucination that let me see the primodorial continent?” She talked to herself .

She was unclear how long she’s stayed here, it was always day time, there wasn’t any night at all .

“Is this place not one of the realms? If not, why will there only be day and no nights at all? If this is my place, I’ll definitely put nights in here then it will be complete!

After that thought, the sun slowly set and the night came .

“Damn, I can do anything I want here?” She was astonished by her own thought .

Right after she thought about day and night, it indeed became daylight and black robes’ agreement, she verified her own assumption, that she could get whatever she wanted here .

What did the world look like?

She couldn’t remember what the world looked like anymore, although there were images in her mind, but she couldn’t remember what it was like .

“Way of life, one gives birth to two, two to three, three to all living things!”

“That’s right, way of life one, one give birth to two, two to three, three to all living things . ” Her eyes lit up, finally remembering what she was thinking .

World of Heaven and Earth, containing all living things, different from the emptiness here .

“Way of life . ”

A fish appeared in the spring water, a sprout of weed grew beside the waters . The spring water became streamlet, then became a river, at the end of the river, a vast ocean slowly formed .

One fish became two fishes, two became three fishes, three fishes became more .

One sprout of weed became two sprouts, two became three, three sprouts became more .

Riverside became a green patch of space, one animal appeared, two animals appeared, followed by different types of animals .

Sima You Yue sat on the summit and looked down on the world slowly changing to the world she was familiar with and felt content to her heart .

There is sky and ground, mountains and waters, flowers and trees, flying beasts and land beasts, day and night, Yin and Yang .

“Could this be the world I want?” She muttered while supporting her chin, “I wonder what else is missing . ”

She was unsure how long she was inside and didn’t know what she was exactly doing, she just kept thinking non stop .

Seeing desolated and uninhabited earth slowly became full of life, she felt very happy, even to the extent of forgetting where this was and what she was doing .

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Qing Yi was recently testing those that just came in and didn’t really notice this fourth person . When he turned around to look at them, he was frightened by how they looked, especially when he saw what condition Sima You Yue was in, he was ruthlessly shocked .

“How, how did this…”

He used telekinesis, went to all the places where Sima You Yue had been and saw a tree cave that transformed into another world .

“Way of life, one give birth to two, two to three, three to all living things… . . ”

He looked at Sima You Yue who was lying in the middle, her surrounding wasn’t his tree cave anymore, instead, it transformed into another world .

“Spirit realm, she actually attained spirit realm, could it be that your rebirth made you understand the meaning of life more?”

Tree of Life, a tree that is capable of giving prosperous life . He didn’t expect that one day, someone would attain the spirit realm here .

Her spirit realm wasn’t stable now, there are little things inside, she was perfecting it . He was curious, wondering what kind of spirit realm she would make .

Sima You Yue didn’t know that she was attaining spirit realm now and was just perfecting it unconsciously, stabilizing and widening it .

“Attaining the spirit realm at my side, containing the heaven enlightenment’s spirit realm, I’m very curious how it will turn out, I believe the Paragon ranks’ spirit realm can’t contend against yours . ”


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The intense strike made him creased his eyebrows, he turned around and they were already outside .

A few Monarch Rankers united together and attacked his spirit barrier, there were two Paragon rankers among them .

They couldn’t get into the spirit barrier and couldn’t get close to the tree of life, but after seeing others walk in and get quite a few benefits, they felt unreconciled, so they discussed attacking together .

If it was before, Qing Yi might ignore them, but because Sima You Yue was currently attaining enlightenment into the spirit realm, this rare opportunity couldn’t be interrupted by these people . Even if Sima You Yue became stronger, she would be able to protect Little Seven and escort her safely .

“Those who forcefully attack the spirit barrier, die!”

This was the first time Qing Yi talked, those who attacked outside actually stopped .

“Please, Tree of Life to bestow me a chance to wait for opportunity . ” Someone shouted .

“Those that are destined will be able to get into my spirit barrier naturally, if you can’t get in, this means you’re not destined . You guys can go . ” Qing Yi spoked faintly .

“Tree of Life, I’ve waited for so long, why can’t you give us a little when you can give others?”

“I’ve already said, those who are destined will be able to come in, those who can’t mean we’re not destined . You guys can wait here for one year, ten years, hundred of years, no matter how long you’ve waited, it’s none of my business . But whoever dares to attack my spirit barrier again, don’t blame me for being rude . ” Qing Yi threatened .

Qing Yi’s words seemed like it didn’t give those people outside any sense of crisis, because they were here for around half a year and they had never seen Qing Yi attacking anyone . They didn’t believe that he would attack .

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An irritable tempered Monarch high ranking was provoked by Qing Yi’s words, he congealed a spiritual energy and attacked towards the spirit barrier .



A branch grew on the tree trunk with the speed of light and extended out of the spirit barrier within a blink of the eye, before everyone got a good look at it, it had already penetrated through that guy’s heart .

“This… . ”

Everyone was shocked, a Monarch ranker was killed so easily, with this strength, who dared to go against him .

Those that attacked the spirit barrier were fearful after the event, they were glad that the Tree of Life wasn’t a bad tempered person and attacked them from the beginning, because even if there were double of them, they were no match to him!

The branch dragged the corpse into the spirit barrier and threw the body on the ground, that widened eyes showed how stupefied and unreconciled he was, warning those that were outside not to be impulsive .

Seeing Qing Yi killing people and thinking of how no one was able to break the spirit barrier in the past half a year, most of them gave up .

They wouldn’t dare to forcefully attack the spirit barrier anymore, since they are not destined, then leave it be and go another place to search for their own opportunity .

“Pavilion Master, let us go in and try . ” A delicate voice attracted attention from the crowd .

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