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Chapter 1103: 1103

Chapter 1103 Xuan Quan He’s tes

In the cave, Sima You Yue didn’t even know what was happening outside .

Dry and full, that was the only thing she was feeling right now .

She sat cross-legged on the leaves with both hands on her knees, hands supporting her chin and stared directly on those tree creases .

“Creases oh creases, we’re staring at one another, aren’t you tired of it? If you’re tired of it, why don’t you just tell me straight, what kind of principles are you hiding in there?”

Endless silence .

Of course the tree creases wouldn’t tell her what principles were in there, it didn’t even know what principles it contained, because everyone would see it differently .

Actually it didn’t blame her for being restless, because other than creases, there was nothing else there, but flowers wouldn’t bloom even if she kept staring at the tree bark .

Doing it for one or two days was okay, she could accept it even if it was one or two months . But she felt like she had stayed there for more than a year and she started to become restless just staring at the creases everyday .

Qing Yi paid attention to the four people in his body .

Since Little Seven had already regained her memories, evolving was something that she was familiar with, so he didn’t need to worry about it .

For Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang, both of them were in a mirage, and they were attaining enlightenment in the mirage . Their main test was on their mental power, if they broke through in the mirage, they would be able to upgrade .

It was only at Sima You Yue’s side that there was nothing at all .

Seeing her getting restless, he was wondering if he had overestimated her . Maybe she might not be able to attain anything at all .

Seeing her empty-handed, Qing Yi decided to change his thinking, after Little Seven came out from evolving, he would then give her something else as compensation .


Those people outside were attacking the spirit barrier again, they didn’t even take a rest in that month, no matter how good his temper was, it made him mad .

He lowered his gaze and walked out from the tree trunk, but he didn’t show himself, so those people might not be able to see him .

Qing Yi looked at the group of people, he narrowed his eyes, waved his hands, those that were attacking the spirit barrier got a stronger counterattack and made them flew thousands of metres away .

“The Tree of Life is striking back!” Someone called out .

“It could have struck us back long ago if it had wanted to, why would it only counterattack now? You must have seen it wrongly . ”

“Why would I see wrongly! That strength is obviously stronger than before . ”

“Ah, we’ve already attacked it for over a month, but this spirit barrier didn’t break, needless to say getting close to the tree of life . ”

“Maybe this spirit barrier is unbreakable?”

“There’s no such thing as an unbreakable spirit barrier, only the wrong method . ”

“Everyone attacked separately, what if everyone attacked a point each?”

“It might work . ”

“Eh, don’t waste your effort, even if it really works, it’s not something you guys can do . Those inner regions’ forces are starting to get restless, I guess they’re starting to joint hands!”

“Nothing can be done if they don’t join hands . ”

“Some others came!”

Xuan Qiu He came over sitting on the wheelchair, accompanied by Xuan Qiu He’s bodyguard .

Some of the inner regions’ people felt astonished when they saw the symbol on Xuan Qiu He’s clothes .

“Hidden Families are here!”

“Young Master, there’s a spirit barrier here . ” The guy assisting Xuan Qiu He stopped in front of the spirit barrier .

Xuan Qiu He extended his hand and felt it, the formless spirit barrier blocked him out .

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“Stop here . ” He ordered the person behind .

That guard released him, he put his hands on the wheels and pushed forward, the wheelchair brought him through the spirit barrier .

“Hey, he entered!”

“Oh my god, how did he get in?”

Those that didn’t know Xuan Qiu He’s identity were astonished, those who knew his identity were very much regretful .

“They went in just like that, well expected of the Hidden Families . ”

“Proficiently entered into the spirit barrier while sitting on the wheelchair, this must be Xuan Qiu He from Xuan Qiu clan . ”

“How did he go in?”

“I heard that Xuan Qiu He can go through any spirit barrier, no spirit barrier can stop him . So it’s not surprising that he can get in . ”

“He went in just like this, it’ll be awesome if we can get in!”

“You can only watch, we can’t get beyond admiration . ”

“That’s right . ”

“Eh, let’s continue breaking the spirit barrier . ”

“Wonder if he will get attacked if he gets near the tree of life . ”

“Should be, this spirit barrier is offensive, seems like the tree of life isn’t a benevolent crop!”

“He’s near it! Near it!”

“It didn’t attack him!”

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“He’s gone!”

“It didn’t attack him, instead he went missing!”

“Could it be that he disappeared after being attacked?”

“He didn’t defend, it might not be!”

“I’m so envious!”

“Eh… . ”

“Continue attacking, continue attacking!”

Qing Yi was surprised to see Xuan Qiu He, he didn’t think that he would see the man in Sima You Yue and Little Seven’s memories .

Xuan Qiu He woke up from dizziness and saw Qing Yi who was on the branch, but he wasn’t surprised .

“Tree of Life, you’re actually here . ” he said faintly .

“You’re not surprised to see me at all . ” Qing Yi continued, “There’s something in your brain, I can’t see your memories . It must be this thing that blocks your vision and makes you crippled . ”

“Yes, I’ve a friend that said this . ”

“You aren’t worried . ”

“What’s there to be worried about . ” Xuan Qiu He smiled, “If it’s time, it’s fate, what’s there for me to worry about . ”

“Aren’t you worried that you won’t be alive for long?”

“I’ll stay alive for as long as I can . There will come a day I’ll die . ”

“You’re quite similar to her, no wonder you guys are friends . ” Qing Yi said .

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“My friend?”

“That’s right . ” Qing Yi continued, “Since you’re here, I’ll also give you a chance . ”

Xuan Qiu He didn’t get to ask another question but the shadow on the tree trunk disappeared, his surroundings also changed .

He became a baby and saw a group of people surrounding him and anxiously chattering . He couldn’t hear what they were talking about, he felt it was noisy, then he saw those people moving here and there on his body .

Since then, he had never seen the colour of this world .

“Contract with me, I’ll make you the Master of this world . ” A voice bewitched him in the darkness .

“Who are you?”

“I’m you . ”

“It’s impossible . ”

“I’m your longing, we’re the same body . ” That voice said, “Form a contract with me, I’ll let you stand on top of the world and bring you to see everything in the world . ”

“What kind of price would I pay?”

“Price? No, no, there’s no price, we’re one . Why would I need you to pay a price . ”

“We’re one, why do we still need to establish a contract?”

“We’re only body contracts, but it’s not enough, we need to establish a contract on spirit, body and spirit combined into one, so that we can truly release our strength . At that time, you can walk on your own and see how the world looks like, come, let’s establish a contract!”

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