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Chapter 1104: 1104

Chapter 1104 Attained enlightenmen

“I know who you are . ” Xuan Qiu He said, “You’re the thing that is sealed in my head, right? You want to break the seal through my contract and me . ”

“We are together, I’m you, you’re me . We can’t be separated . ” That voice laughed weirdly, “Without me, you can’t stay alive . ”

“Then I’d rather die . At least you can be the scapegoat after I die, it’s not that miserable after all . ” Xuan Qiu He said faintly .

“You want to die? Why would you want to die? You’re a prodigy, heaven gave you such a good gift, why don’t you want it? This is a present from heaven!”

“Present? You? Do you think I’ll see you as a present from heaven?” Xuan Qiu He laughed bitterly, “You’re a punishment from heaven, that’s why they put you in my body . I’ll make sure to come up with a way to get rid of you!”

“Don’t you want to stand on top of the world? Don’t you want others to crawl under your feet? You yearn for all of these too, don’t you?”

“No… . . ”

“Don’t tell me you don’t . ” That voice interrupted him, “If you didn’t, you won’t be here, I won’t exist in your body as well . You long for all of this deep down, you yearned for all of this!”

Xuan Qiu He became silent, his thin lips slightly pursed up .

“Yes, you’re right, I do have longings, but what I long is to see this world with my own eyes and not being controlled by you . ” Xuan Qiu He said, “I’ll fight for whatever I want by myself without betraying myself . You don’t have to waste your effort on me . ”

His words were resounding and powerful, with his determined attitude that after he spoke, the dark surrounding disappeared and reinstated to how it used to .

“Uprightly, don’t forget what your initial intention was!”

These eight words rang in between heaven and earth, eight gold dazzling words suddenly appeared in the sky, it flew one round and stopped on top of the tree of life .

A golden ray of lights afloat, Xuan Qiu He’s shadow appeared on the crown of the tree of life .

“See, he’s out!”

“Shrouded in golden light, coupled with the divine melody of heaven and earth . He attained enlightenment!”

A commotion was caused on the grass patch, rarely people had attained the enlightenment of heaven and earth, once one attained enlightenment and got heaven and earth’s present, then one would have a smoother cultivation ahead!

That huge eight words surrounded the tree of life in a circle and then penetrated into Xuan Qiu He’s body .

Xuan Qiu He’s clan members were excited, they were instructed by Master Yin Lin before they came in, they said they would get a big opportunity, they didn’t actually expect their Young Master to attain heaven enlightenment!

This was something that happened once in many years! Next time, Xuan Qiu He’s clan would be the top rank in the Hidden Families!

When the eight words of Heaven penetrated into Xuan Qiu He’s body, he felt the seal in his own body become more firm, his eyes could see some white lights .

“You have attained your enlightenment, go out there . ” Qing Yi spoked, Xuan Qiu He’s body felt a push by an unlimited amount of strength and got out of the spirit barrier .

“Young Master . ” Xuan Qiu’s clan members all surrounded him .

“Let’s go . ” Xuan Qiu He ordered .

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“Yes, Young Master . ”

Xuan Qiu clan member wheeled him back, before he left, he turned back around to take a glance at the tree of life as if he saw that guy again .

His friends, who was he talking about? Was it Sima You Yue?

He was unsure why he felt the person Qing Yi said was Sima You Yue, because he didn’t have a lot of friends .

Xuan Qiu clan came for a few days and left, it was admired by many people .

They also wanted to get the present from the tree of life!

After a few months, a few Hidden Families and forces from the inner region came along, they knew better than anyone about the tree of life, they never thought of pulling it by the roots, because it wasn’t something they could have to themselves anymore . They only want to get some of its present, even if it was a little, they would benefit from it endlessly .

Especially when Xuan Qiu He attained his own enlightenment in the Tree of Life, this piece of news made countless people from immortal land come over, they wished they were this lucky .

Some people went in, like Xuan Qiu He, they went into the Tree of Life and also gave them a similar assessment, but no one came out with their enlightenment .

But they got the other things that Qing Yi gave, although it wasn’t as powerful as the enlightenment they attained, it was useful to them .

A few of those people that came left, because they realised, they couldn’t open the spirit barrier, they couldn’t get close to the tree of life and couldn’t get his present . Since this opportunity was not fated with them, might as well give up earlier and head to another place to find their own .

Although the rest didn’t leave, they understood that it was useless being forceful, they could only think of another way to get in the spirit barrier .

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Since then, people came here in an endless stream, if they came here because of remnants last time, then now they came here for Qing Yi .

In the hole of the tree, Sima You Yue kept staring at those creases and lost in thought, she didn’t know about the battle outside, but when Xuan Qiu He succeed in comprehending the way and when the Heaven presented him the way, she felt a sliver of divinity touch her and her heart followed in a tremble .

“Could it be that Senior Brother or Senior Sister succeed?”

She stood up, walked around, she couldn’t adjust her own spiritual energy, she couldn’t climb up even when she wanted to .

“So tired, why don’t we take a nap . ” She stretched and lied down, just right she was lying in the middle of the cave of the tree .

She looked straight up into the dark hole, it seemed as if she was sucked in .

She was sleepy but she couldn’t sleep and kept staring at the hole on top, while looking, that hole eventually became the crease on the branches .

She rubbed her eyes, it was still the same and cried out, “Am I hallucinating?!”

She shut her eyes, forced herself not to think of anything, but the vision in her eyes was still those creases .

“It has completely filled my mind after staring at this thing for too long . ”

She knocked her head, opened her eyes and saw the black hole being filled by the creases .

“Why is it getting blurry?”

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She looked at those creases, originally it was layer by layer in order, but those lines slowly bent and mixed together, as if it became a piece of lying waste .

It was as if she became a part of the air, floating with bare wind, exposing to the ground .

“It’s so desolated here, there isn’t even a weed here . ” She thought .

She drifted with the wind around, but no matter where she drifted, it was just a plain field of rock .

With scorching burning, the skin of the stone was already burning with smoke, Sima You Yue felt as if she was barbequed into a human jerky .

“Damn, what kind of place is this, it will be good to have a sip of water!”

After she spoke, a sweet spring water suddenly appeared from the crack on the ground and she was shocked and dumbfounded .

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