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Chapter 1096: 1096

They walked to the direction they casually found, they didn’t know this isn’t the direction where Ximen Feng was . Since Yin Lin said to let her act alone, then she didn’t have to chase after them .

“Are there really Emperor’s ruins in this Immortal Land?” Little Seven continued, “Shouldn’t this kind of immortal land be sealed, how would the Emperor live here . ”

“Immortal Land and Little Realm was connected with the continents in the past, naturally, people would live here . Just that we don’t know if it’s any of the Emperor . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Wa, even you know about this!” Little Seven looked at Han Miao Shuang with respect .

“Although the Han clan is nothing special, it’s still a big clan, it’s normal to know some stuff . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Then what else do you know?” Little Seven asked .

“These are all I know, but I’ve seen in the books before that there’s immortal land in other star domains as well, who knows there are things here that don’t belong to our continent . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Other star domain?”

“That’s right, there’s this book I read when I was young, we’re not the only one, there are other continents, but I was young, so I didn’t really understand . Then I’ve never seen that book anymore . I don’t know if what the book wrote is true . ” Han Miao Shuang shrugged her shoulders .

“Is there really another place? Yue Yue, what do you think?” Little Seven blinked her huge eyes .

“Maybe . ” Sima You Yue wasn’t surprised .

People from the ancient times thought that the place they lived in was huge, but they realised there were other countries . Then they thought countries were huge, but there were other countries, there would be other continents outside of this continent . After that, they knew that the earth is round and also knew that the earth spins around the sun, then they learnt about the solar system, milky way galaxy and the infinite universe .

Since her past life was like that, telling her how many and how huge a continent could be would faze her .

“Speaking of the Emperor, You Yue, how’s the Heaven Halberd in your arm?” Han Miao Shuang questioned .

“I’ve already refined it throughout these years, but I can barely use it . Also, it won’t have much power if I can’t find the other half . ”

Not as good as Ling Long . Sima You Yue added a sentence in her mind .

In the spirit pagoda, Heaven’s Halberd who was used by Little Roar to dig soil, suddenly became agitated, using its fullest power to shake but was pressed down by Little Roar .

“Don’t move, we have to dig a hole . ” Little Roar slapped Heaven’s Halberd .

Little Spirit suddenly appeared in mid air, looked down at the dirty and innocent looking Little Roar who was holding on to Heaven’s Halberd .

He was here for so long but this guy below didn’t even realise, it was the first time seeing it doing something seriously .

“What are you doing this time?” He questioned .

Little Roar twisted his bottom, turned around and took a glance at Little Spirit,twisted back and said, “I’m digging a hole . ”

“Why are you digging a hole?” Little Spirit flew down, seeing it already dug ten over holes, his face was filled with black lines .

“Yue Yue said before, if a girl is unhappy, as a guy, I have to give her a rose, then she will be happy . Little Dream has been unhappy for the whole day and hasn’t smiled, so I want to grow a whole patch of rose, so when she will be happy when she sees the patch of rose!” Little Roar said while waving Heaven’s Halberd which was in his hands .

“…” Little Spirit didn’t know how to judge this unreliable guy anymore .

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Say it deserves a beating, it was just trying to make Little Dream happy . Say it was sincere, it actually took Heaven’s Halberd and started to dig soil and also that much . Digging a pit is fine, but it dug a one metre deep pit, is it to plant roses or to bury yourself?

“If Yue Yue know you’re using Heaven’s Halberd to dig, tell me, will she put you in seclusion?” Little Spirit said indistinctly .

Little Roar’s excited eyes became clear-headed, seemingly as if Yue Yue treasured this thing a lot… .

With the thought of her punishing itself, its two ears shrugged .

“Yue Yue wouldn’t punish me, right?”

It wasn’t even confident in its own words .

“Highly likely . ” Little Spirit said .

“Don’t scare me!” Little Roar said while hugging Heaven’s Halberd .

“Do you think I am?” Little Spirit looked serious, Little Roar felt a chill down its spine .

Little Dream walked over from afar, carried Little Roar out from the pit, smiled and said, “Don’t be scared, Yue Yue won’t punish you . ”

The current Little Dream was different from last time, let’s say she was a Black Lotus last time, then now, she would be a black rose, beautiful and alluring, would prick anyone at any time .

Little Roar saw Little Dream’s smile and threw away Heaven’s Halberd from its hand and said excitedly, “Little Dream, you finally smiled, after so many days!”

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Little Dream snuggled her face on Little Roar’s back and said, “Why am I so fortunate, I have you and Yue Yue, and everyone that keeps me company . ”

She was a sinner, she should bear endless of pain and criticism, not their love for her .

“Little Dream, we’re your family!” Little Roar felt the pain in Little Dream’s words and comforted her, “Just don’t disdain me if I make any mistake next time . ”

“I won’t . Little Roar is the cutest!” Little Dream assured and kissed Little Roar’s forehead .

“Hehe… . . ”

Little Roar was mystified by Little Dream’s kiss and laughed foolishly .

Little Spirit looked at Little Roar who looked foolish, shaked his head in disdain and told Little Dream, “Although this guy is unreliable, some of his words are right, we’re a family, you won’t be the only one to bear it . We’re in it with you . ”

Little Spirit rarely said such moving words, he felt embarrassed after and quickly ran away .

After he left, the pit Little Roar dug was filled back up, afterwhich, rose sprout grew out from the soil, the sprout grew as fast as a naked eye could see, quickly it blossomed into beautiful and fragrant flowers, furthermore, there were all kinds of colours .

It became a rose garden, a garden that was built for Little Dream .

The smile on the corner of Little Dream’s lip grew wider, but tears dropped from her eyes .

“Thank you guys… . ”

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Little Roar was in Little Dream’s embrace, but his face was filled with unhappiness .

It knew Little Spirit would snatch its limelight . Obviously it wanted to plant roses for Little Dream, but this guy immediately turned this place into a garden, moreover, he filled up all the pit it dug painstakingly .

Unhappy! Unhappy!

Little Dream carried Little Roar,sat it down in the garden while smelling the fragrance from the flowers and said, “Little Roar, you can play around here, I need to digest the power in my body and get out quickly . ”

“Oh . ”

Little roar walked out disappointedly .

“Little Roar, you’re the best!”

Little Roar became lively again after hearing what she said and even started swaggering about majestically .

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